Cordoba Academy Newsletter - January 2023
Highlights from 2022
Alhamdulillah we were able to host numerous events for our community throughout the year in 2022. This year, we have many exciting events and activities planned for our youth and young professionals. JazakAllah khair to all of our supporters and our amazing volunteers for allowing these events to happen!
Sisters, Join us For a Fun Game Night!
Virtual Weekly Youth Halaqa
Our very own Hafiz Adnan Khalid is conducting a weekly halaqa for the youth! The topic will be the lives of the great caliphs, also known as a the Khulafa-e-Rashideen. Please have your children join this beneficial gathering using the link below every Wednesday:

10 Muslim New Year Resolutions
By: The Muslim Vibe
1. Be more patient
2. Give more charity
3. Recite more dua
4. Focus on prayer
5. Educate yourself
6. Don’t be quick to get angry
7. Stop yourself from gossiping
8. Recite more Quran
9. Be more forgiving
10. Keep Allah at the center of your life

Click here to read the detailed article.

Upcoming Events
  • Jan. 20: Sisters Game Night
  • Jan. 28: Story Time: Mus’ab ibn Umair
Dates to Remember:
  • Jan. 16: Non-Instruction Day
  • Jan. 23: Rajab begins*

*Based on local moon sighting
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