Dec. 8, 2019

Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation
Community Open House
Thursday, Dec. 12, 6:30-8:00 PM

A time when families, along with alumnae and friends, can explore and experience the new I-Center space firsthand!
The Week Ahead...
Mon. Dec. 9
0-7  |  8:05 am start
Tue. Dec. 10
0-7  |  8:05 am start 
Partner Schools I-Center Welcome 3:30-5:00 pm I Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation
Wed. Dec. 11
X/1/3/5/7  I  8:50 am start
Parent Assoc. Holiday Gathering I 6:30-9:00 pm I RSVP  for address   
Christmas Concert I 7:00-9:00 pm I  DLS Hofmann Center
Thu. Dec. 12
6/L/2/4/X I 8:05 am start I Special Schedule
Advent Prayer I 9:25-10:45 am Garaventa
Community (Frosh & Soph.) I 2:30-3:00 pm 
I-Center Community Open House I 6:30-8:00 pm I  Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation
Fri. Dec. 13
0-7  I  8:05 am start 
Father/Daughter Dinner & Dance I 7:00-9:30 pm I  Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation Hosted by the Fathers' Club 
Sat. Dec. 14
8th Grade HSPT Prep Course 9:00 am I Garaventa
If you haven't yet, bookmark these pages:

We had a fabulous time hosting hundreds of families, students, alumnae, and friends of Carondelet at Visions of Christmas this week! We hope you had a wonderful time, too!
Visions of Christmas Auction ~ Last Chance!
Don't miss this opportunity to win spectacular items just in time for the holidays including getaways,
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Bidding is open until Sunday, December 8 at 10:00 pm.

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Parent Association Holiday Gathering
Wed., Dec 11 I 6:30-9:00 pm

Please join the Parent Association for some holiday cheer and merriment on Wednesday, Dec. 11 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm at the home of Victoria Grovier in Walnut Creek. Please RSVP to for address.
Christmas Concert 2019
Wed., Dec. 11 I 7:00 pm

Our annual Christmas Concert will be held on Wednesday, December 11 at 7:00 pm in the DLS Hofmann Center. Please come and support the choirs, choir club, and bands in an evening of festive music! Admission is complimentary!
Ven a Ver San Diego & Salinas Applications
Due on Wed., Dec. 11

Ven a Ver is Spanish for the phrase "come and see." Jesus invited his disciples to "come and see" what he was all about. Today, Jesus continues to invite us to spend time meeting our dear neighbors, learning about the experiences of people from across the world, and working for justice so that we may participate in the creation of a world where the dignity of all people and the earth is upheld and respected.

To learn more about Ven a Ver San Diego and Salinas download an application.
Frosh and Soph Community on Thu. Dec. 12

December Frosh and Soph Community is on Thursday, 12/12, 2:30-3:00 pm!

'Tis the Season to be thankful for all that we have and share our love with our friends and family. This final Community session of 2019 is tied to the upcoming Christmas season! Just a reminder that if students must leave early that day, a parent/guardian must call for a blue permit to leave as Community is a part of the school day. All students are expected to attend.  
Annual Advent Project

Our annual Advent Project has begun. Each year we choose local organizations to support during the season of Advent by collecting items they need. This is part of our on-going mission to help the dear neighborhood by assessing and responding to the needs of our community.

This year we will support Friendly Manor in Oakland. This drop-in center for homeless women was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph and offers a safe and supportive environment where women experiencing homelessness can eat, do laundry, and shower. 

Each class will be collecting different items for Friendly Manor:

Freshmen - Sports bras and deodorant
Sophomores - socks and twin bed sheets
Juniors - pillowcases and pillows
Seniors - washcloths or hand towels and pads and tampons

All items can be delivered in the Inner Court by Friday, December 13. Thanks for your support of the Advent Project and contact  Natalie Terry  if you have any questions. 
Holiday Dinner & Dance for Fathers and Daughters

Save the date for a new tradition, the Carondelet Holiday Dinner & Dance for Fathers and Daughters on Friday, December 13 from 7:00-9:30 PM. All Carondelet students and alumnae are welcome with their father, stepfather, uncle, and/or grandfather.

Cost is $30/person and includes dinner

Purchase your  tickets before registration closes at 11:59 pm on December 8!

