Newsletter - November, 2013

3D Programming & Water Jet Cutting Corrugated Carbon Fibre.
Last month we were set the complicated task of cutting 4mm Corrugated Carbon Fibre. Although we are regularly required to cut all sorts of Carbon Fibre parts for Composite company's we don't often see Carbon Fibre laid up in this way which presented it's self as an interesting new challenge!
In order to accurately cut the Corrugated Carbon to the high tolerance required it was firstly necessary to design a detailed 3D program with our CAD software that could be translated by the machine driving the Water Jet over the contours of the material in the X, Y & Z axis as it cut. 
Click on the video link below which helps clearly display how 3 dimensional parts can be programmed and cut with the Water Jet here at Aqua Dynamics.

Aqua Dynamics - 3D Programing & Water Jet Cutting Corrugated Carbon Fibre
Aqua Dynamics - 3D Programing & Water Jet Cutting Corrugated Carbon Fibre

Designer 'Lee Simmons' Utilizes Water Jet Cutting Technology in Stunning Design... 
Lee Simmons is a graduate from the prestigious Royal College of Art who has won numerous awards and undertaken many high-profile commissions as well as being represented in several prestigious collections. 
Lee employs numerous skills and technologies to convey all his bold and innovative ideas. To realize them, he adopts a healthy marriage of simultaneously using traditional skills alongside digital techniques. Lee now works in conjunction with many highly skilled craftspeople and engineers like Aqua Dynamics to help realize and execute projects. 
Below are two example's of Lee's work where our Water Jet was utilized. His initial design for this beautifully designed cup holder called 'Reflection Cup' was cut from 1.2mm Solid Silver before being constructed from a series of self-jigging joints, which are mechanically pinned together. 
This design was then re-commissioned by another of Lee's clients on a much larger scale to produce this incredible Water Fountain called '12 Fins' where again the Water Jet was used to cut the 10mm polished Stainless Steel structure and surrounding York Stone. Click on the images below for more information or visit our website...


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