February 2023
What does The Path of Love mean? Click HERE to find out.
It is hard to believe that it has been six months since I began as your settled minister and it also feels like we are still getting to know each other. So for this month’s newsletter column I thought I would share with you some questions that I have been asked throughout our last few months as a way for you to get to know me better. 

Why do you wear a robe on Sunday?
I believe that our time together on Sunday morning is special, sacred. It is the one time of the week when we slow our bodies and minds to contemplate how we wish to be in the world together. Marking this time together as unique, different from ordinary, day-to-day time is important. One of the ways I do this is by wearing a robe on Sunday as a mark of this special time.
I also have a spiritual understanding of my role as minister on Sunday morning as one that facilitates the spirit - however you wish to define that. Wearing a robe, including the act of enrobing, is a spiritual act for me. It reminds me of the serious responsibility I have as your spiritual leader which you conferred on me during my ordination and installation.

Why do you have your phone with you in the pulpit on Sunday?
Two reasons: Safety and connection with staff. 

Can we be friends on Facebook?
I use Facebook primarily to keep in touch with my friends and family; that is I use Facebook mostly for personal connections. That means, I do not “friend” congregants. However, you are welcome to “follow” me by going to my profile and selecting the “follow” button. You will see any posts I make that are ‘Public’.

Do you pledge? Are you a Member at DUUC?
This is a topic that minister’s have very different understandings of and the UUA (the Unitarian Universalist Association) does not offer specific guidance on. There are many understandings with opinions varying from a minister should be a member and pledge to a minister should never pledge and definitely not be a member. 
I am a member at a congregation I consider my “home” congregation and I pledge at that congregation because it is important to me.
I do not believe I cannot be a member here as your minister. This is a boundary that is important to me because I do not believe I should vote on decisions you make about your church. My role in the decision making process is different and I do not think that I can honor my role as minister and be a member simultaneously. This means I do not pledge as a member.

But I DO pledge. I pledge because I care about the future of our congregation. I pledge because my children are a part of our religious education program. So I have “friend” status at DUUC.

What are you reading?
I am always reading multiple books.
Currently, my non-fiction reading list: Pantheologies: Gods, Worlds, and Monsters by Mary-Jane Rubenstein; Conflict is Not Abuse by Sarah Schulman; This Here Flesh by Cole Arthur Riley; Crucial Conversations by multiple authors.
Non-fiction fun: Extraordinary Insects: Weird. Wonderful. Indispensable. The Ones Who Run Our World. by Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson
Fiction: Fables and Spells by adrienne maree brown; The Inheritance Trilogy by N. K. Jemison 

How do you take care of yourself?
I have some very practical self-care things I do: sleep and eat. But I also have a qi gong practice I do, which you might see me practicing in my office or outside in the prairie. I also garden, embroider, cross-stitch, walk, and spend time with my family.

I also take my writing days (Mondays), days off (Fridays, and Saturdays when I can), vacation time, and study-leave seriously. These are ways I can renew to be a better minister to you.

How can I make an appointment with you?
The best way is using my Calendly app:
OR you can send me an email with some dates and times.

How can I get in touch with you in an emergency?
Phone or text: 708.942.0740 (If you text, please identify yourself if we have not corresponded that way before.)
And remember, the Pastoral Ministry Associates are also available:
Sunday Service
In-person and Online
Sunday, February 5, 2023 @ 10:30am

Building Our Future
rev. mandi huizenga
Our future is found in the commitment we make to each other. Join us as we dedicate ourselves to our future through four children's dedications and as we CELEBRATE the launch our 23/24 promise campaign to Building Our Future Together! 
Our service will be followed by coffee, hot chocolate, and snacks with multi-generational activities!

Sunday, February 12, 2023 @ 10:30am

For the Love of Art
rev. mandi huizenga
Join us to appreciate the joy and wonder that art brings to our lives.
Multi-generational art activities to follow - please wear clothing that allows for creative expression!

