Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!!!

As we celebrate this season, we are reminded of how rewarding it is to give, whether with the gift of our talents, the gift of a donation to a favorite organization, or the gift of creative space to a friend or loved one - we have Gift Certificates (for studio rental) available at the reception desks at all RG locations.

Thanks to all who give of yourselves every day, bringing joy, hope and kindness to those around you. You light up our studios with your wonderful energy & creativity all year long and we are grateful for it. 

Happy "Season of Giving" and joyful holidays to all. 

Graham McCarty - RG Creative Director

The strike may be over but the Episcopal Actors' Guild's work is never done! For 100 years, EAG has been helping NYC's professional actors, singers, and dancers keep a roof over their head and put food on the table when times are tough. EAG's Emergency Aid & Relief Program can provide financial grants for rent, utilities, or medical bills. And their Actor's Pantry provides food assistance to performing artists experiencing hunger and food insecurity.

In a position to aid their efforts?

Donate Here

Are you a performer in need of assistance?

Get Help Here

Learn more about EAG at actorsguild.org

RG Artists' Oasis

Located on the 10th Floor @ RG 520 8th Avenue

An exclusive collection of spaces and amenities for focused creative work ~ including a professional Voice-Over / Podcast Suite, On-Camera / Self-Tape Studio, Conference Room, and "quiet" spaces for private lessons, play readings, meetings, seminars, yoga classes and more.

On-Camera / Self-Tape Studio

Everything you need for professional Self-Tape Auditions and basic video shoots.

2 Adjustable Fill Lights, Ring Light w/ Phone Mount, Adjustable Front Lights w/ Phone Mount, Backdrops (White, Black, Blue & Green), Yamaha Upright Piano, Acoustical Curtain & Audio Clouds

Voice-Over / Podcast Suite

Perfect for Voice-Overs, Podcasts, Classes, Audio Editing ~ Includes a Soundproof Acoustic Isolation Booth and spacious Control Room / Lounge. 

AT2020 Mics (2 in Booth), Alesis Multi-Mix 8 (Audio Interface), iMac Terminal (Internet Connected), Audacity (Audio Software)

Alternative Podcast Setup can use four (4) individual mics in Control Room / Lounge.

Call John at (212)799-5433 Ext. 207 for more info.

...and Flexible Spaces

Large and Small spaces for focused "quiet" work, including: Private Lessons, Play Readings, Photography, Yoga Classes, Conferences, Meetings and more.

Call (212)799-5433 to reserve your space.

Share the love ~ Help support WCK!

World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a team of first responders who provide meals to those affected by natural & man-made disasters, and humanitarian emergencies around the world.

Ripley-Grier Studios supports this organization by providing donation boxes at all 4 of our locations. We also sell small items and merchandise to raise funds.

Thanks to the generosity of our clients, staff, landlord and all those who have donated, this year we have raised more than $7,000 for this wonderful organization.

Check out "We Feed People" on Disney+ and "José Andrés and Family in Spain" on Discovery+ to learn more about WCK.

Click the link below to DONATE DIRECTLY to WCK.

Donate Here!

This month we celebrate the life and work of Rosalynn Carter. An incredible woman who throughout her decades of public service, was perhaps best known for being a leading advocate for Mental Health, Women's Rights and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

This year marks the 100th year since (in 1923) women gained the right to vote and the ERA was proposed - which would guarantee equal rights to women, and now all Americans regardless of sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Although this Amendment should be part of the constitution (passed in 2020 by 2/3 of congress and 3/4 of states), final steps have not been taken to publish the ERA as the 28th Amendment. 100 years later, women still don't have equal rights as men.

Visit EqualRightsAmendment.org to learn more.

Hello! We had a remarkable week of Thanksgiving celebrations and family get-togethers. The weather had been amicable, but then it turned cold and windy! I brought all my plants in for the Winter. We'll be home for Christmas this year and heading for Key West for the New Year instead of Santa Monica. We've joined a group called the "snowbirds". Snowbirds are folks who migrate to Florida and other warm climates for much of the cold days of the North's winter. Yep, no more snow skiing. It is interesting how the years reflect the activities we participate in and enjoy, and how we mutate to our physical abilities and interests. For me sports started early with water skiing with my Dad. He built his own boats and skis. In school it was track and field (I was a high jumper), next was basketball and tennis. I began snow skiing in my late 30's, with lessons in Colorado and skied in New Jersey, New York Pennsylvania and Vermont, then back out to Colorado, Utah and California. After moving to Manhattan in the 70's I was always running and biking (I have had a bike since I was 8). Before Jeannie came into our lives we did mountain biking on the ski slopes off-season. As I got older I picked up golf, stopped tennis, mountain biking and running. Boy that was a big change. Later boogie boarding became my passion in the summer. Snow skiing is over for me, but I have the most incredible memories of beautiful mountains and trails. It is magical to stand on the top of an 11,000 foot peak and see the surrounding landscape. Now I look forward to golfing in a warm climate. I want to try a calm water sport as well. Dress warmly, wear a hat (avoid heat loss) and cover your face if frigid.

