Ignite your company's future with a fully connected and engaged workforce.

If your organization could increase its productivity and profitability by leveraging your current workforce, what opportunities would it spark? An engaged workforce delivers 21% more productivity and 22% more profitability*. As leaders in this landscape, we must take steps to ensure we are able to retain our talent and create the conditions for them to thrive. This edition of the FCCS newsletter focuses on doing just that - connecting with and engaging our employees.

*UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

The World of Employee Recruitment, Selection and Succession Today

It’s no secret that the U.S. talent market is in a high-demand, low-supply phase, leaving businesses across sectors scrambling to fill job vacancies so they can continue serving their customers. Attracting the right people through the door starts with having a compelling story that resonates with the broadest group of potential candidates.

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Connecting Engagement to the Cooperative Principles

Thoughtful communication of the cooperative principles will help Farm Credit and cooperatives retain and attract talent. Use them in job postings, during recruiting and interviewing, and in your employee communications.

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FCCS Support on the

Path to the C-Suite

It’s a fortunate professional who reaches their ultimate career goal. For FCS Financial CEO Rob Guinn, the achievement was supported by two FCCS programs: his own long-time participation in the Executive Leadership Incubator and a structured CEO selection process undertaken by FCS Financial’s board of directors.

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Employees are looking for more fulfillment in every aspect of their lives - especially their jobs. Research shows that personal fulfillment is the single largest contributor to a positive employee experience. A PwC survey found that 83% of workers said "finding meaning in day-to-day work" was their top priority.


FCCS Announces 2022 Accelerator of the Year

FCCS is pleased to announce Compeer Financial’s Kelly Miller as the 2022 FCCS Accelerator of the Year, an award that recognizes a leader who has made significant contributions to advancing their organization, accelerating change and fostering growth.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself

As a Leader

Personal and professional growth can be challenging within the whirlwind many leaders experience as they turn from strategy session to problem resolution to team mediation to document review and presentation preparation. Consultants in the FCCS Consulting Network suggest questions for today’s leaders to reflect on as they explore how they can best serve their organizations.



New Strategy Toward Insurance Independence

In the late 1980s, Farm Credit organizations faced an insurance crisis. Due to the instability in the ag economy, the commercial insurance market was no longer willing to insure our institutions. Farm Credit’s solution was to create its own insurance provider, the Farm Credit Captive Insurance Company, funded by and serving every Farm Credit organization.

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