Sunday, February 19, 2023 @ 10:30am

Love and Rage
rev. mandi huizenga
In a time of political polarization, where rage is rampant, love can sometimes feel like a weak answer. How can we utilize love to counter hate?

Sunday, February 26, 2023 @ 10:30am

Love and Fear
rev. mandi huizenga
The month of love encourages us to think deeply about the many forms of love and how they can help us to transform the world.
Celebrating the Church We Love
This Sunday, February 5th, kicks off the 23/24 Campaign of expressing our gratitude and fulfilling our promise to be responsible financial stewards of our beloved church community. During the service we will share some “good news” about reaching for our dreams. After we celebrate together in the service, we will offer multigenerational activities in Kreves Hall, Coffee and goodies in the Learning Center, and computers will be available for making your Promise ”on the spot.” See you Sunday!
The Board of Trustees gratefully acknowledges long-time DuPage UU Church attendee Martin Steindler for his recent generous financial gift to the church in memory of his wife Joan. A heartfelt thank you, Martin, for your support and good wishes for the ongoing health of this vibrant and beloved community. 
Meet with the Board for conversation and questions on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 11:40am. Join us in-person in the Founders Room or via Zoom.

Or dial
+1 312 626 6799
Meeting ID: 910 2998 3070
Passcode: 272229
Zoom! Conversations summary and plans for DuPage UU!
If you were unable to attend the discussion on January 15, rev. mandi and the Board invite you to a Zoom version of the Conversations summary and size dynamics presentation on Wednesday, February 8 at 7:00 pm. Learn how the size of our church community, our policy-based governance, and your wishes for the future of DuPage UU all connect! (If you've read the Promise campaign letter you received from the Stewardship committee, there's a big hint about leadership's hopes and plans based on your hopes and wishes for DuPage UU.) Join us on Zoom, February 8 at 7:00pm.
Endowment Fund Grants
There will be no grants given from the Endowment Funds this year. Our economy did not support growth last year and so we are letting our Endowment Funds grow. Hopefully, we will have grants again next year.
In February the DUUC special offering will benefit the Tom Galloway Scholarship Fund at College of DuPage. Tom Galloway was the first African American president of DUUC. This scholarship supports African American students at the College of DuPage. The DUUC Special Collection pays about a third of the annual tuition for a scholarship recipient and can also be used to obtain access to computers, purchase textbooks, or help with living expenses. DUUC has been supporting this cause for over 20 years. Charlene Mitchell, majoring in Health Science, was the 2022 recipient.
During December you gave $1850.88 to our special collection for the UUA Disaster Relief Fund. Thank you for your generosity and supporting DUUC’s commitment to social action and community outreach.
To make a donation, please click HERE.
Nominations for Special Offerings
Each year our Special Offerings team solicits, reviews, and chooses nominees for a yearly lineup of not-for-profit organizations as monthly special offering recipients. These nominations come from our own Church members and often represent organizations that have been founded by or at which our members have volunteered for many years. They may be organizations that have impacted the life of your family. From mental health to senior support, immigrant literacy to prison ministry, our action provides a lifeline to organizations without deep pockets but providing essential services to so many living in our surrounding communities.
