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February is here, and we're in the 9th week of your Winter Share. It's pretty cold out there-- expecting temperatures to stay in the 20s for most of the week. That's affecting what we can pack up on the routes for your bags (can't bring anything that will freeze!) We came up with some delicious ideas, though, so keep reading to see what's coming (hint, hint-- you might want to get out the hot sauce...)

There are still seven share weeks left in the season (including this week.) If you know anyone who wants to join-- they can come on board anytime and we'll pro-rate their share. Tell them to head here and sign up to start their subscription whatever week they'd like.

  1. Are you a planner?
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  3. Do you love to cook and eat delicious locally grown food?

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Taco time!! This week's bag is full of heat to keep you warm on February's most brutally cold days: you'll all be getting a pound of dried black beans from Shabgbark Seed & Mill, a half pint of candied jalapeños (sweet & not too spicy), a pint of frozen sweet corn, a bag of crunchy corn chips, a 2# bag of fingerling potatoes, a hunk of smoked cheddar, a bunch of crispy apples, a dozen eggs, and a pint of frozen blueberries for dessert!

The Omnivores will all get a pound bulk roll of our spicy pork chorizo, and the Vegetarians will get a 1# block of Cleveland Tofu and a quart of our grape cider to wash it all down.

We have lots of extras in stock to round out your meals for the week: pick up some Greek yogurt to use instead of sour cream, fresh chèvre to crumble on top of a frittata, ground turkey to make chili, pork roast to make carnitas and so much more.
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If you still owe a subscription payment on your account, those were due in January so please bring a check to your stop this week. Your Greeters will let you know at the stop and we'll send you an email if there is still a balance due on your account.

Heads up-- you can't sign up for Summer Share 2018 until your current balance is paid in full, so finish that up soon to get in on the Early Bird Rates (ending March 2nd). If you have any questions, you can always send us an email or give us a call ( 800-861-8582 .)

Running out of food on the off-weeks?

If it's midway through the off-week and you find you've run out of your favorite Guernsey milk, butter, produce, eggs, veggies or meats, swing by Ohio City Provisions. They sell almost all the same things you can get off our trucks or on Special Order, plus lots of delicious cut-to-order meats and cheeses from the deli counter.

It's on 32nd & Lorain, and they're open 7 days a week from 10am to 7pm. They'll help you fill your pantry back up and pick out what's coming for dinner!

If you're as excited about the taco bag as we are, and you want to make it a full taco week instead of just 1 or 2 meals, pick up some of our Cod from The Wild Salmon Co. (6 oz. fillets for $5.50.) Roast, poach or sear on a grill pan, and then flake onto fish tacos with some candied jalapeños, shredded lettuce, cooked black beans and maybe a slice of red onion.

Need extra heat for your plate? We have some of Pope's Local Hotness Hot Sauces in stock: the hottest peppers grown around here, all bottled up. Just $5 each.
Just like the weather, bag contents subject to change!
Omnivore Share

Chorizo - 1#
Black Beans - 1#
Candied Jalapenos - 1/2 pint
Sweet Corn - frozen, 1 pint
Corn Chips - 1 bag
Fingerling potatoes - 2#
Smoked Cheddar - 8 oz
Apples - 5 to 6
Eggs - 1 dozen
Blueberries - frozen, 1 pint
Vegetarian Share

Tofu - 1#
Black Beans - 1#
Candied Jalapenos - 1/2 pint
Sweet Corn - frozen, 1 pint
Corn Chips - 1 bag
Fingerling potatoes - 2#
Smoked Cheddar - 8 oz
Apples - 5 to 7
Eggs - 1 dozen
Blueberries - frozen, 1 pint
Grape Cider - 1 qt
Bag contents in recipe: Chorizo, Black Beans, Frozen Sweet Corn, Candied Jalapeños
Bag contents in recipe: Black Beans, Eggs
Bag contents in recipe: Black Beans, Sweet Corn, Candied Jalapenos, Smoked Cheddar
Bag Contents in recipe: Fingerling Potatoes
Bag contents in recipe: Smoked Cheddar, Candied Jalapeños, Frozen Sweet Corn
Bag contents in recipe: Frozen Sweet Corn, Tofu