CCRHN Quarterly Newsletter | WINTER 2021

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New Website Alert!

Healthcare Network has launched a newly designed website. Over the past several months, the team at Healthcare Network has worked to create a more intuitive website for patients.

Designed to reflect the organization's commitment to patient-centered care, the website was built to help patients better navigate the site and understand the services available. The new site keeps many features such as the patient portal which helps patients access their information and request appointments, service information and COVID-19 resources while improving them to be more effective and compelling.

While medical care can be complex, Healthcare Network hopes the new website will make it easier for patients to access the help they need and learn more about how Healthcare Network can support them on their healthcare journey.

You are invited to check out the new website at!
In January, Healthcare Network, in partnership with the Department of Health in Collier County, began distributing COVID-19 vaccines to frontline workers and seniors 65 and older.

“It is a momentous time for Healthcare Network, and the entire country, for that matter,“ shared
Dr. Emily Ptaszek, president and CEO of Healthcare Network. “On Mon. Jan. 4, we received our first supply of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines that will hopefully mark the beginning to the end of an incredibly trying time in our history. Stopping the COVID-19 pandemic requires all of us to continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask and get the COVID-19 vaccine when available to the whole community.”

As more vaccines become available, Healthcare Network is committed to its distribution. Visit for updates on future COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

If you have questions, you can call the Healthcare Network COVID-19 Resource Line at 239.675.7080 or send an email to
Healthcare Network has been selected to participate in the seventh annual Give Where You Live Collier! This county-wide giving movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy will take place from noon Feb. 10, 2021, to noon Feb. 11, 2021.

All donations during this 24-hour event will be amplified through funds from the Community Foundation of Collier County and the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation.

Through the challenges of the COVID-19 health crisis, Healthcare Network has remained on the frontline of the pandemic providing much-needed primary care services, regardless of income, insurance or employment status. When many people in Collier County have lost their jobs and health insurance, health centers like Healthcare Network are vital to the community and overall healthcare system.

During the pandemic, Healthcare Network has reconfigured services to meet our community’s growing healthcare needs. Their work has included:

  • Partnering with the Department of Health-Collier to distribute free COVID-19 vaccines to frontline health workers and seniors 65 and older.
  • Ensuring at-risk families and children in Collier County are safe and informed, Healthcare Network deployed a multilingual COVD-19 Response Team to increase testing, education and outreach.
  • Understanding the mental health stresses of the pandemic, Healthcare Network has offered FREE counseling sessions to frontline workers and their families.
  • Administering 8,000 (and counting) free COVID-19 tests.

Healthcare Network believes that the health of each of us depends on the well-being of all of us. However, they cannot do this alone. Your support is vital to creating a healthier community.

Visit Healthcare Network's giving site to learn more about their efforts to keep Collier County healthy and how you can support their mission.
Pregnancy can be an exciting but overwhelming time for many new and experienced mothers.

Worries and questions may begin to emerge like:

  • How do I ensure my baby is healthy?
  • How much folic acids should I take?
  • What things should I avoid?

Healthcare Network nurse-midwife,
Denise Henning, shares her expertise in
"How to encourage a healthy pregnancy" to help answer expectant mothers' commonly
asked questions.

Read the article on the Neapolitan Family Magazine website.
You are not alone. Help is available for you & your family.

If you are an essential worker on the frontlines of the pandemic and are experiencing stressors or feel overwhelmed, Healthcare Network is offering up to 3 FREE mental health sessions with a behavioral health provider until March 31, 2021, for you and your family.

Essential workers who are interested in making appointments should call 239.658.3000. Appointments are available via telehealth or in-person at a Healthcare Network practice.

If you have any questions, please visit It is okay to seek help.
Collier Resource Center (CRC) has moved to Healthcare Network's Nichols Community Health Center. Healthcare Network patients will have access to CRC's services, which help individuals and families navigate the maze of community health and human service organizations by providing one-on-one, personalized case management at no charge.

Last year, the Collier Resource Center team served more than 500 individuals, offering help with food, clothing, rental assistance, utility bill assistance, medical, dental, behavioral health care and much more.

To learn more about the CRC, please visit

 February is National Children's Dental Health Month

Did you know there are established links between oral health and overall health, especially for developing kids?

People are often surprised to learn that tooth decay (or cavities) can develop as soon as a child’s first tooth comes in. The CDC reports, “by age 8, more than 50% of children have had a cavity in their primary (baby) teeth.”

Even more surprising, cavities are one of the most common chronic diseases in children in the United States – four times more common in adolescents than asthma. Yet, tooth decay is preventable.

Healthcare Network dental director, Dr. Douglas Keck, explains how Healthcare Network is working to combat the oral health disparities in underserved communities with the opening of the new pediatric dental practice in their Nichols Community Health Center.

Read the full article, "Healthcare Network Ensuring Bright Smiles," published in

Learn more about Healthcare Network's dental program at
1454 Madison Ave., Immokalee, FL 34142