We are now beginning the process for 2023-2024. We currently have two standing recipients: the Tom Galloway scholarship at College of DuPage and Riverwalk Adult Day Services. It is now time to think about organizations that you volunteer with, use their services, or just know they do good works. You can find information on the criteria we use to make decisions on our nomination form. 
We are asking that you fill out and submit the Nomination form online (available on the Here's What's Happening page). Or you may fill out a copy of the form, available in the church office. Place the completed form in the Special Offerings mailbox or scan and email it to We look forward to learning about the organizations you think deserve our support.
Your Feedback is Requested about the
DUUC Memorial Garden
Our church hosts a small memorial garden in the backyard. There is interest at DUUC to formalize administrative policies and procedures for its use, and to enhance it as a place of reflection for remembering loved ones, with church grounds being used for the internment of ashes. With input from the congregation and church leadership, the Memorial Garden Task Force will develop options for consideration and then finalize policies and procedures for DUUC.
We invite you to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions on a range of questions and issues associated with establishing and managing the spaces. Conversations will be held February 12th, at 11:45am in the Lower Annex, and February 21st at 7PM in the Founders’ Room. Please attend one of those meetings to listen and provide your input. Alternatively, you may contact the preliminary members of the Task Force, Susan Camasta at, and Carl Nash at, any time. If you have interest in this project, help us determine what is desired by--and appropriate for--our church community.
Bring it to DUUC on Sunday, February 5 before 1:00 p.m.
Green Sanctuary members will transport it to DART CONTAINER 
PLEASE place food service items in plastic bags and tie securely.
Large plastic bags will be available at church for packaging foam.
Grounds and Landscape Report
The Grounds and Landscape Task Force has completed its report. You may review the grounds report to gain insight as we ask you to share your thoughts about future grounds and landscape efforts.
Our Grounds and Landscape – Beautiful or Not?
When you walk to the front door of the church, what impression did you have on the appearance of our property? What impression do you think it has on visitors? What changes, if any, would you suggest? The Grounds and Landscape Task Force is working to achieve a balance between looking maintained and natural. The Task Force Report recommended getting feedback from the congregation.
When you walk into the sanctuary over the next two weeks you will be handed a simple survey along with the Order of Service. The survey will ask you to share your thoughts. Please return it to the ushers as you exit, leave it in the office, or send it back to the church by February 15. Also, you may access the survey HERE, and submit it online.
Now is the time to express your opinions, but please complete the survey only once. If you have questions, feel free to contact Jane Gano, Susan Camasta, Jenny Hobbs, or Carl Nash at
DUUC Library Monthly Book Recommendations - February
Throughout the year, the DUUC Library will have monthly book recommendations based upon a monthly holiday or historical significance. Information about these featured DUUC Library books will be available on a book list in the Library Alcove area in Kreves Hall. For February 2023, Black History Month will be commemorated.

