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Newsletter - July, 2013

Aqua Dynamics Invests in OMAX MAXJET 5i Mini Jet Nozzle Technology.

We have seen a dramatic rise in the demand from customers to cut extremely detailed parts with high tolerances from various materials so the investment of Omax's MAXJET 5i MiniJet will come at just the right time. The MiniJet is designed for abrasive water jet cutting applications requiring a narrower cut width down from 0.8mm to 0.5mm providing a more precise cut. It is ideal for making parts with intricate shapes or where minimum possible taper is desired. The MiniJet is also well-suited to cutting thin, delicate & precious material. Click the link to find out more...

Water Sclupture
Privately Commissioned Water Feature.
Our goal is to help turn creative ideas into reality and for this project we were called upon by the contemporary artist & designer Lee James Simmons, who was commissioned to produce this stunning water feature for a private client. The 3.4 meter high sculpture was made from 10mm water jet cut polished stainless steel, cast bronze, slate & Portland Stone. If you are an artist or designer click the link and lets discuss how Aqua Dynamics could help turn your...

Geometric Floor Tiles
Geometric Floor Designs. 

Did you know that Aqua Dynamics can design and cut high quality bespoke Geometric floor patterns in almost any material? Porcelain, Marble and Stone as well as Bronze, Brass & Stainless Steel can be incorporated into increasingly intricate designs that can add that WOW factor to your kitchen, bathroom or landscaped garden. Click this link and send us your design via our website for a quotation.
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