January, 2014
President's Message


Sharon Mitchell


Happy New Year from Impact 100!!!!


As 2013 winds down and we begin 2014, I'd like to wish all our members and Non-Profit Partners a Happy & Peaceful New Year! 


2013 was a wonderful year for Impact 100!  It marked our 12th Anniversary, and the awarding of our 21st and 22nd grants. Following the delightful opportunity to get to know many of our area's Non-Profits and to review over 100 Letters of Intent, Impact 100 awarded two grants of $108,000 to Crayons to Computers and Easter Seals TriState- Building Value.  This brings the total grants awarded to the Greater Cincinnati community to over $2.5 Million!!


Another highlight of 2013 was the involvement of many of our members . . . over 100 members participated in Grant Review Committees and CIRC, and many more helped on standing committees.  Our hard-working Board developed and implemented a strategy, and worked tirelessly to recruit new members and to strengthen the organization.  Finally, Impact 100 implemented the Letter of Intent as a greatly simplified first step in the grant review cycle.  The Letter of Intent was unanimously welcomed and applauded by our Non-Profit partners, since it enabled them to be considered for an Impact 100 grant with only a fraction of the work previously required. 


That brings us to the exciting year ahead in 2014.  We are in the final stages of recruiting our 2014 members, and recruiting has been exceptionally strong.  We are tantalizingly close to reaching $300,000 in grant dollars, which would enable Impact 100 to give three $100,000 grants for the first time ever!!!  Please join us on January 16th for our Membership Announcement Event - and find out how many grants will be awarded in 2014.


Since the Grant Review cycle begins early this year, we invite our members to sign up NOW to join a Grant Review Committee.  These Committees will begin meeting in January to review Letters of Intent, and will invite members to join again in mid-March for the review of full grant applications.


Finally, please join us for the 2014 Impact 100 Membership Announcement to be held on January 16th.  We invite ALL our members to come to this free event to learn how much money we will be awarding in 2014. If interested in attending, please register on our Web-Site.


I look forward to seeing all of you at upcoming Impact 100 events in 2014.


Warm Regards,

Sharon Mitchell

President, Impact 100 

2014 Membership Announcement
2014 Membership Announcement
How Much Money will we be Awarding in 2014?

  Thursday, January 16th at 6:00 PM

Art Design Consultants, 310 Culvert Street, Cincinnati


Click Here to Register Now!


What a great way to start off the New Year! Your generosity and kindness continues to inspire and amaze the non profit community. Please join Impact 100 as we unveil the amount of of membership grant funds for 2014!

This year's Membership Announcement will be held at 
Art Design Consultants at 310 Culvert Street, 5th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202.   
The event is free, but space is limited and reservations are required.  
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 Giving Tuesday

Impact 100 hosted our second annual GivingTuesday* event on December 3rd, where over 80 people mixed, mingled, and shared the spirit of GIVING!

We heard from our 2013 grant recipients, Susan Frankel of Crayons 2 Computers and Pam Green of Easter Seals TriState: Building Value, and how they plan to use our grant money to expand their programs, reach more people, and make a lasting impact in our community.

We also heard moving stories from Dr. Judith Allen of McMicken Dental Clinic (2002 grant recipient), Tim Vogel of Starfire Council of Greater Cincinnati (2010 grant recipient) and Peggy Kraimer of Stepping Stones (2011 grant recipient). Each of these organizations has had many successes - all with the funding that Impact 100 awarded!

Two statistics from the McMicken Dental Clinic really jumped out during the presentation. With the grant funding from Impact 100 ($123,000), they were able to purchase new equipment for the clinic, and have been able to perform over 45,000 dental procedures, worth over $14.5 million!

With over $2.5 Million awarded in grants, right here in Greater Cincinnati, WE are making an IMPACT!!  


*#GivingTuesday™ (#GT) is a movement started in 2012, to create a national day of giving to kick off the giving season added to the calendar on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Word of the Day

It's a new year - what does that mean for Impact 100 and recruiting?

Happy 2014! Thanks to you, we've all been working hard to recruit and allow us to give away 3 grants in 2014 - and we'll know soon if we achieved this goal! We're very close as we go to press and appreciate all the conversations that you've had about Impact 100.

Recruit: to find suitable people and get them to join a company, an organization, the armed forces, etc. : to form or build (a group, team, army, etc.) (Merriam-Webster). In Impact 100 terms, that translates to women talking with others and educating them about Impact 100. We have over 300 members and counting -- imagine the impact if each of us mentioned Impact 100 to someone else, wore an Impact 100 shirt or posted an Impact 100 update on Linked In or Facebook once a month?  Help spread the word to like minded people!

If you're passionate about Impact 100 and would like to help raise awareness of our organization, please email us at recruiting@impact100.org and we'll add you to our brainstorming list. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming grant announcement and hearing the final number!

Angie and Lisa 

Recruiting Co-Chairs

Member Spotlight

Jennifer Sheil

Impact 100 Board Member 
Who I am. 
I am a mother of two girls who are 8 & 5 and met my husband Rob in college. We have been married over 15 years and live in Miami Twp. I am a Cincinnati Native, a graduate of Ursuline Academy and earned a BS in Marketing from Miami University. I help homeowners with the purchase and refinance of their homes as a mortgage loan officer for Queen City Mortgage. I have always loved Cincinnati and cherished what the city has to offer. When I was introduced to Impact 100; I felt my involvement was a great way to engage in my city, learn about the great non profits that we have in our city and to give back. 


What got you involved in Impact 100?      

I first learned about Impact 100 when my sister-in-law Kathleen was a speaker at an Annual Award Ceremony as a student of Starfire University. I was intrigued with the group but knew nothing more than what she told me about this great group that had awarded her school a grant. I knew how much this particular non profit had made a difference in her life. Another family friend had told me how her involvement in Impact 100 had broadened her horizons about non profits in Cincinnati and how impressed she was with the organization and group of women.  Finally, my husband was introduced to Impact 100 through a charity he supports and kept telling me how great the women and their cause was. After hearing about Impact 100 over and over from so many different people I felt like I was being called to serve and to check this great group out, so on a leap of faith I joined Impact 100 in Dec of 2011 to become a 2012 voting member. What a great decision that turned out to be! 


What keeps you a member?  

I can honestly say that I have received much more than I have given. The relationships I have developed, the people I have been able to help, and the personal growth I have felt  are why I continue to be a member. The IMPACT of the $2.5 Million plus of grants over the years that has been awarded lives on in our city. I want to be a part of that for the future; and thankful for the many members that have come before me.  By working with Impact 100; I have seen firsthand that together we can do more than individually.

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