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        The Power of Lightning
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        Newsletter - March 2020
We don't believe in letting the grass grow under our feet

There's never a dull day at Computer Perfect. We value our customers and appreciate their strong support. They are truly the wind beneath our wings. Inspiring us to continue to invest in moving our vast Lightning platform forward. 

Here is a glimpse of some of the exciting new initiatives that are powering us forward.
Strategic Tie-ups
We have recently strengthened our partnerships in the delivery area by entering into a tie-up with , a leading provider of delivery services.  For details on how you can sign up, visit  

The interface is similar to our current & feature set.

Lightning E-Commerce
Several retailers have now begun to reach out to us to explore our e-Commerce offering. Our free trail will expire on June 30, 2020. However, we will continue to offer thousands of images and extended descriptions of products at no additional cost to ensure a very fast e-com roll-out.
For details go to
New Features & Updates
We anticipate an update to this procedure in the coming weeks which will list the 'Bag Fee' after all taxes/deposits on the bottom right of the receipt. Then we will separate Bag Fee totals on the Sales Summary report to streamline reporting if required in your region.  
  • In late February 2020, we initiated the automatic roll-out of Emergency Management 3.5. 

  • Since early January, we have begun to offer loaner equipment on most items, for $4.00 per day, plus shipping. The billing will cease upon the safe arrival of the device back in our office. 
  • As part of a Verifone security update, all URLs within the Lightning platform were updated to ensure our customers remain compliant with their latest mandate.
  •  An iOS update posted to the Apps Store this week included assorted items including enhancements to our new delivery module. 

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99 little bugs,
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117 little bugs in the code.

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