Thank you for being a customer or partner of Parallel Technologies. I want to ensure our customers and partners that we are working hard to stay ahead of coronavirus (COVID-19) issues. As you know the world has changed and the flow of information is very dynamic at this point. Parallel Technologies is working hard to anticipate issues, focus on prevention, and implementing a plan to minimize disruptions.
It is our intention to regularly communicate with employees and customers. To that end, I'd like to share our preparedness plan  .
We have implemented the following initiatives:

Promoting CDC guidelines on workplace best practices
  1. Promoting the frequent washing of hands, available hand sanitizer, 6-foot social distance, and cleaning of commons work spaces.
  2. Emphasize staying home when sick, respiratory etiquette, and hand hygiene by all employees.
  3. Encouraging working from home as appropriate. Parallel Technologies has all the necessary communication systems and tools in place to make this a seamless process.
  4. Limit air travel for only critical client engagements and avoiding large group meetings or event.
Assessment of impact for business operations due to school closings, illness and self-isolation


  1. Working parents are finding childcare solutions and right now the impact to business operations is minimal. We will continue to monitor and try to help find creative solutions when necessary.
  2. Plan to maintain business operations due to potential increased absences due to illness or self-isolation. If we expect project delays, we will be advising our clients directly and working with them to minimize delays.

Managing potential supply chain delays

  1. We have been actively working with manufacturers and distributors to discover any product delays. We are tracking and proactively managing product delays. At this point the disruptions have been minimal.
  2. When disruptions occur, we are advising clients of the longer lead times to avoid project delays.


  1. If you have project questions or concerns, please contact your Parallel Technologies' project manager. If there are work restrictions, please let us know.
  2. If you need additional service and support during this time, please contact our service department at
Thank you for your business and trust in working with Parallel Technologies. During these unprecedented times, we will be working hard for you to minimize disruptions.
Thank you,
Dale Klein

Missed the Webinar on Vaping Solutions for Educators? For a complete recording of the event and to learn more about how to leverage your existing building technology to curb vaping in your schools, check out our blog.

Human Resource Administrator Jessica Sifferle hasn't been at Parallel Technologies for very long, but she is certainly living out our Core Values (e.g. curiosity for better solutions, collaborative teamwork, exceeding expectations) to the fullest. As our world continues to change regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted our field technician team to have the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) while on site. However, the demand for these items is making them hard to get ahold of, particularly masks. Jessica stepped up to the task and wanted to help.  Read more on the blog.


In February, a small contingent of Parallel team members attended the 2020 BICSI Winter Conference in Tampa. Promoted as the industry's "premier information and communications technology and infrastructure event," the Parallel team participated in discussions with vendors and end users about the latest in 5G, IoT, DAS, PoE and much more.

According to Project Manager Kristopher Kray, "IP based building automations systems are driving new levels of collaboration between facilities and IT.  Fiber architecture is going to be the new "norm" for cutting edge automation systems".

Jay Stark, Shawn Herzog, Vrushank Patel, and Bart Choat attended the Siemens conference in February and were excited to accept the Best Overall Performance award for the great plains region in 2019!
Nebraska Operations Manager Tim Wisnieski says he is excited to break into the new line of controllers they discovered at the conference specializing in plant equipment. Wisnieski says "they will improve the ease of programming and customization of Siemens plant controllers.  They also announced several new DXR controllers to add to the already powerful DXR line."
As business continues to grow in our Nebraska office, we will see if Parallel can keep the winning streak alive for next year.

As we navigate our new reality, staying connected to others is more important now than ever. Eventually, places of work will be busy with employees again and outdoor cell towers have trouble penetrating building walls and windows.

Parallel Technologies prides itself on being able to solve your cellular problems. Dropped calls? Bad signal? Our DAS team is ready to help. Let us provide a free assessment to help you pin-point your system's weaknesses and provide insight to fix your cellular issues once and for all. Contact us to schedule.

Parallel's Project Management Office continues to grow! We welcome Jack Lindquist, our new Project Coordinator.  Learn more about Jack on the blog.

The Project Management office is always up for a new and exciting challenge, but little did they know what PMO Manager Katie Bensen have up her sleeve for their Quarter 1 outting... indoor skydiving!

In early March, before the pandemic kept us home, the team met at iFly in Minnetonka, suited up, attended a short training session and got to work.
The system works with an indoor wind tunnel and a computer that controls the distance someone floats upwards by increasing or decreasing the amount of wind.
This was the first time for all members of the PMO team and they had a great time! For one member in particular it was especially unique. Jessica Nelson just started at Parallel two days prior. "I had a blast at the skydiving event!  Being that it was my first week at Parallel, It was a great way to break the ice and begin to get to know my new team."

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