This week's bag is enormous: you'll all be getting a pint of frozen sweet corn, a pint of frozen blueberries, a dozen eggs, an onion, rainbow carrots, sweet potatoes, a quarter peck (5 to 6) Goldrush Apples, and a choice of Winter Squash or cabbage (available options listed at your stop, but it'll be some choice between red cabbage, green cabbage, acorn squash, spaghetti squash and maybe butternut.) The Omnivores will be getting two chickens -- a 4 to 4.5# whole roasting chicken, as well as a stewing chicken.

The stewing chicken is teeny-- only 2-3 lbs. They're also known as "spent hens" -- older laying hens who are done with their laying days and processed. The meat isn't the thick juicy meat you'd want for a sandwich, but it is perfect in pot-pies or stews. The real benefit is in the bones: they make extremely rich bone broth or chicken stock. Many traditional communities and immigrant groups in our area (from the Amish, to Dominicans, to Congolese) seek out our laying hens because they say they are the best for their traditional recipes and they make the most flavorful broth. Here is a recipe for Amish Spent Hen Stock, or follow any recipe for stock or bone broth you love.

The Vegetarian bag will get a bunch of extras instead of the chickens: a quart of canned peaches, a 2# bag of cornmeal and a head of lettuce.