Thursday, November 10th, 2022

St. Joseph School Families,

Safety of our children is a primary responsibility of our school staff. With that in mind, we regularly have fire drills, prepare for weather events and discuss procedures in the event of any intrusion of the building. On Thursday, November 17, we will be holding an intruder drill. We will conduct this drill in a manner that recognizes the sensitivity of all of our school community. Classrooms will work to ensure that students are not frightened with this drill. Mrs. Lengell will also be on hand in the event that any student is uncomfortable with this drill.

At 1:00 an announcement will be made, "We will now practice our safety drill." Teachers will lock their doors and ensure that students are out of view from the hallway. I will circulate the building and look through the doorways. An announcement will then be made, "Our safety drill has now ended." Staff will debrief the drill at a staff meeting.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Chris Multhauf, Principal

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If you are purchasing for Christmas gift giving

and do not want your children to bring home your order, please notify Mrs. Taubner

Just a reminder that mandatory Parent-Teacher Conferences

for K4-8th grade students will be held on:

Monday, November 21st & Tuesday, November 22nd.

Please direct any questions to your child's teacher.

Lunch Duty Volunteers

Monday, Nov. 14th - Nicole Zilles

Tuesday, Nov. 15th - Rebecca Atkins

Wednesday, Nov. 16th - Michael Archibald

Thursday, Nov. 17th - Patrick Malmberg

Friday, Nov 18th - Patrick Malmberg

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CRAFT DAY Paint & Prep Night!

November 7th - 20 parents needed.

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Merry Christmas! Well Merry Cookie House! Below are some dates we need LOTS of extra hands to help with cookies, decorating and volunteering so sign up and mark your calendars.

 Remember for every 2 hours you volunteer you get an out of uniform pass! 

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Athletics is having a required parents meeting for the upcoming basketball season in the School Hall on Tuesday, November 15th @ 8:00pm for the parents of all 5th-8th grade students. The upcoming season and expectations will de discussed. Coaches for all teams will be present to discuss team goals and answer any questions parents may have.

Please direct questions or concerns to Amy Ford:


Congratulations to Ms. Devlin for leading the DSHA Girls Varsity Volleyball team to a victory at the state tournament in Division I volleyball! Great job!

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