Third Quarter 2014 / Fall
Quarterly Update
2014 Theme: Faith, Drive & Mentoring  


Damian Mills, Dealer President
Chrysler Minority Dealers Association, Inc.


Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2014 CMDA Summer Business Meeting in New York from September 5 - 7, 2014.  With a terrific turnout, solid trainings, informative discussions and exciting activities in the city - a great time was had by all.  
Many issues and best practices were discussed at the CMDA Summer Meeting.  The economy of the United States is improving and auto sales are up. We are pleased that many of our CMDA members are benefiting from the rising tide, having record sales this summer (for many the best in the history of their dealerships) and/or have been awarded Alfa Romeo. We are also aware that some members are experiencing challenges with Chrysler Capital, partners, infringing dealerships, Fiat product stop orders, construction costs, inventory shortages, recall parts delays, technician certification training availability and two tier pricing in some markets.  The Association is addressing these issues of concern and diversity goals with industry and OEM leaders and Dealer President Damian Mills will raise them at the Third Quarter Meeting of the National Dealer Council in Las Vegas in September.  

Please contact President Mills (919) 988 - 8300 and CMDA Executive Director & CEO Lisa Hogan (305) 913 - 1328 if you have any  questions about CMDA and its programs or are in need of assistance. 

CMDA 2014 Summer Meeting Highlights:

The 2014 CMDA Summer Business Meeting in New York City at the Four Seasons Hotel was one of our best ever.  Particularly beneficial to members was the Dealer Roundtable. Many thanks to all members, sponsors and presenters for contributing to a productive, informative and enjoyable conference. 
  • Members may email CMDA Headquarters for the summary from the "Stay Hungry with a Red Belt Mindset" Avoiding Complacency Presentation by Education & Leadership Keynote Speaker Dave Anderson of LearntoLead, Inc.
  • Members may email CMDA Headquarters for the link to the "Auto Magic Age" Innovation and Future Trends presentation by Dinner Banquet Keynote Speaker Sarah DaVanzo from the Sparks & Honey, Inc. Marketing Agency.

View from the Four Seasons sleeping rooms;  at the 2014 US Open Tennis Championships with professional tennis player Venus Williams (former world No. 1 and current world No. 19 in singles) and actor Boris Kodjoe;  departing from the Four Seasons to play Sunday golf at the Pound Ridge Country Club. 




Just because you don't see one

doesn't mean you can't be one.  


Just because you become one

doesn't mean you have to be the only one.


Just because you are the only one

it doesn't mean you are the best one  

until you can teach another one to become one.  


  excerpt from 2014 CMDA Summer Meeting

Dinner Banquet Closing Remarks

"The Best" � copyright Damian Mills


FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles News 


On June 10, 2014 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles named the first 82 United States dealerships that will have Alfa Romeo franchises. 18 of those dealerships are minority owned. As a condition of becoming an Alfa dealer, the staff selling the car will have to go through a training program. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange beginning October 13, 2014.  


CMDA Membership Corner  



Dear CMDA Members,

It was great to see long time and new members at the CMDA Summer Meeting. As a reminder, if you did not submit your responses to the CMDA Members' Vendors Survey (located behind tab #9 of the Summer Meeting Book) during the Summer Meeting in New York, please do so via email,  fax (305) 913 - 1301 or complete the survey online via the link below.  Also, please support our Mentoring program by nominating  one or two of your senior minority managers for the CMDA Future Dealers Alliance via the Alliance link below.  



Alfred Flores
CMDA First Vice President
Mid County CJDR (TX) & Houston Northside Alfa Romeo - Fiat (TX)


Welcome New CMDA Members!

