May, 2014
President's Message


Sharon Mitchell

As the calendar turns to May - our thoughts naturally turn to Mothers.  Everywhere we go, we see references to Mothers. Mothers Day Cards are on the racks, the Cincinnati Zoo is advertising "Zoo Babies - and their Mothers", and all the stores are reminding us to remember our Mothers.  Impact 100 is also turning our thoughts to Mothers, Daughters, and a multi-generational philanthropy experience.  On Saturday, May 10th Impact 100 is sponsoring an event at Cincinnati Museum Center that will include Tea and an opportunity to tour the Princess Diana Exhibit.   Since Princess Diana was heavily involved in Philanthropy, the Museum Center has included a "Call to Action Gallery" as part of the exhibit, and Impact 100 is featured in that gallery.  Invite a relative (mom, daughter, daughter-in-law, aunt, niece) or friend, and join us for tea and an opportunity to enjoy other Impact 100 members. If you don't have a Mother or Daughter in the area - think about "adopting" one as a great way to enjoy a multi-generational experience.


April was an amazing month.  We made progress in studying the grant applications submitted by the many wonderful non-profit organizations in our community, and we began the process of identifying site visit candidates.  We started the year with over 100 Letters of Intent, and had 37 non-profit agencies submit a full grant application.  The next step is for each of our five Grant Review Committees to "narrow the playing field" and select several agencies for a site visit.  Following the site visits, each Grant Review Committee will select one Finalist - and you will have an opportunity to meet the Finalists on June 24th. Stay Tuned!


April also brought some exciting news for a 2012 Impact 100 Grant Recipient.  The CancerFree KIDS/Impact 100 Family Pet Center won a national design award!  Not only does the entire team that worked on this design deserve this award, but it also means that the project will receive MUCH more recognition nationally!  The Center has already received multiple inquiries from hospitals interested in constructing a Pet Visiting Center.  It is believed that this design award will inspire other hospitals to build centers so more children everywhere can have the benefit of visits from their own pets. 


Impact 100 remains committed to giving as many grants as we can - so please help us recruit the 2015 membership class. Tell a friend about Impact 100 and bring a friend to an Impact 100 event.  It's truly amazing - when women attend an event and have an opportunity to hear about the transformational grants that Impact 100 has given - many of them join!  Recruiting for 2015 has begun - and we already have several new members!!!


Have a wonderful May and enjoy spring!


Warm Regards,

Sharon Mitchell

President, Impact 100  

Princess Diana Inspired Tea & Philanthropy Sharing
Register NOW to join us for our Princess Diana Inspired Tea and Philanthropy Sharing, on Saturday May 10th at 9am at Cincinnati Museum Center (Cincinnati Dining Room - First Floor). 
Share the power of women's philanthropy with the young women in your life. Princess Diana said, "I'd rather be known as a workhorse, not a clotheshorse." Follow her inspiration and extend your commitment to Greater Cincinnati philanthropy. 

Join us, with or without a guest, for tea & scones as we help the next generation explore the connections and support Impact 100 has with the local not-for-profit scene. Demonstrate to the young women in your life the IMPACT they can make in our community. 

After tea tour the Diana exhibit! 

Begin your tour with Diana's remarkable wardrobe, including her wedding gown. Proceed to the gallery detailing her strong commitment to philanthropy. Then, view a gallery of Cincinnati women philanthropists who transformed our community. Complete your tour in the Call to Action gallery where Impact 100 is featured as a women's philanthropy making a difference in Greater Cincinnati today. 
Saturday, May 10, 2014 
9:00 AM 
Cincinnati Museum Center
Cincinnati Dining Room (First Floor)
1301 Western Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45203

$20.00 per ticket 
Price includes entrance to the Diana exhibit
(parking is not included) 

    RSVP by May 7th!

The Impact of IMPACT 100

We have wonderful news to share! The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Family Pet Center has been awarded a National AIA Design Award by the American Institute of Architects!!  Award recognition will be displayed at the AIA National Convention and Expo in Chicago in late June and be part of a travelling exhibit over the coming year. CancerFree Kids was the driver for this project, as one of our Impact 100 2012 Grant Award Recipients - with a grant of $107,500.


One of CancerFree Kids goals was to share all information about the Center - its design, construction and best practices - to inspire other hospitals to incorporate a pet center into their programs, so that more children everywhere can have the benefit of visits from their own loving pets! 


Our Impact 100 members have made this dream a reality! 

Building Value - Win, Win!
We are doing some renovations on our lake house this spring and my quote for demolition of our deck came in higher than I had expected.  Then I remembered that Building Value can do the type of deconstruction work that I needed!  I contacted Chris Miday at Building Value and explained the scope of work - deck and railing removal - and that the decking and railing material were not in bad shape, we were just moving to another type of material.  Chris came out and evaluated whether or not this was a job and the type of materials that BV could handle and could re-use the materials.  Sure enough, he said this was a perfect job - they could deconstruct the deck, and reuse all the decking and railing materials to resell within their store or use within the workshops.  In just two days Chris and his team deconstructed the large deck, saved all the reusable decking and railing systems, and took away all the other wood pieces that were not reusable. 
What's in it for me? A tax deduction as a donation, cost savings, comfort knowing that the BV teams work was safe, quick and affordable, and the peace of mind knowing that the good materials could be re-sold or re-used vs ending up in a landfill.  Had it not been for Impact 100 awarding Building Value a grant in 2013, I might not have known about this great service.  I recommend it to everyone!  


Jenny Berg
Impact 100 Member

Sustaining Membership

Many of you have been loyal members of Impact 100 for a number of years. We thank you and welcome our newest members! We count on our devoted members to enable us to give grants. If you plan to continue to be a member, choosing to be a Sustaining Member makes an ongoing commitment to Impact 100. You automatically recommit each year - which means less mail, and uninterrupted status as an Impact 100 Member.  To become a sustaining member notify Impact 100 at info@impact100.org or 513-554-3065. Of course, if your situation changes, you may cancel this at any time. 

Member Spotlight

Roberta Fiore-Kittell

Impact 100 Member  

Who I am?

I am an executive coach who is a partner in a boutique consulting firm, OptimaHR and a master coach for Lee Hecht Harrison, a global talent development organization. Over the past fourteen years I've successfully coached several hundred CEO's, executives, high potentials, emerging leaders and leadership teams in Fortune 500 as well as mid-sized organizations. Personally, I am soon to be an empty nester with my only child, Matt, graduating from high school this June. 

What got you involved in Impact 100?

I keep a file on places I want to visit, organizations I think are neat and other items of interest. Many years ago I clipped out an article from the Cincinnati Enquirer on Impact when it first started. So when Lisa Kaminski asked if I wanted to come to a meeting, I immediately said yes and have been a member ever since.


What keeps you a member?   

Impact 100 has focus and a powerful purpose. Every year when I write my $1,000 membership check, I actually smile thinking of the big impact I'm making with like-minded women. Through Impact 100 I learn about the city of Cincinnati, the many worthy organizations there are and meet neat women. Most important, I like making smart investments in our community.

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Get involved! We have an upcoming Volunteer opportunity - July 8th from 9am-noon  at Crayons to Computers (one of our 2013 Grant Award recipients)  - Watch for more details soon!

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September 16 Annual Awards Celebration
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