Dear Friends,
With a chill in the air and the last of the leaves clinging to the trees, winter is just around the corner.
While the coming holidays and Michigan winter fun might look different than in years past, one thing remains consistent: You are resilient! We encourage you to spend some time strengthening your resilience through intentional gratitude practice. In HomeFront Strong, one strategy we learned was to take time each evening and identify three positive things that went well that day. We call these our “What Went Wells.”

Can you think of three things that are going well? We can!
  • Veterans Day is this month! Veterans Day was proclaimed on November 11, 1919 as a day of recognition for the Veterans of WWI. In 1938, November 11th was legally declared a holiday known as “Armistice Day.” In 1953, Veterans Day became a national holiday to celebrate ALL veterans. Our country owes a debt to all who have served and the families who support them. This day devoted to pride of service is definitely a What Went Well!
  • It’s almost time to start planning for the winter holidays, which hopefully includes taking care of yourself. The holidays can get busy, but they also offer an opportunity to reflect on the past year. Has your community pulled together? Have you been able to reach out to a friend who might have needed some extra support? Has someone done that for you? This year, more than ever, it is important to be kind to yourself. What do you need help with this year? Who can you ask for that help?
  • Sometimes our What Went Well list can also include small victories or things that seem small, but still made us happy in the moment. Is your dishwasher unloaded? Was your coffee extra delicious this morning? Did the sun peek out for a bit? Take time to appreciate these little things! Good moments build up and can make a great day.

As we shared in the Summer, HomeFront Strong has stopped enrolling new participants. We remain dedicated to providing the same high quality program and support to participants who recently joined HomeFront Strong and to those who have completed the program. We are thankful for your participation in HomeFront Strong, and we will keep you updated on what comes next!


 The HomeFront Strong Team
Skills Reminder:
Affirmations, Mantras, and Mottos
HomeFront Strong teaches different grounding strategies to help you stay focused and present in the moment. These strategies can be helpful during times of stress, or even when life is going smoothly.  

Our thoughts, the words we tell ourselves, matter! In HomeFront Strong, we talk about the connection between our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions. If a negative thought can ruin your moment, think what a positive thought can do for you. Affirmations, Mantras, and Mottos are positive thoughts and messages that can give us strength and help turn around our negative thinking. 
Affirmations can help during stressful or difficult times, and are especially beneficial when we find ourselves stuck in a negative thought loop. If you have ever whispered to yourself: “I can do this,” “Breathe,” or “This will pass” - you have been using an affirmation.  What are some other affirmations you have used over the years? Maybe it’s time to write a few of these down and leave them on post-it notes on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator door, or in your car.

Whether you create your own affirmation or use one that you’ve heard elsewhere, remember: Our thoughts, the words we tell ourselves, matter! 
Where in the Mitten?
Where We've Been: Over the years we have traveled throughout the state to bring you information about HomeFront Strong. Our outreach efforts to support military and veteran spouses really show when we look at where in Michigan YOU all hail from. Just look at all of the places in Michigan where our HomeFront Strong participants call home!
Changes in HFS

Please join us in sending our Outreach Coordinator, Ali Thompson, off in style! Ali has been a tremendous asset to our program, and we wish her and her family all the best. Thank you for your wonderful contributions, Ali! We will miss you dearly.
Resource Corner
Each month we highlight a few resources that military and veteran families might find helpful. Chances are that you may qualify for these resources in Michigan and across the country:
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  • VETLIFE, a new program in Michigan, was created to help veterans and their families transition from military life to civilian life. VETLIFE can help veteran families understand what benefits they are entitled to and where to find them. Contact VETLIFE for guidance and assistance in connecting to and understanding your family’s benefits. 
  • Operation Help a Hero is currently planning events to support service members, veterans, and their families this year. Holiday events include Hosting a Toy Drive for those in need, adopting a military family, and even ensuring that every service member has a Christmas present. If you are looking for a little help to make your holiday merrier, or if you are looking for a way to help others, visit Operation Help A Hero’s website as they are updating new information weekly.
  • University of Michigan compiled a comprehensive list of potential resources in the “Michigan COVID-19 Resource Guide,” please click here
  • The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) COVID-19 website posts up to date information and resources for veterans here.
Mobile Apps
With so many apps out there for smartphone users, it is hard to know which ones are helpful. Our team has reviewed many different apps and these are some of our favorites. Check them out and let us know what you think!

      3 Good Things
  • This one is great for tracking What Went Well! Based on the principles of positive psychology, 3 Good Things focuses on gratitude practice and provides a simple, user-friendly way to track three things that you are grateful for each day. This app encourages daily use through helpful daily reminders and a count of how many consecutive days users have practiced gratitude. This app can also track users’ responses, allowing them to review what has gone well each day. Free. Available for iOS and Android.

  • Looking for a jump start to your own Affirmations, Mantras, and Mottos? The Motivation app provides an inspirational quote, affirmation, mantra, or motto every day. Users can read through various quotes and customize their design. There is a free version; however, users can upgrade if they choose (various subscriptions and pricing available). Available for iOS and Android.

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