Rocky Bay Equine Newsletter, December 2015
Peace, Joy, Hope, Compassion, Wonder, Love....

We wish you all this and more as we wrap up another incredible, eventful year.  Thank you for making us part of your animal health care team from all of us at Rocky Bay Equine Veterinary Services!  Please join us in a giving circle this December, as we help out those less fortunate.  Donate items to us for delivery to our local food bank and we'll give you $10 off your farm call this month, it's a win for everyone!  See December offers below.

We'd also like to share GOOD NEWS and tidings of great joy !  Join us in welcoming Ms Elena Cheyenne McRae as the newest member of the RBE family!  Proud parents Dr. Crystal and Brandon McRae brought little Elena (6lb10oz, 19") into the world on November 25th, 10:43 AM.  We are thrilled to share the blessing of this new life in our midst.  Congratulations McRae family!
We've got a Winner!
In honor of last month's parasite parade and poop promotion we are thrilled to award our first official "Attaboy/girl Prize" a year's supply of dewormer for one horse.   After wading through the poop reports we found 61 souls contributed to the fecal fantastic winter spectacular and the contest has been consummated... 
the winner is, Gwen Marshall and her herd of parasite free ponies!  Congratulations Gwen!  We'll figure out how to get this reward for good behavior to you soon!
December is for Dentistry

We've declared December THE month for dentistry.  Take advantage of our special price on basic dental exam & float for the entire month.  See offers below.

Meet our dental poster boy, a teenage Canadian TB with a promising career as an event horse.... but with some dental obstacles that got in his way.  Despite the old adage, it IS important to look a gift (or any other) horse in the mouth!  Horses that are tossing their head, grabbing or evading the bit, panicking over fences or otherwise afraid of their face may be trying to tell you to check their mouth!  In this case, you can tell by the look on Dr. Bo's face that it only took a glance to recognize a problem here.  Sleuthing out the cause and effects of this dramatic overbite required a more extensive oral exam using a speculum and some radiographic imaging.  Thorough examination revealed an old maxillary fracture that had healed with extensive rearranging of the upper incisor teeth. Figuring out how to help him cope better with the abnormalities we found is called applying the art of veterinary practice!  Our OTTB  had adapted well enough to maintain weight, but he could not graze effectively and the discomfort in his mouth translated into training problems.  It's a good news story though as this horse has not only responded very well to judicious dentistry, but now he can take a carrot from your hand and be ridden in a much kinder bit.  He's taking his occupational obstacles in style now and looking forward to a spectacular eventing season next year!

Most horses are much simpler to manage of course, but it's clear that routine dentistry is a big part of extending both the quality and quantity of life for horses in general.  For the equine athlete good dental protocol is essential to maximizing their potential, whatever discipline they perform.
dental appointment today!

December is for dentistry and for giving in circles!
Routine* dental exam & float, including sedation is only $185 during the month of December.       *Additional or out of the ordinary treatments not included. 

Give us 2 items (canned goods), we'll give them to the Food Bank,
then we'll give you $10 off your farm call this month.  (December only) 

Offers Expire with the old year (2015), so call for an appointment today.
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