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The Stonewall riots that started in June of 1969 were a series of impromptu demonstrations by members of the LGBTQ+ community in response to a police raid at the Stonewall Inn located in New York City. To honor the individuals who began these riots, June is celebrated around the world as Pride month. During this month, events are held to commemorate the impact LGBTQ+ people have made on the world. It also serves as a time to celebrate living life out loud and authentically, without fear of judgment, ridicule, or violence.

There are many reasons why 60% of work site-related injuries occur during a construction worker’s first year of employment. The main reasons include being new, a lack of training under a mentor, and feeling like an “outsider.” People who feel excluded on worksites because of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc., are more likely to have accidents. This is because they experience increased emotional and psychological stress from not being included. By creating a more inclusive workplace, you can reduce your company’s contribution to the $13 billion in injuries that occur in the industry each year.

By fostering a culture of inclusivity, you are likely to find yourself at a distinct advantage compared to construction companies that do not. Inclusive work sites lead to innovative thinking which contributes to improved safety and minimized risk.




Do you want to be an ally but you're not sure where to begin? Or are you already an ally and want to learn some new terms? Either way, check out this LGBTQ+ Glossary from Reckoning Trade Project! 

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RISE Up Is Heading to London!

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ANEW's very own Executive Director, Karen Dove, and Director of J.E.D.I, Denise Nicole’ Franklin, are going international! 

Tradeswomen Building Bridges, a rank-and-file volunteer organization, will be taking a delegation of 50 tradeswomen on a learning exchange, June 9-20, 2022, to London, England.

Tradeswomen in the United Kingdom encounter many of the same barriers as Tradeswomen in North America. However, numbers, allies, and funding are increasing. Best practices will be shared for a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive global network. During this learning exchange, tradeswomen and advocates will meet workers, union leaders, policymakers, and community advocates. 

The Tradeswomen Building Bridges learning exchange involves: 

  • A training exchange with tradeswomen in London. 
  • Learning about London’s industry and building relationships that are needed for useful two-way dialogue to improve the lives of women construction workers around the globe. 
  • Meeting with regional members of Builders and Woodworkers International. 
  • Strategizing with Unite the Union, which is encountering the greatest challenges facing European workers today. 


Our goals are to build transnational solidarity among women working in the trades, learn about the lives and working conditions of tradeswomen globally, share the best practices for women gaining access to careers in the trades, and continue growing the global network of tradeswomen. 

The delegation aims to galvanize support for greater inclusion of women in the construction sector, express solidarity with women in training and working in the industry, and provide a focus for discussion. We know this trip is an opportunity of a lifetime for all tradeswomen around the world and although we are aware that the influence of unions is declining, we feel this is a way to increase the strength and pride of locals everywhere, as well as a great tool for recruitment. 



Here at ANEW we are proud to recognize and celebrate

this monumental day as we continue to strive for the liberation of our Black and Brown brothers and sisters. Please remember the depth of importance and relevance that Juneteenth embodies as we celebrate this year.


Apprentice Resource Center (ARC) Outreach Specialist

Career Exploration Supervisor

Construction Trades Education (CTE) Instructor (YEP/DVR)

PACE Program Manager

PACE Shop Instructor (Pierce County)

Read full job descriptions here.


 Denise Nicole’ Franklin, Director of J.E.D.I with the

PACE 29 class after facilitating the Advocacy Training. 


Brooke Summerlin, RISE Up Program Manager, on a site visit at the Ship Canal Water Quality Project in Seattle.  

The RISE Up team has been hard at work building streamlined policies and procedures to ensure program quality. Additionally,

RISE Up has contracted with partners across the Puget Sound Region including King County, Sound Transit, Seattle Public Schools, and City of Seattle to name a few. RISE Up is making moves and is on the RISE.

Testimonials from RISE Up training participants:

“I feel this training is a great start to a larger overall conversation that will help make our construction sites not only safer, more productive, and happier.”  

Randall Friesen

Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council 


“I loved the energy of the instructor and the levels of engagement from the participants. Empowering our workers with the tools from RISE Up should be the standard across our entire workforce. [I believe that] RISE Up will help institute cultural changes on jobs for the better.”  

Antonio “Tony” Butler

Project Labor Agreement/Community Workforce Specialist, Pre-Apprenticeship Liaison | IBEW Local 46

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Attend an info session to learn more about our programs!

TRP 117

(women, trans, and

gender nonconforming)

PACE 030

Federal Way HS

(Running Start - all genders)

PACE 031

Tukwila HS

(Running Start - all genders)

JULY 11th

JULY 11th

JULY 11th

M-W 6:30am - 3:00pm

M-F 6:30am - 3:00pm

M-F 6:30am - 3:00pm



View more photos!


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Kraemer NA West Seattle Bridge Project.

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RISE Up was created in 2018 by Karen Dove in partnership with the City of Seattle and Sound Transit to define best practices for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the industry.

With a more diverse workforce, the City of Seattle wants to ensure that our construction work sites are respectful and appropriate. The City of Seattle has implemented stringent standards for acceptable behavior on City construction work sites that prohibit bullying, hazing, and related behaviors—particularly those based upon race, immigrant status, religious affiliation, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Contractors of each tier must ensure an appropriate, productive, and safe environment for all workers.


77.9% of African American construction workers surveyed stated they were the victim of a racist act on a construction site.

Only 2% of construction workers identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. 71% surveyed reported hearing LGBTQ-oriented insults at work.

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