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Upcoming Dates in June
There is an Organizational Day coming up on  Friday, June 12th.  There will be no emails sent or meets conducted that day as staff will be using the time to evaluate, plan, meet and organize for the next stretch of the NH Interim Home Learning program.

Friday, June 26th  is the Last Day of Classes before Summer Break.
Grad 2020
We are excited to recognize and celebrate our 2020 grads!

On  June 25th  we will be broadcasting  New Heights Grad 2020  to you at home over the internet!

Here's how it will work:

Similar to the Talent Show, we will be creating a private listing on YouTube of Grad for everyone to see. The video will premiere in a live presentation on  June 25th at 1:30 .   We will send out a link once everything has been prepared, be sure to tune in!

Any questions? Feel free to send Ryan ( ) an email.

Hello from PAC!
To date our Skip the Depot fundraiser has raised approximately $730
Thanks to the families participating so far. 
We would like to invite more New Heights Families to please consider donating their bottles to this on-going fundraiser - thank you! 
Here’s how: 
• Download Skip the Depot app
• Set up account with your name, address and email
• You will be given the pick up day of the week for your area
 • Enter # of bags to be picked up and you will be given an ID #
• Choose New Heights PAC in the list of donors
•App dispatches crew to pick up bottles
Admissions OPEN!
Despite the building being closed, we are continuing to accept registrations for the 2020-2021 school year. Limited spaces are available in our school and preschool classrooms.
Please contact Alison Black, our Admissions Coordinator at for more information.
Tech Spot

If you are looking for some active screen time this summer, check out the two fun and free apps below.

GoNoodle - Kids Videos
With this fun app you will find hundreds of dance, fitness, and wellbeing activities.
More specifically, in this app you will find videos for dancing, sports, exercise, how-tos, yoga, stretching, deep breathing, and mindfulness
GoNoodle Games
This app comes with fast-paced mini games that require you to jump, wave, and hold a pose to earn points and dodge obstacles. Each mini game requires movement so it is a great way to get active.

Have fun moving!