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           Newsletter - November 2019

Are you managing your Inventory effectively?

Are you carrying excess inventory and unnecessarily incurring heavy carrying costs? Or worse still, are you carrying too little inventory and finding yourself out of stock and having to turn away customers?

Effective Inventory Management

The goal is to optimize your inventory and no one understands this better than Lightning.  Built for your retail environmentLightning Online Point of Sale allows you to track inventory across multiple locations and set low stock alerts or date reminders. 

Lightning's robust inventory control and reporting helps you analyze products, down to the sizes, to spot most profitable, best margins, top sellers, worse sellers.....There is time to act, when the data is presented clearly.  

Lightning is very easily configurable to scale with the company and can be mixed and matched. Auto reorder also accommodates case and unit ordering, and multiplier buttons further simplify the process, based on previous sales trends if needed.  

The data is there, so let Lightning assist you.

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