March is National Women's History Month
This month we are happy to celebrate all the women in our lives. They are often our first protectors, our mightiest defenders, our healers, teachers, leaders, mentors, cheerleaders, partners, and most efficient problem-solvers.
Thank You to all of you women out there who inspire us every day. You are our heroes!!!
Graham McCarty
RG Creative Director
Celebrating 40 Years!!!
Happy Anniversary to RG Founders, Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier.

Together since March 3rd, 1983
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On February 6th, two intense earthquakes leveled cities in Türkiye and Syria, killing more than 40,000 people and leaving tens of thousands more injured and at least one million people displaced.
Chef José Andrés and World Central Kitchen are working with local partners to provide warm meals to families impacted by the crisis and rescue crews stretched thin due to the scale of the disaster.
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Greetings and Happy Spring!
March is one of my favorite months, the beginning of Spring.
Butch and I celebrated our 40 years together by heading to Key West. He needed a rest/recovery; and both of us desired relief from the cold weather. His sister, Sherry, came down from Oklahoma with her husband, Randy (50 years together). We had a great time sharing a large condo right on the Gulf side of Key West facing the marina. We were in the heated pool everyday. Butch practiced some recuperating exercises; he is still recovering from a herniated disc. We started a light weight training routine at the condo fitness center. While we were down in that area we went house hunting for a Winter getaway and we think we found one about 15 minutes north of Key West. We've determined that since we don't ski anymore, the winters have lost their allure. More later on the house hunt...
March is one of the two key months of the year that determines how our financial year will go. March determines our Spring and October determines our Fall. We are still in a recovery phase after the devastating covid years, having had a forced closing due to covid in March of 2020. It has been a difficult and scary three year time period; a time that tried and tested our resolve to continue in business, keep our staff employed and our clients engaged. We strove to reassure everyone by staying updated in our efforts to provide the best covid procedures and endeavored to help our staff stay focused and confident in Ripley-Grier Studios as a safe work environment. We are looking forward to ongoing recovery results and hope this year will bring us back on our successful growth path.
An event happed in Key West that I would like to share as a Feng Shui moment. While we were enjoying a morning on our balcony, a local workman began to trim the branches off of a beautiful coconut palm tree right next to our balcony. Then he began to saw the tree from the top into 2 foot sections that he dropped off onto a tarp below until he had dismantled the whole tree down to the ground level. Apparently the restaurant owner below (which was open air with just sails for a roof) was afraid of liability from coconuts falling on his patrons. All the observers felt sad as the tree was so beautiful. I was in shock and devastated because in the Feng Shui practices there are very particular methods and ceremonies practiced when a tree needs to be cut and killed. That tree was at least 40 to 50 years old, healthy, beautiful and thriving, a living entity.. My heart was so heavy. Sometimes living creatures are killed for certain reasons, especially for food, but it should never be casual or unfeeling. In following that philosophy, thanking creatures you eat for giving up their lives so that you can be nourished is a heartfelt practice. One could view plants and trees the same way.. I did a small ceremony for that tree a few days later as it's remaining trunk and roots still existed. It reminded me of how unpredictable and fleeting life can be and how valuable life is for all living beings, animals as well as plants; that life's struggles, successes and defeats should be revered.
All the best, Patricia
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Hi everyone! I'm almost halfway done with my final semester at Hofstra University as a graduate student. I have one more class to take, a capstone project to do, and then I'm done!
I just went to my last home basketball game as a student in the pep band. I can't believe I've been in the band for nearly 6 years. It's bittersweet to look back at all I've been through, the fun, the hard work, but especially missing all the people I've met in the band. All of the seniors and graduating students were honored at the last men's and women's games. Though all of our home games are over with, we still have the CAA championships to look forward to. I'm traveling with the pep band to Washington DC for the men's basketball tournament. Our team is heading into the CAA championships in first place, so we're hoping they'll make it all the way through! We left for DC on March 4th, and the first game is on the 5th. I'm so excited to be on this trip, this will be the fourth time I've gone to a CAA tournament. If we win the CAAs, we might be accompanying the basketball team to the NCAA championship! It would be a cool way to finish my final year at Hofstra.
My dog Johnny is celebrating his 9th birthday and has been with us since he was about 8 weeks old. Congratulations to my parents, Butch and Patricia, who celebrated their 40th anniversary on March 3rd (they celebrated in Key West).
Until next month,
Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the daughter of RG owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier.
RG Outreach Program
Ripley-Grier Studios is proud to give ongoing support to many wonderful charitable organizations. Since 2007, we have provided financial assistance to Broadway Cares, Make-A-Wish, Plan USA, Timothy Hill Ranch, The Actor's Fund, Wounded Warrior, Smile Train, North Shore Animal League, World Central Kitchen & Braking AIDS.
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We are proud to celebrate and support our beloved & multi-talented staff here at RG.
Congratulations to RG Employee of the Season,
Eric Waters!!!
Happy Birthdays to our Beloved RG Staff.
Andre Zanin (3/3)
Ethan Grier (3/10)
Butch Grier (3/18)
Jaye Maynard (3/20)
Tatiana Marnett (3/28)
Celebrate March
National Women's History Month
American Red Cross Month
Employee Spirit Month
Gender Equality Month
Irish-American Heritage Month
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness
National Color Therapy Month
National Crafting Month
National Ethics Awareness Month
National Music in Schools Month
National Nutrition Month
National Optimism Month
Youth Art Month
World Music Therapy Day (3/1)
Employee Appreciation Day (3/3)
Heroes & Benefactors Day (3/6)
International Women's Day (3/8)
Daylight Savings Day (3/12)
Working Mom's Day (3/12)
Ides of March (3/15)
Essential Workers Day (3/15)
National Vaccination Day (3/16)
St. Patrick's Day (3/17)
Red Nose Day (3/19)
Spring Equinox (3/20)
World Storytelling Day (3/20)
World Puppetry Day (3/21)
Ramadan Begins (3/23)
World Theatre Day (3/27)
Mom & Pop Business Day (3/29)
World Piano Day (3/29)
Dance Marathon Day (3/31)
Transgender Day of Visibility (3/31)
Masks & Social Distancing are recommended in our public spaces. We will continue our efforts to insure that our studios and hallways are fresh, clean and ventilated for your safety.

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