Newsletter - February, 2014

New HD Corporate Video Release for 2014...
For the New Year we decided that we would produce a slick new Corporate Video to help promote the Water Jet Cutting services that we offer here at Aqua Dynamics. The video is a short, punchy and exciting clip that clearly displays the phenomenal detail that can be achieved. This particular project involved Water Jet Cutting 4mm Brass for a company called - DKT Artworks who are specialists in site-specific artworks and bespoke decorative finishes. 
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Aqua Dynamics Corporate Video 2014
Aqua Dynamics Corporate Video 2014

Water Jet Cut 'Voronoi' Balustrade.
We have been working closely with Heat Architecture who have come up with this spectacular design for a staircase Balustrade. The image below has been created from a sample that's been cut from 10mm Aluminium. As you can see most of the Aluminium has been cut away by the Water Jet process leaving a pattern. Called a Voronoi Pattern - it is formed by randomly placing a series of points on a surface and drawing lines equally spaced between all the points. Think of soap bubbles colliding as an example in nature - but the pattern is found on giraffes and butterflies.

The aluminium sheets, which are yet to be finished will be cut and then Powder Coated in a clear lacquer before being shipped for installation as a staircase balustrade on one of Heat Architecture's projects.


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