Free Magazine in DUUC Library
Free magazines in the shelf rack in the DUUC Library Alcove area of Kreves Hall – take one, bring one, we’ll recycle!
Accessibility and Inclusion in the Building 
This month, the Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry Team at DUUC is continuing to highlight some of the accessibility and inclusion features available throughout the church building.
  • Did you know that our building has two elevators? The main elevator is located at the end of the hall to the sanctuary, and goes up to the sanctuary and restrooms, and down to the lower annex and basement. A smaller elevator is located between the coat racks in the foyer and goes up to the Founder’s Room, the gender neutral/family restroom, and the Learning Center, and down to the children’s classrooms and restrooms.
Image description: A wooden elevator door is inset between two coat racks. Elevator call buttons are to the left of the door.

  • All but two rooms in the building are wheelchair accessible, and seating is flexible throughout the building. High chairs are available for use during social gatherings.
  • All restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Restroom soap is scent free. Free menstrual care products are available in both restrooms near the sanctuary and in the gender neutral/family restroom in the Founder’s room. Restrooms near the sanctuary have inclusive, self-identified signage.

For more information about AIM and accessibility accommodations at DUUC, please see the AIM page and the ADA accessibility statement on DUUC’s website.

The DUUC Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry Team strives to increase awareness of issues surrounding disability and disability rights and to help make all church programs and spaces as accessible and inclusive as possible. If you have questions about AIM at DUUC, have accessibility or inclusion questions, suggestions, or concerns at church, and/or would like to join the DUUC AIM Team, please email us at
Mindfulness Meditation
Mondays 7:00pm - 8:45pm
This mindfulness meditation group is open to anyone who has interest in meditation from beginners to more advanced. Our time together consists of sitting meditation, walking meditation (when we meet in person), a short teaching and responsive group sharing.
For more information, go to our website: 
or Elaine Waite, at

We are meeting Hybrid in the DUUC Learning Center and on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 885 7102 1238
Passcode: 512058

In-person and Online via YouTube

Sunday, February 5, 2023 @ Noon
Magic Wand Experiments. Mike Winter will talk about some experiments scientists say they wish they could do if they had a magic wand: If money, time, ethics and equipment were no barrier. He will invite the audience to share their dream experiments too.

Sunday, February 19, 2023 @ Noon
From New York to California, from the ancient Appalachian Mountains to the great salt flats. From the Chicxulub crater to Canada and many places between, our continent is filled with many unique and magnificent geologic wonders. Scott Thompson will talk about some of the geologic events and features that have shaped our continent, including a few unsolved mysteries. Join us to share your insights into some amazing geology you've seen or learned about also.
Humanist Group
This month we will have our annual Darwin Day celebration. This is a Humanist holiday commemorating the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin, who helped humanity move away from superstitious myths about animal and human origins toward a naturalistic and scientific explanation.
Our guest lecturer for the February 8th program (meeting at 7:30pm in Kreves Hall) will be Dr. Sara Ruane, assistant curator of herpetology from the Field Museum. 
Dr. Ruane will speak with us about the evolution of and some peculiarities of snakes, in a talk entitled, "Study snakes? What would you want to do that for?!"
Sunday Flowers Needed 
Celebrate a person or event by providing flowers for a Sunday service. Flowers are needed throughout the church year. You may request to have Sunday Flowers order a $35 standard arrangement for you from Phillip’s Flowers. Or, if you are planning to attend the service in person, you may choose to bring in your own arrangement from your garden or favorite flower shop. The arrangement should be brought to the sanctuary by 10:20 a.m. Your dedication will be printed in the email with the link to the on-line version of the Order of Service as well as in the printed Order of Service. The flowers are yours to take home after the service. If you are not attending service, you may pick up your flowers either on Sunday 11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m., or contact Sheri, or (630) 505-9408, to make arrangements for a contactless pick-up during office hours. Remember, masks are required to enter the church. Payment may be made by sending a check made out to DUUC for $35 to the church office (write “flowers” on the memo line), through the DUUC Payment Portal (select “other” under donation, and write in “flowers”), or VANCO (select “flowers fund”). Contact Kristen Tang at or (630) 305-7771 for more information and/or to request a date. Thank you!
The deadline for submissions for the March newsletter is MONDAY, February 27, 2023 @ 9am. Please email your submissions to Sheri at
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In the Wider Unitarian Universalist World
Respecting the Journey: Meeting People Where They Are
Our UU faith values remind us that no one is outside the circle of love and that all of us are always learning. Join leaders from the Unitarian Universalist Prison Ministry in this two-hour workshop about trauma-informed care and skill-building around cultural humility and companioning others (and even our own selves) who have experienced trauma.

Saturday Feb. 11, 2023
Light refreshments provided.
Location: DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church, 1828 Old Naperville Rd, Naperville, IL 60563, Learning Center, or attend via zoom.

To register, send your name, home congregation, email address, phone number, and whether you will attend via zoom or in person to Robert Skrocki at, or text or phone him at 630-802-0769.
Registration is now open! Pease click here to register.

General Assembly is the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists, where we conduct business of the Association, explore the theological underpinnings of our faith, and lean fully into our mission and principles. Please join us Wednesday, June 21 through Sunday, June 25, 2023 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and/or online for this 5-day immersive experience where we participate in inspirational worship services and informative workshops, reconvene with friends and colleagues, and explore our bustling exhibit hall. GA is an unforgettable experience for the thousands of UUs who attend. Meet us online or in Pittsburgh and you’ll leave with renewed energy and innovative ideas to share with your congregation and community-at-large!
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