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        The Power of Lightning
                                        B y Computer Perfect

           Newsletter - January 2020

Let's raise our cups to yet another great year together!
Ring out the Old, Ring in the New

In 2019, we made a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements to serve you better, from internal infrastructure changes to non-stop Lightning development.  Our investment remained consistent at approximately one-million dollars, as we continued to drive our vast platform forward without incurring any debt.

To highlight a  few:
  • The successful migration of our Server to New Jersey which vastly improved our network reliability;
  • The introduction of our Lightning E-Commerce platform;
After months of development,  we will be releasing our iOS delivery module in January 2020.  This module will allow you to assign drivers to your deliveries and track their progress.  

Simply put, 2019 was an amazing year and we truly appreciate your business.  

Q. How does a computer get drunk?
A. It takes screenshots.
PATIENT: Doctor, I need your help. I'm addicted to checking my Twitter!
DOCTOR: I'm so sorry, I don't follow.
Q. Why did the PowerPoint Presentation cross the road?
A. To get to the other slide.

Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
(914) 633-8959