August 2017 Newsletter
Greetings to all of our Members and New Members!

With the summer coming to a close, it is that time of the year to refocus our energies and transition to a new routine.  We encourage you to include regular yoga classes at the yoga house as part of your wellness routine.

For our Members who may know of someone wanting to try yoga but not sure where to start, we will be holding an Open House on Saturday, September 23rd. All the details are below.

We encourage you to take the time and read two lovely, short articles about two KYH students' experience regarding Kelowna Yoga House and Iyengar Yoga - inspiring!

In October, KYH with an amazing Volunteer Team, are organizing the AGM and Conference for the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada.  Enthusiastic Iyengar yoga students and teachers from all across the country will be visiting Kelowna for four days of learning in unity in the Iyengar tradition. Please see the details below as we still are in need of a few helpful hands to make this Sold Out Event a success!

As you can see, there is a lot going on at KYH this Fall. We hope to see familiar and new faces here at the Yoga House this upcoming year. 
A Friendly reminder that you can register for classes online through our website  kelownayogahouse.

Fall Schedule - New Classes!

September 5, 2017 - June 30, 2018
Click this link:  Fall Class Schedule

Friendly Reminder: No Classes on 
September 4th
In addition to our regular class schedule, we are happy to announce the addition of three new specialty classes:

Special Practice Class with Krisna:
Individualized programs for those who need to take extra special care due to health challenges.  Please contact Krisna if interested and for more information.  Krisna's email

Foundations Class with Tracy, Melissa & Tricia (6-week session)
Learn the basics of Iyengar Yoga from square one. Each week in this one-hour class, you will be safely guided through a sequence of asanas (postures) which will create a foundation upon which each class builds and will bring you confidently into a comfortable transition to any Beginner or All Level Class.  This session of classes is ideal for students with no prior yoga experience or for those currently in Beginner classes but who wish a refresher on the basics. 



Pranayama Class with Krisna:
Breath work based on the three movements of inhalation, exhalation and retention done with awareness and precision. The distribution of life force energy (prana) in the human system. This class is suitable for those who have a minimum of six months of Iyengar Yoga practice.
Please click on the Schedule link above for all the details regarding dates and pricing located on our website

Annual Open House 
Saturday September 23, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Free Classes, Chai Baba Tea & Cookies, Raffle, Door Prize & Sweet Legs Vendor Table.

Schedule of Classes:                           
9 am - 10 am
10:15 am - 11:15 am
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Bring a friend!
IYAC 2017 AGM 
Volunteers Needed!
October 19 - 22 Effort & Surrender - Sold Out!
The Kelowna Yoga House Organizing Committee is hard at work preparing to host the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada's Annual General Meeting.  Mark your calendars and become a Member of IYAC to support our National Association. 
Please contact Krisna's email ( for availability to volunteer. 
Duties would include working in the store during parts of the Conference. Store will be selling t-shirts, props, books, etc.
Why Iyengar Yoga Is My Yoga by Joni Barbagallo

Iyengar yoga began its search for me when I turned 40 years old. Up until then, I had never tried anything remotely close to yoga. I was a long-time advocate of the aerobic dance movement and I never felt that I would have the mental and physical capacity to sit still long enough to do yoga. To be quite frank, I thought it might be a rather boring way to pass an hour. However, at age 40 I was challenged by a good friend to try Hot Yoga and I was hooked. I know - Hot if yoga asana isn't challenging enough; why not turn the heat up to 40 degrees? That makes things interesting. So, I sweated and sweated until I saw stars, sweaty stars... it was brutal.
So naturally, being the aerobic junky I was, I decided to join their teacher training program. I figured it was the only type of yoga a person like me would ever be part of. Thankfully, for me, that training never happened. Instead, my teacher encouraged me to study with her own teacher. She instinctively knew that this sweaty path I was on was not best suited for me. Her very generous gift meant that I would not continue dripping puddles of water on her studio floor and that, in fact, she would lose my "business". She was looking out for MY best interests rather than her own. I found that very refreshing, and thankfully we continue to be friends to this day.
To read the full article, please click here
My Yoga Experience by Dave Colquhoun

I've been attending beginner yoga classes at Kelowna Yoga House (KYH) for about two years.
My initial motivation in registering for Yoga classes was to seek relief from persistent muscle pain from my running and dragon boat paddling activities. Fellow dragon boat paddler, Gail Tarnowycz, invited members of our Master's dragon boat team (Lift What's Draggin) to attend a free Iyengar Yoga class at KYH. I had previously enjoyed taking lunch hour Yoga classes while working at The City of Calgary, so I thought, 'why not give it a try?'
My muscles and joints are very tight so I've found beginner Yoga classes to be quite challenging. Nevertheless, I have experienced slow, steady improvement in my flexibility and core strength. As a result, I feel better than before and have also improved my paddling technique, which requires reaching, twisting and pulling using core muscles in the shoulders, back, 'abs' and legs. I also really enjoy the calming effect that Yoga provides in reducing stress and creating a feeling of well-being.
I'd like to commend all the teachers at KYH for their exemplary instructional skills and willingness to coach 'challenged students' like me who need it.   I'm grateful for the benefits I've experienced from practicing Yoga and plan to con
tinue taking classes at KYH and while Daphne and I are away in Phoenix this winter.
I've tried 'Flow Yoga' during a previous visit, as there is no Iyengar Studio close to where we stay, but perhaps it's time to try something different - maybe beer yoga? Just Kidding ;) .
A Message from our Billeting Coordinator:

As you know, the Kelowna Yoga House offers workshops regularly. These workshops are not only attended by KYH students but also by people from out of town. Sometimes these participants are looking for an option for accommodations other than a hotel and prefer to stay at somebody's home (billeting).

At this time, KYH is in need of more people who can billet. Billeters pay their host $40 per night including breakfast and $35 without breakfast.

If you are interested in meeting new people and opening your home to offer an affordable option to workshop participants from out of town, please email the KYH Billeting Coordinator at

Thank you!
Francine Masse

  • Photographer/Videographer:  We are in need of updated photos of our new garden, and general class/workshop photos. Also, KYH has a Youtube Channel which would love some new content added.
  • Work Exchange:
    We are in need of yogis who would like to help out KYH and benefit from an arrangement of work exchange (Cleaning) for yoga classes.  
    We will consider students who have an established relationship (for example, three months with KYH), rather than newcomers to the studio.
    If you are interested, p lease talk to any teacher or Co-ordinator Dianne Kapty or email:
If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities to enrich The Kelowna Yoga House Society, please speak to any Teacher.  Thank You!

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