Lydia Crawford

Lydia Crawford

                     HUDSON VALLEY CDJR (NY)
                                      Robert Camastro

                      CDJR of LAWRENCEBURG (KY) 
                                       Wilbur Harbor

                                    TURLOCK CDJ (CA)
                                                 Devinder Singh Bains

                                  Malcolm Cunningham

                                 ISLAND CDJR (SC)
                                      Terry Holmes      


Ally Financial Dealer Bonus Cash Program
for CMDA Members

During the 2014 CMDA Summer Business Meeting, Mark Manzo,
Vice President of Platinum Sponsor Ally Financial announced the
special 3 month $100 Dealer Bonus Promotion for CMDA Members.  
For any questions regarding this program, please contact your Ally account representative or or 

Register Now! 
CMDA 2015 Annual Business Meeting / NADA  
Chrysler Minority Dealers Association  
2015 Annual Business Meeting/NADA 

When: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - Friday, January 23, 2015
Where: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, San Francisco
CMDA Members will receive a $2,000 meeting reimbursement   

Please note the hotel room group rate deadline is December 29, 2014 and
we will provide our reservations list to the hotel the following day. 
Confirmation numbers will be distributed to you after that date.

Tentative CMDA 2015 Annual Business Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 
CMDA Welcome Reception                 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm 

Thursday, January 22, 2015   
CMDA Business Meeting                     8:00 am to 5:00 pm    
CMDA Reception & Dinner Banquet     7:00 pm to 10:00 pm   
   *Please note that the 2015 NADA/ATD Convention & Expo has a new date pattern & schedule. The NADA Convention begins on Thursday, January 22, 2015 and concludes on Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 3 pm. See the NADA website for full details. The OEM make meetings are now spread over three days rather than two. 

CMDA logo

Register Now: 2015 CMDA Annual Meeting / NADA- January 21 - 22, 2015 San Francisco
NADA Ambassadors Program

  The CMDA Headquarters Office will be closed for
Summer Break
Sept 22 - Oct 3, 2014

2014 - 2016 
CMDA Officers &
Board of Directors 

President -  Damian Mills
First Vice President / President elect - Alfred Flores
Second Vice President -
James Davis
Treasurer - Ray Fregia, Sr. 
Secretary - Jay Gill
Past President - Jerry Dillard

Paul Antepara
Evelyn Chatel
John Gillilan
Eugene Johnson
Brian Kittagawa

Lisa B. Hogan
Executive Director & CEO

Committee Chairs & Appointments

Private Cap - Damian Mills
Membership - Alfred Flores
Sponsorship & Training  -
                                   James Davis  
Finance - Ray Fregia, Sr.
Audit - Pablo Zegara
20 Group Interest Committee -
                                   Gus Rodriguez

Business Center Liaisons:

Denver & West: Brian Kitagawa
California: Paul Antepara
Southwest & Midwest: Gene Johnson
Great Lakes & Southeast: Jerry Dillard
Mid Atlantic & Northeast: John Gillilan

New Committee Member Appointments:
Training - Alex Hwang
Membership/Future Dealers Alliance-
                                Tyrone Williams
Sponsorship - Eugene Mongagan


CMDA Headquarters

Lisa B. Hogan
 Executive Director & CEO
Chrysler Minority Dealers Association 
P.O. Box 310248
Miami, FL 33231 - 0248

Telephone: (305) 913 - 1328           
 Facsimile:   (305) 913 - 1301

Email: info




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Open Point Notices - Chrysler & FIAT

To obtain information on future Chrysler & FIAT points, please contact the Network Managers and Business Placement Managers on the attached Directory.

Open Point Notices - Other OEMs

CMDA pays the NAMAD dues for CMDA members. NAMAD periodically distributes open point notices from other manufacturers. Please contact CMDA Headquarters if you have not received email notices from NAMAD this year regarding these open points.

