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April is here-- and typical for NE Ohio, the weather is swinging from warm to cold, wet to dry, and all within the same week! Most spring plantings are still protected, however; safely starting inside greenhouses before they get sown into the soil after the final frost (usually late April/early May.)

There are just three share weeks left in this season (including this week) before we get to the Summer Share , which starts the end of May. We take members on at any point, so if you know someone who wants to join up, it's never too late! Send them here to sign up.
We grow many different varieties of flowers down at Wholesome Valley Farm-- and they offer more than just a pretty face! They work to attract pollinators to our produce fields. To learn more about helpful pollinator blooms you can plant in your own gardens this summer, click here. To be added to Wholesome Valley Farm's Newsletter to see weekly updates on the farm and their growing season, click here.
This week's bag is hefty! You'll all have all the mixings for a Stuffed Pepper dish-- in the Omnivore bag version could use some of the Italian sausage and sweet corn you have coming in your bags, and the Vegetarian Share version could use some of the spelt berries and feta coming to you.

Stuffed Peppers 101
  • Turn your oven to 375
  • Line a baking dish with parchment paper (optional but helps w/ clean up)
  • Assemble a few cups of your fillings:
  1. Cooked grains and/or legumes (spelt berries, rice, beans, lentils)
  2. Browned meat (optional; sausage, chorizo, beef with spices)
  3. Veggies (corn, diced onions, chopped and wilted spinach)
  4. Sauce (tomato is probably ideal)
  5. Toppings (grated or crumbled cheese, hot sauce, delicate greens or spring onions)
  • Mix together your fillings and season with salt & pepper. Stuff the peppers and squeeze them into your pan. Top with cheese if using
  • Bake 20-25 minutes, maybe the last few minutes under the broiler.

Need more inspiration? There are a bunch more tasty looking stuffed pepper recipes from around the web listed at the bottom of this email in the Recipe Links section.

You'll all have a quart of frozen sweet corn-- try out these Sweet Corn Pancakes, or if you're not afraid of butter, Grovewood Tavern's Secret Ingredient Cornbread will knock your socks off. Simple prep? Saute thawed & drained corn with butter or oil & some diced red onion or shallots in a wide skillet, and add some crumbled feta or goat's cheese and minced herbs to serve.

You'll also have a pound of Ohio City Pasta's whole wheat linguine, a head of butter lettuce (Green City Growers), apples, a quart of frozen green beans, a pint of frozen blueberries and a pint of fermented pickle chips (store in fridge.)

The Omnivore share will also get a fryer chicken (under 4#) and the Vegetarians will get a dozen eggs and that feta instead.

Please settle up your tab.

The Winter Share is almost over, so if you still have an outstanding balance on your account, please plan on settling that up soon. This share week & Week 14 you will still be able to buy items "on account" at the back of the truck, but by the last week of the share (Week 15), all purchases at the back of the truck need to be paid for on the spot (cash, check, CC or credits.)

The Mini Share!

There was lots of chatter about our new share announced at the end of last week. If you were on Spring Break or missed the big email, click here to read all about it.
Add some cheese to your stuffed peppers or sandwiches with your cooked chicken, pickles & lettuce! We have loads in stock:
Pepper Jack
Smoked Cheddar
Pepper Havarti

Slices & Snacks
Dill Havarti
Colby Longhorn
Sharp Cheddar
Smoked Gouda
Aged Gouda
Camembert (Brie)
Siberian Night Beer Cheese
Gretna Grilling Cheese

Black Pepper & Regular Feta
Lemon & Regular Chevre
Sweet Fire & Cognac Fig Chevre pots
Hulls Trace Aged Cheddar
Just like the weather, bag contents subject to change!
Omnivore Share

Fryer Chicken - 1
Frozen Corn - 1 quart
Stuffing Peppers - 1 quart
Bulk Italian Sausage - 1#
Whole Wheat Pasta - 1#
Frozen Green Beans - 1 quart
Lettuce - 1 head
Apples - 5 to 6
Frozen Blueberries - 1 pint
Fermented Pickle Chips - 1 pint
Vegetarian Share

Feta - 8oz.
Frozen Corn - 1 quart
Stuffing Peppers - 1 quart
Spelt Berries - 2#
Whole Wheat Pasta - 1#
Frozen Green Beans - 1 quart
Lettuce - 1 head
Apples - 5 to 7
Frozen Blueberries - 1 pint
Fermented Pickle Chips - 1 pint
Eggs - 1 dozen
Bag contents in recipe: Frozen blueberries, Spelt Berries, Eggs
Bag contents in recipe: Frozen Corn
Bag contents in recipe: Cooked Chicken, Spelt Berries, Frozen Corn, Frozen Green Beans
Bag Contents in recipe: Spelt Berries, Feta, Apples, Lettuce
Bag contents in recipe: Frozen Green Beans (if you have any, leftover Ham from Easter!)
Bag Contents in recipe: Italian Sausage, Stuffing Peppers (sliced)