Hosted by the Fathers' Club  I Dinner & Dancing  Jean Hofmann Center for  Innovation I 7:00-9:30 PM
Important info regarding Parking Lot Protocol

There is a need to review parking lot protocols and safety. Please note the following:

For Parents/Guardians:
  • Please drop off students in the drop off lane towards the rear of the school by the entrance to the Art rooms/Back 40 classrooms. This is the safest and quickest place to drop off students. Do not pull to the side just after entering the school. It is dangerous for students and causes a back up onto Winton Drive.
  • If you need to park to drop something off in the main office or in attendance, please park in a guest parking space. These parking spaces are the spaces past the flagpole, facing the side of the academic building. Do not park in any other parking spaces as each belongs to a student, faculty, or staff member.
  • Do not pull into the Convent parking lot to drop off your student. If your student has an injury or you are dropping off something at school, you may park in a visitor's parking space. If you do not need to park, please drop off students in the drop off lane.
  • Do not park in the red zones on Winton Drive to wait for a student.
For Students:
  • Once you have parked in your spot, if you need to readjust, be sure to check all mirrors and look around you before backing up. Cars are coming onto campus, and driving in all lanes to park or drop off students. Your fellow students are also walking to class. It is important to be sure that you and other members of the community are safe.
  • Use your turn signal to let those around you know you are going to turn and park.
  • If someone has parked in your spot, park in a visitor spot, and tell Ms. Duffey.  
  • Students are not to hang out in cars during break, lunch, or during blended classes.
For All:
  • Please drive slowly through the lot and follow any instructions given by security, faculty, and staff.
Below is a message the school received from a Carondelet student. Please put yourself in the shoes of our new student drivers and consider the following experience:
"I was wondering if you could send out a message to parents about the parking lot traffic in the morning...This morning, when I was pulling in (I always put my blinker on to signal that I'll be turning into my spot), I noticed that the mom behind me was tailgating me, giving me no space between us to pull in correctly. Even when I pushed on my brakes to slow down when turning, she just kept moving forward. This resulted in me trying to quickly fix my parking so that the mom wouldn't rear-end me. But because she gave me no room to readjust, I ended up tapping the car parked in the spot next to mine. Thankfully, the girl next to me was in her car when this happened and it was quickly resolved, since there was no damage to her car. Unfortunately, the mom that was tailgating me just drove off.
Please notify parents to please give students space when they pull into their parking spots. I try to signal that I will be parking by slowing down and turning my blinker on, but sometimes the driver behind me gets impatient. This isn't the first time that I've been tailgated by parents dropping their students off, but this is the first time that a minor accident has happened because of it. I really want to prevent this from happening again. Thank you!"
PIP opportunities 2019/2020

PIP hours are now open for Final Snacks  on Dec. 17, 18, and 19.

Please log on to  CERVIS   to register!
Athletics Update

The Varsity Cross Country team finished their season at the NCS Championships on Saturday, November 23 at Hayward High School. The Cougars competed in a very competitive Division 3 race at 9:00 am . Reigning state champions, Campolindo, led the team results with our Cougars finishing in 7th place.
Link to the meet results.
Soccer season starts in full swing!  JV and Frosh start off with tournaments Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week! Varsity will kickoff next week with a tournament in Madera, Ca.

Basketball season kicked off last week with some great competition! 

Over Thanksgiving Break...
- Frosh matched up with James Logan HS in their first game of the season coming up with a strong win. They went on to play in the Vanden Classic with a win (40-16) and a loss. Followed by the St. Mary's Classic where they had another solid win.
- JV had their first win over James Logan HS 56-50, followed by a tight win over San Leandro HS (68-61). They went on to play a tough game with McClatchy HS but came up short in the end.
- Varsity started their season off with a close win over James Logan HS 46-40 followed by two tough losses to San Leandro HS and McClatchy HS.

Back to School...
With school back in session after a fantastic break, the Cougars dominated the court. The Frosh team took down Monte Vista in a solid 59-38 victory. While Frosh was taking care of business in Danville the JV and Varsity teams were at home with solid wins over Clayton Valley Charter School. (JV score 71-47 and Varsity score 64-40)

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