2014 Calendar



-CMDA 1Q Board Meeting

-North American Car Show

-CMDA Annual Meeting/NADA



-Black  History Month 

-CMDA Newsletter



-National Dealer Council Meeting

-20 Group Survey 



-CMDA Member Survey/Group Pricing 

-CMDA 2Q Board Meeting

-New York Car Show - NADA Forum 

--NAMAD Board Meeting  



 -CMDA Webinar  

-Asian Pacific American Month 

-CMDA Newsletter



 -National Dealer Council  Meeting  



-NAMAD Annual Conference

-CMDA Poolside Brunch/NAMAD 







-National Dealer Council Meeting

-CMDA Summer Meeting

-NADA Washington Conference 

-Annual Congressional Black Caucus Reception

-Annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Reception 

-National Hispanic Heritage Month

-CMDA Newsletter    



-CMDA 4Q Board Meeting

-Digital Dealer Conference

-CMDA Webinar  



-National American Indian Heritage Month

-CMDA Newsletter  

-Los Angeles Car Show  

-15th - Deadline to turn in CMDA training reimbursement requests  



 -National Dealer Council Meeting 

-CMDA 20 Group Interest Meeting (tentative)

-12th -  Deadline to turn in CMDA advertising & local community support reimbursement requests





   "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."

       Kemal Amin "Casey" Kasem
                   1932 - 2014

Team Work in Action

The San Antonio Spurs from the GREAT STATE of TEXAS
 are the 2014 NBA Champions. 

Community Spotlight  
Two CMDA members were recipients of the 2014 NAMAD Annual Conference Awards presented on July 11, 2014 in Miami, Florida.  Rahim Hassanally (Momentum CJD, CA & Momentum Fairfield CDJ, CA received
the Diversity Advocacy Award that recognizes an individual's courage, character and consistency in the continued fight for freedom, justice and economic equality. Congratulations Rahim! 

Jenell Ross (Bob Ross Fiat, OH) received the Woman of the Year Award that recognizes the woman whose heroism, longevity and advancement in the Automotive Industry serves as a shining example of the contributions women make at the highest levels of business leadership. Congratulations Jenell! 

Jenell is also very active with the Norma Ross Foundation created in memory of her mother which raises funds for the American Cancer Society.  Jenell's auto group was the #1 company, #1 team and #1 fundraiser for the Dayton Ohio Walk through the Norma Ross Pink Ribbon Driven Team in 2013. This year's walk will be held on October 18, 2014. To support this great effort to fight cancer, please click here:
A Big Splash - CMDA Poolside Brunch @NAMAD 

CMDA welcomed more than 40 guests  to  our Poolside Brunch  at the Fontainbleau Hotel at the NAMAD Conference in Miami, Florida on July 9, 2014. CMDA Members attending the Brunch included: Damian Mills, 
Bill Rosado, Gus Rodriguez, Eddie Hall, Jr, Eddie Hall, III, Amber Martin, Rahim Hassanally, Al Heggs, Nick Nichols, Jay Rivchin, Alfred Flores, Jenell Ross, and Jerry DillardMiami was beautiful & Hot, Hot, Hot; the Cuban food served at brunch was muy delicioso; and the Mojito cocktails were great!  Many thanks to all CMDA members, their families  and guests who were able to join us.  
CMDA Joins NADA Ambassadors Program
In May of 2014, the Chrysler Minority Dealers Association became an Ambassador of the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation.  Every three years in perpetuity,  a grant will be made in honor of the CMDA to a designated tax exempt organization of our choice that will strengthen the communities of our CMDA Members. We are proud to partner with NADA in this philanthropic effort. 

 CMDA logo
CMDA Fights Child Hunger
CMDA will select five 5 new markets for the 2014 CMDA Fights Child Hunger Ad Campaign for the Christmas Holidays. Please email CMDA (  if your dealership would like to participate in the free newspaper ad program for 2 weeks in the month of December 2014.
CMDA will make a charitable contribution to your city's local Food Bank for every coupon ad brought to the dealership with the purchase of a new vehicle.


Send submissions for the CMDA Newsletter to  
Editor Lisa Hogan at CMDA Headquarters
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