Newsletter - November , 2015

SCHD Ltd employs Water Jet Cutting Technology... 
SCHD Ltd have enlisted our services on various exciting projects since we began working together back in 2013 and this particular project was of no exception!  

SCHD Ltd offer a full & partial architectural service specialising in works to Listed Buildings be it sensitive internal alterations and contemporary or traditional extensions. 

Below are some brass grills designed by SCHD Ltd and Water Jet cut by Aqua Dynamics Ltd for The Art Workers Guild in Bloomsbury, London. 

Our market leading Omax 55100 Water Jet which incorporates a TILT-A-JET mechanism allowed us to cut these beautifully detailed floor grills perfectly square and flat without distorting the material due to the Water Jets unique 'cold' cutting process. There is quite simply no other tool for the job! 

Why not get in touch to discuss what Aqua Dynamics Ltd could offer you or your business?

The possibilities are endless...

30mm Brass Grills 30mm Brass Grills
30mm Brass Grills

Residential or Corporate Signage...  

Aqua Dynamics Ltd are often asked to cut all sorts of materials for residential & corporate signage and you'll only need to take a quick look at our Galley on our website to see the wide variety of materials we have cut for this purpose in the past. Glass, Marble, Metals, Foam, Rubber & Plastics can all be cut to very high tolerances using the Abrasive Water Jet cutting process.

From inception to completion we can help every step of the way in producing high quality signage in any material you can think of!

20mm Silestone 20mm Silestone 20mm Silestone 
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