Despite the disruption of lockdowns, business at Formbird powers forward


After the fantastic response we got from our last newsletter, we couldn't wait to bring you this edition.

In this newsletter, we look a bit deeper into low-code, celebrate some recent customer wins, explore fleet management and more (just scroll down).

In my travels across the web, not outside the 5 km radius of course, I found an interesting article written by Ben Hosking of Birmingham, maybe a distant relation. The substance of the article, titled For Developers the Low-Code Winter Is Coming is that Low-Code is an unstoppable force and a great opportunity. This is certainly how we see it as more and more organisations opt for Formbird.

We seem to have an ever-growing list of organisations getting on the move with Formbird FLEET, look at that list below!

In my blog, I tell it like it is without pulling any punches about what I really think of drag and drop "no-code".

Do you have a story to tell? Make sure you drop us a line, we would love to hear how you are making a difference with Formbird.

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Formbird - FLEET ready to eat the world

Formbird FLEET is now live or under development in 9 sites

Mercurien VIC Fleet as a Service (FaaS)

You will never be alone with Formbird FLEET

Meet the Formbird FLEET User community. That's right we now have get-togethers for anyone using or interested in Formbird FLEET every second month.

We had another last week, which you can check out the recording here.

Hear about some new features as well as a case study from Bundaberg.. how they managed a garbage truck incident remotely with Formbird FLEET.

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Drag and drop v's rapid low-code development

A blog by Mark Hosking, CEO, Formbird

Get the features you want now and the flexibility you need in the future.

Rapid development has been around in various forms for a long time, since the acceptance and adoption of Cloud and SaaS delivery models. The popularity of low-code and drag and drop no code has really taken off. 

VIDEO: Understanding modern fleet management

Fleet management is changing. Lets get a better understanding.

Drawing on the immense knowledge of Andrew Murrie of Mercurien we take a deep dive into how fleet management has evolved.

Formbird Customer - Featured in Water Industry Conference and Publication

Bundaberg Regional Council's Sean Askew presented his experiences implementing Formbird's operational asset management system at the Australian Water Association North Queensland Regional Conference 2021 - Mackay - 29-30 Jul 2021 - A summary of his Case Study was shared on the industry publication "water source"

If water is your thing, don't miss your opportunity to attend OZWATER’22: 10-12 MAY 2022 Brisbane
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