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The Power of Lightning
                                 B y Computer Perfect

      Newsletter - July 2018

Here are some of the new features and refinements we introduced in Lightning in June 2018  as part of our continuous improvement initiative.   As always, we want you to know how much we appreciate your business.

                                                        The Lightning Team

Payment on Account Reporting

For those customers that utilize Lightning 'House Accounts', we now offer full Payment on Account reporting.  From
the Sales Journal, Ring Sales and Customers Menu.

Other Enhancements
  • Enhanced Excel exporting through our Export/Import interface.  Including extensive Lightning Corporate Office sorting/filtering options. 
  • Inventory Levels sorting/filtering options.
  • The Mass Promotions option now includes a security option.
  • Sales Journal refinements.
Look out for an iPad & iPhone update in the week of July 9th.         
E-Commerce Coming in July

Our fully integrated POS / E-Commerce project continues to make extraordinary progress.  We will be offering it for free for the first six months and thereafter will charge a fee of $49 per month for Non-Wine & Spirits customers and $99 per month for Wine & Spirits retail establishments.  Plus our platform will then include your very own mobile app for Android & iOS platforms.   

A personnel search company interviews a candidate:
- So, Mr. Johnson, you say that you are a software engineer. Do you know Microsoft Office?
- If you give me the address, I will go there, Sir.

Fun fact about Google:
50% of people use Google as a search engine. The rest use it to check if their internet is connected.

Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
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