Our "Artists' Oasis" on the 10th Floor at our 520 location is up and running and has proven to be a great option for our multi-media and quieter usage clients. Now they can experience a more tranquil, less hectic environment. Our clients are so appreciative of a space that is calmer, but has special energy. Please visit this real "cool" space for on-camera projects, voiceovers, auditions, photoshoots, meetings, classes, rehearsals, readings, private lessons and pre-production sessions. A perfect place for projects that require this type of unique atmosphere. Also check our social media postings to see what's trending at RG. We are revamping our website. In 2024 we plan to offer online booking capability for our "Same Day" bookings. Also in 2024 we will be offering VIP Memberships to "regular" RG clients in appreciation for using our spaces so often during the year. It will include great perks, including discounted rates, early booking capabilities, free space and other special offers.

As we begin a new year, begin anew, project a healthy, meaningful, prosperous and fun year. Appreciate your friends, family and other loved ones in your life. Volunteer, support a worthy cause. Keep a positive outlook. 2024 will be great! Be a part of the movement!!

All of the Ripleys, the Griers and the Ripley-Griers wish you a wonderful, heartfelt Holiday Season. We are looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Regards, Patricia


Hello Everyone,

Last month I mentioned that I'd be going to see a Ritt Momney concert, but instead I decided to take a last minute trip to Rhode Island to attend Rhode Island Comic Con! It was my first time going and I spent about 10 hours of the day traveling after making the decision to go about 8 hours before. I left at 6am. The guest list was just too good to miss, with a bunch of people from nostalgic shows like Murr from Impractical Jokers, Seth Green, Rodger Bumpass (the voice of Squidward), Vincent Martello (the voice of Phineas Flynn), and more! They all had a deal where you can buy an autograph and selfie together and it was very inexpensive. Overall the trip was definitely worth it and I'm considering going next year (with a little more planning). Looking forward to going to Chicago this coming Spring for their Comic Con...!

I also mentioned last month that I'd be seeing Hadestown for the first time, which I did end up doing. I loved the music and the set, and I was excited to see Reeve Carney before his final performance as Orpheus. I had him sign one of my Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark playbills that I had kept since seeing the show back in 2011. I'm looking forward to seeing the show again with the new Orpheus - Jordan Fisher! I am on my way to Pittsburgh for a wedding just outside of town, my friend Rayleene is flying in from California for the same wedding. It should be fun!

Until next year,

Happy Holidays! Jeannie

Jeannie is the daughter of RG owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier.

RG Outreach Program

RG is proud to support many wonderful organizations.

Broadway Cares - Make-A-Wish - Plan USA

Timothy Hill Ranch - The Actor's Fund - Smile Train - Wounded Warrior - North Shore Animal League - World Central Kitchen - Braking AIDS

Please join us in supporting these and other helpful organizations. Contact our PR/Marketing Department at (212) 799-5433 (Ext. 214) for more info.


Dec. 8th - Jan. 3rd

25% OFF

T-Shirts, Baseball Shirts, Hoodies, Totes, Rehearsal Towels, Drawstring Bags, Keychains & more.

Available at all RG locations.


Collect 5 "stamps" and receive $5 OFF your next studio rental. Download the "STAMP ME" APP and get a FREE stamp for signing up.



or $15 with a Credit Card.

(Subject to availability of specific studios)







CALL (212)799-5433 FOR INFO

RG's Black-Box Theatre

@ 305 W. 38th Street

Perfect for your staged reading, small performance, recital, rehearsal, and more.

Retractable audience seating and professional lighting & sound available upon request. 

Comfortably seats 75 people.

Call (212)799-5433

for rates & availability

Congratulations to SLIM!!

RG Employee of the Season

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear...

Francisco Ramon (12/1)

Blake Zolfo (12/4)

Jim Ku (12/7)

Jorge Rojas (12/13)

Angela Strauman (12/27)

Happy Birthday to you.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19th)

Try to surround yourself with people who believe in you - and keep moving forward.

Be the light that illuminates the path ahead (for yourself and others), be kind, be grateful, and be so proud of how far you've already come.

Celebrate December

Month of Giving

National Volunteer Month

Write a Business Plan Month

Universal Human Rights Month

Christmas Lights Day (12/1)

Make a Gift Day (12/3)

Team Recognition Day (12/4)

International Ninja Day (12/5)

Time Traveler Day (12/8)

Christmas Card Day (12/9)

Human Rights Day (12/10)

National Poinsettia Day (12/12)

Ugly Sweater Day (12/16)

Hanukkah Begins (12/18)

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