Cordoba Academy Newsletter - February 2023
Upcoming Story Time
We will be having Story Time with Imam Bazi on February 11th to learn about Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s ascension to the heavens, the gift of salah, and the importance of salah.
Virtual Weekly Youth Halaqa
Our very own Hafiz Adnan Khalid is conducting a weekly halaqa for the youth! The topic will be the lives of the great caliphs, also known as a the Khulafa-e-Rashideen. Please have your children join this beneficial gathering using the link below every Wednesday:

Can a Relationship With Allah SWT Help Children With Anxiety?
By: Humera Malik
The company our children keep has a great impact on many aspects of their lives, both on their physical and mental health, including anxiety. As parents, we encourage our children to make good friends, who support one another in times of need. How then, do we think about investing in the most important relationship our children can have – namely, with God?

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We will be opening enrollment for academic year 2023-2024 in March InshaAllah. Stay tuned!
Upcoming Events
  • Feb. 11: Story Time
Dates to Remember:
  • Feb. 20-21: President's Day/Break (No School)
  • Feb. 21: Sha'ban begins*
  • Feb. 22: Half Day

*Based on local moon sighting
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