February, 2015
President's Message


Sharon Mitchell

You can tell that it's February - Valentines are everywhere, there are smiles on the faces of Impact 100 members delighted that we are awarding FOUR GRANTS, and Impact 100 Grant Focus Area Committees are in full swing.  We are all hoping that spring is right around the corner, that the snow and ice will melt, and that spring wildflowers will soon be emerging!


We all have so much to be thankful for - - - as Impact 100 has announced that 2015 will be the first time ever that the organization will award 4 grants of over $100,000 each!!!  This is a major milestone for the organization ... one that we have been striving to achieve for over 14 years!


On January 22nd, Impact 100 kicked off the new year with an exciting and well-attended Membership Event and the news that we have $404,000 in grants to award in 2015.  The organization has over 450 members this year - with ~ 140 new members joining for the first time.  Our amazing core of renewing members brings over 1,000 years of Impact 100 experience back to the organization.  What an amazing foundation upon which to build - and what an awesome group of new members with fresh ideas and great energy.  2015 promises to be an exciting and action-packed year!


The Grant Focus Area Committees are already meeting to evaluate the Letters of Intent submitted by Not-for-Profit Organizations seeking to win one of our FOUR $101,000 grants.  There were over 100 Letters of Intent submitted - and the creativity, diversity, strength and proposed IMPACT of the projects proposed are amazing!


After carefully considering the Letters of Intent, each Grant Focus Area Committee will select the most promising projects and will invite the sponsoring organizations to submit a full Grant Application.  These Grant Applications are due in late March - and Grant Focus Area Committees will review and consider them between April and mid-June.  New members are welcome to join the Grant Focus Area Committees for this review - you need not have participated in the Letter of Intent review to join for the Grant Application Review.


I look forward to seeing all our members at upcoming Impact 100 events in 2015!



Warm Regards,

Sharon Mitchell

President, Impact 100

FOUR $101,000 Grants to be Awarded!


Your generosity and kindness continues to inspire and amaze 

the Cincinnati region Not-for-Profit community.


On January 22nd, we held our annual Membership Event, at  Art Design Consultants, and announced that for 2015, we will be able to grant   $404,000 , to support FOUR  local Non-Profits with  $101,000  each !!  This is our biggest year yet! 


We'd love to have you volunteer and get involved on a committee if you'd like to!  We have both standing (year-round) and seasonal committees - so pick one that meets your wants and Join UsWe have a variety of committees to choose from including Grant Review, CIRC, Marketing, Communications, Member Attraction (aka Recruiting) and Member Engagement & Retention (aka Membership) We always need volunteers for "one and done" tasks and help at events.


It's All About Options

Many thanks to our 2015 Members for helping us transform lives in our community by giving out three grants this year.  It may feel like the year has barely begun, however we are already planning for 2016 and working on recruiting members for 2016. Want to help? Email recruiting@impact100.org.

Are you ready to renew or begin your Impact 100 Membership? We want to share with you our flexible payment options: installment payments, stock transfer and introducing the concept of being a Sustaining member.

Membership Payment by Installments: For many of us, it is easier to make smaller payments throughout the year rather than one lump sum around the holidays! Paying by installment is easy to set up and ensures that your membership payment is completed before year end. No need for reminders or invoices. Click here 
for more details. 


Membership Payment by Stock: Paying by stock transfer may be foreign to you but is a great way to maximize your donation while reducing your taxes!* If you donate stock that has appreciated (increased) in value you receive the itemized donation for the value of the stock but avoid the unrealized capital gains on the shares. Click here to read more.


Sustaining Membership:  Many of you have been loyal members of Impact for a number of years. We thank you and welcome our newest members! We count on our devoted members to enable us to give grants. If you plan to continue to be a member, choosing to be a Sustaining Member makes an ongoing commitment to Impact 100 and automatically recommits each year - which means less mail, and uninterrupted status as an Impact 100 Member.  To become a sustaining member notify Impact 100 at info@impact100.org or 513-554-3065. Of course, if your situation changes, you may cancel this at any time. 


Thank you for your support of Impact 100. If you have any questions about forms or payment you can contact us at finance@impact100.org.  Please remember, all payments towards your membership must be received by December 31st of 2015 to be a voting member in 2016.


Do you have questions about anything about Impact 100?  Contact your liaison, anyone on the Board or our office and we'll get you the answer!  THANK YOU for helping us transform lives! 

Calling all Sponsors!
Sign up now for year-long exposure in 2015!    

As you know, 100% of Impact 100 member donations are awarded to grant recipients so it is necessary for Impact 100 to seek additional donors, grants and sponsorship dollars in order to host the many events we have and to cover expenses and administration costs.

In previous years, Impact 100 solicited corporate sponsors only for the Annual Awards Celebration event. After careful consideration, we elected to enlist 2015 "annual" sponsors. In lieu of exposure at one annual event, our 2015 sponsors will receive year-long exposure on our website, at all events, as well as receive a host of additional exposure opportunity. 

We expect this will be a win-win as our members will also have a greater opportunity to hear and learn more about each of our corporate sponsor's product/service offerings. 

Most sponsorship levels are category exclusive so if you know of a company who might be interested, please have them contact us as soon as possible. For more information, contact administration@impact100.org.

Birthday party generosity!


On January 17th, at a local birthday party, all guests were asked to bring a $20 bill (rather than a gift or a card), and attach the name of a non-profit to the money. During the party, they counted the cash, and had $1100! Five $20's were pulled from the pot, and Impact 100 Cincinnati was thrilled to be one of the five non-profits chosen to "split the pot"!


What a great way to support the local community, while having fun!


Shop AND Benefit Impact 100!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! For easy gifting, we have the perfect solution for you! Go to smile.amazon.com - select Impact 100 Inc as your charity, and start shopping! We even have a quick link to get you there faster!

By shopping at smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com, 0.5 percent of the value of your purchase will be donated to Impact 100. Please note that smile.amazon.com is the same Amazon you already know. Same products, same prices, same service. 

Member Spotlight

Michele Ferrara
Impact 100 Member 

Who I am?

I am Michele Ferrara, I live in Milford I work at Lamar Advertising.

What got you involved in Impact 100?

I was invited by Lyn Jarc to one of the events and  joined because I loved 

that I could see where my money was going and was inspired by the amazing non profits that do so much for our community.


What keeps you a member?
I stay a member because I can choose how involved I want to be with Impact 100.  At this point in my life, I work full time, have 4 kids      ranging from 6- 16 and run them around all the time that I don't have  time to be as involved as I hope to be down the road.  However I know  that just writing a check can help make a difference at Impact 100!

Social Venture Partners

Social Venture Partners (SVP) of Cincinnati is a global network of local partners connecting passion and purpose.  Using a hands-on approach, SVP combines the power of business with the passion of philanthropy. Partners bring their collective expertise, financial resources, professional skills, life experience, and creativity to work in partnership with area nonprofits and their leaders. SVP's goal is measurable results, more effective nonprofits and satisfied, engaged partners.


SVP is proud to sponsor Fast Pitch on February 11th.  This engaged philanthropy competition is a technique borrowed from the venture capital and startup community. It is a way to showcase and accelerate nonprofits making a difference in our city! Nonprofits get training in telling effective, inspiring stories and then compete via a 3-minute pitch. 


Calendar of Events
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