Careers In Agriculture
  April 2016
Careers In Agriculture
Careers in agriculture are diverse, rewarding and have great opportunities. Production farming accounts for just a small portion of the employment picture.  Positions include areas from management to technology to education.  With a food shortage looming, it is more important than ever to introduce students to potential careers related to agriculture.

According to an article recently released by the USDA, " During the next five years, U.S. college graduates will find good employment opportunities if they have expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, or the environment. Between 2015 and 2020, we expect to see 57,900 average annual openings for graduates with  bachelor's or higher degrees in those areas. According to our projections, almost half of the opportunities will be in management and business. Another 27% will be in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). 

Jobs in sustainable food and biomaterials production will make up 15%, while 12% of the openings will be in education, communication, and governmental services."    The article goes on to say "An average of 35,400 new U.S. graduates with expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, or the environment are expected to fill 61% of the expected 57,900 average annual openings."  We must make students aware of the career possibilities in agriculture, as well as the great need.

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Agriculture Pays     grades K-2
Students will recognize that agricultural careers are interconnected and that agriculture influences many parts of their daily lives.

Find Your Future Career   grades 6-8
Find Your Future Career   grades 9-12
Students will discover the variety of agricultural careers available and consider their career paths in terms of economics, interests, and suitability to their personal talents and characteristics.

Milk Makin' Math  grades 3-5
Students will learn about the numerous career opportunities involved in the dairy industry. They will also practice real world math problems related to specific careers within the industry. 

USDA Living Science Career Cards

An interactive 4-page colorful magazine focused on careers in agriculture
EARTH DAY is coming on April 22nd
Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide in support of protecting the environment.  "Everyday is Earth Day in agriculture. American farmers are stewards of the land. They realize without a healthy Earth, they could not provide us with the safest, most abundant, and most affordable food supply in the world". (1) Bring this into your classroom with even simple activities such as planting a tree, including recycled products in your crafts project or discussing things students can do at home.  Here are a few resources to get you started:

Earth Day Ag Mag, an agricultural magazine for kids

Top 40 Hits of Planet Earth  (1),  a compilation of 40 environmental lessons and activities that celebrate the planet earth

Earth Day Network,  the official website of Earth Day
Stephanie Parzick reading to a 4th grade class at Dunbarton Elementary
There is still plenty of time to participate in our Annual Ag Literacy Program!  Contact us for a copy of "How Do Apples Grow?" by Betsy Maestro, schedule a time to read in  your local classroom, add an activity from the Educators' Resource Guide, donate the book to the school, and you have just helped to increase the agricultural literacy of an entire class of students! Books with the Educator's Resource Guide are $5 if picked up at the Farm Bureau in Concord.  We can mail it to you for an additional $2.50 per copy.
NH Project Learning Tree is offering three $250 scholarships for the development of schoolyard outdoor classrooms.  Click here for more information.  Application due 4/15/16.
NH-NEA Spring Conference
April 2, 2016            Concord High School

Whole Foods Market Grand Opening
April 8, 2016       Bedford, NH 

Granite State Association of FFA Annual Conference
April 14-16, 2016        Radisson Hotel in Nashua

Eastern Region Agriculture in the Classroom Conference
April 19-21, 2016        Portland, Maine

Merrimack County School to Farm
May 12, 2016        Carter Hill Orchard, Concord

Rockingham / Strafford County School to Farm 
June 7-9, 2016       University of NH

National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference 
June 21-24, 2016       Phoenix, AZ
Registration for the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference is now open.
June 22-24, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ
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