July 2015
President's Message


Sharon Mitchell

I hope that everyone is enjoying a great summer - filled with relaxation, adventures, and fun with family and friends.


We are just about to begin the most exciting phase of the Impact 100 year.  Just as Cincinnati is getting ready to host the All-Star Game for Major League Baseball, Impact 100 is preparing to host our seven "All-Star" Finalists.


The Focus Area Committees have completed their work of selecting the Grant Finalists, and CIRC (Community Investment Review Committee) has completed its work of confirming the financial viability of the Finalist proposals.


On June 23rd, we were delighted to announce the seven Grant Recipient Finalists.


The seven Finalists are:


FREESTORE FOODBANK - proposing the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market project.

ACTIVITIES BEYOND THE CLASSROOM - proposing the Hughes High School Recreation Center project.

GREEN UMBRELLA - proposing the Taking Root in our Schools project.

THE POINT/ARC OF NORTHERN KENTUCKY - proposing the Social Communication Center project.

CLIFTON CULTURAL ARTS CENTER - proposing the Center Stage Renovation project.

MAY WE HELP - proposing the Workshop Equipment Purchase project.

SUPPORTS TO ENCOURAGE LOW INCOME FAMILIES (SELF) - proposing the Build-up Academy project.


This year, we will have the opportunity to select the Impact 100 Grant Recipients from these seven strong Finalists.  We are fortunate to live in a community that has such vibrant and creative non-profit agencies.  When the Grant Review process began, we had Letter of Intent proposals from over 100 local agencies.  These were carefully reviewed, and 35 agencies were invited to submit full Grant Proposals.  After serious deliberations including a number of site visits, the Focus Area Committees selected the seven Finalists.


We hope you can join us for the Annual Awards Celebration (AAC) on September 15th.  This event is the culmination of the Impact 100 year - the opportunity for you to hear from the Finalists, cast your vote, network with other Impact 100 members, enjoy a delicious dinner, and see which organizations receive our 2015 Grant Awards.  You won't want to miss this Awards Celebration - it is the first time we will award FOUR grants!!

This is also a wonderful opportunity to invite your friends and colleagues who are interested in learning more about Impact 100 and potentially becoming new members. 


Please remember to register for the Annual Awards Celebration, and invite your friends today!!!  Recall that our goal for 2016 is to award FIVE Grants - so we can "THRIVE  with FIVE".  We can only achieve this goal with your help!


Warm Regards,


Sharon Mitchell

President, Impact 100

Spread the Joy, Spread the Impact!

Refer a friend and one by one, WE can "Spread the Joy, Spread the Impact" in Greater Cincinnati.
For more information email recruiting@impact100.org!

Many of you have been loyal members of Impact 100 for a number of years. We thank you and welcome our newest members! We count on our devoted members to enable us to give grants. If you plan to continue to be a member, choosing to be a Sustaining Member makes an ongoing commitment to Impact 100. You automatically recommit each year - which means less mail, and uninterrupted status as an Impact 100 Member. We are looking to be able to GROW Impact 100 for 2016, and be able to award 5 grants of $100,000+ each. We need YOU to be able to make that happen!

To become a sustaining member notify Impact 100 at info@impact100.org or 513-554-3065. Of course, if your situation changes, you may cancel this at any time.

Young Philanthropists Pilot Program

Impact 100 is excited to announce that we plan to continue piloting a Young Philanthropist Scholarship Program begun through the generosity of donors. The program began as a means for encouraging younger members of our community to experience women's collective giving.  It specifically targets those individuals with an interest in philanthropy that would initially struggle to fund a new membership on their own but feel capable of doing so in 4 years.


Impact 100 will be accepting applications for a class of 4 individuals for 2016 membership from July 1  - July 31. The online application can be found at: http://www.impact100.org/young-philanthropist/

 Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates cannot be current or former members of Impact 100.
  2. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and under 40 years of age on December 31, 2015.
  3. Candidates should express an interest in philanthropy.
  4. Candidates must be willing to contribute monies toward their Half Membership. The contribution by each member should be a minimum of: Year 1: $125, Year 2: $250, Year 3: $375, Year 4: $500.
  5. Candidates should be willing to participate in a standing committee (i.e. Recruiting, Membership, Communications, Marketing) and are encouraged to join a Focus Area Committee and attend the award dinner on September 15 if possible.

You can help:


1. Do you know of a co-worker, relative or neighbor who would make a great candidate? Please pass this along and encourage them to apply or give us their info and we will contact them.


2. All monies generated from AmazonSmile and Kroger affinity programs are used to help fund the scholarships. Please continue to support these programs at no cost to you.


3. We welcome donations to the scholarship fund. To contribute please go to:



More details can be found online at: http://www.impact100.org/young-philanthropist/ or contact us at finance@impact100.org.

New Impact 100 Chapter

Welcome to our newest Impact 100 - Redwood Circle, CA, in Sonoma County!
Check them out here...

Focus on Philanthropy
Focus on Philanthropy - Giving circles' influence 

By Dr. Angela Eikenberry and Jessica Bearman, the Center of Philanthropy, University of Nebraska

Ever since giving circles - groups of individual donors who pool their money and other resources and decide together where these should be distributed - emerged as a philanthropic trend, we have speculated about their impact.

Do donors give more or give differently because they are involved in a giving circle? Do they become more engaged and active in their communities? Are they more politically active? Until now, the evidence of giving circles' impact on donors was mainly qualitative. This study examines, in a more comprehensive and quantitative manner, the impact of giving circles on their members' giving and civic engagement.

Members of giving circles give more, on average, than donors who are not in giving circles. Although this finding is tempered when income is taken into consideration, giving circle member self-reports and interviews suggest that giving circles cause members to increase their giving.

Different activities within the circle also influence giving. For example, donors involved in a circle's grant making decision process give the most overall. When donors are more engaged in a giving circle, are in a giving circle longer, or are in multiple giving circles, their giving is higher. Read more.

Member Spotlight

Mary Beth O'Gorman
Impact 100 Member

Who I am?

I am a lucky woman who has been happily married for almost 28 years now.  I am mom to two wonderful twenty-something guys.  I am a woman who just got into her dream career after working for over 25 years.  It's my goal
to make a difference. 

What got you involved in Impact 100?
Lisa Kaminski got me involved in Impact 100.  I have respected her since we worked together and know it's also her goal to make a difference.  When she brought me to an Impact 100 event and I got to experience first-hand what it's about, I saw the opportunity for both of us.

What keeps you a member?
Impact 100 makes a difference in a big way.  The organization thoroughly vettes applicants before recommending them.  And I help choose who gets the funding.  It's a win-win for all!

Kroger Community Rewards

Want an easy way to help Impact 100? Sign up with Kroger Community Rewards? today! Simply register your Kroger rewards Card online at www.kroger.com/communityrewards, search for number 87767 or Impact 100 and enroll... then, all you have to do is shop at Kroger, swipe your Plus Card and Impact 100 Cincinnati will automatically start earning a rebate. It is that easy! 

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