New Beginnings Are a Gift From God

November 12th, 2020

All Extended Care Payments are due
November 18th.

Hot Lunch Orders (for December) are due tomorrow, Friday, November 13th.
Hot Lunch Program

I am happy to say that Samantha Hertz has offered to coordinate the hot lunch program. This transition has been happening with the help of my lunch room helpers and Mrs. Navarro. As always, God watches over the community of St. Joseph.

I know you are always wondering about Mrs. Navarro. She has had a number of different tests done, and so far they have all come out normal. She is feeling better but still not 100%. She plans to consult with another doctor to hopefully find some answers. Please continue to keep her and the family in your prayers.
Lunch Duty Volunteers
Friday, Nov. 13th - No Lunch (half day)
Monday, Nov. 16th - Miguel Mendoza
Tuesday, Nov. 17th - El Sangalang
Wednesday, Nov. 18th - Alexandra Hersey
Thursday, Nov. 19th - Clarice Hochhaus
Friday, Nov. 20th - Ed Dankert
Enjoy the beautiful artwork on display in the halls of
St. Joe's!
St. Joseph Christmas Program

The Christmas program is going to look a little different this year just as many other things in our lives. Mrs. Bezak, the teachers, and I felt it was really important to have some kind of program.

We will be taping the performance of all the K4 through 8th grade students. This will include the Christmas play performed by our fifth graders. We will be sending a link to all of the families so you will be able to view the entire program from home on
Wednesday, December 18th.

We want our families to know that throughout the practice times we will be using social distancing, and masks will be worn by all students. 

The children will be performing only with their class. 
I would like to thank Keith Klug, a former parent, who has helped in the past taping our middle school play and the Kindergarten Circus for agreeing to tape this program.  
Orders for the November 19th Pasta Drive Thru
are now being accepted through November 16th.

Each family that donates one or more items to the
Ronald McDonald House "Stuff the Stocking" earns a Casual Day for their children on Monday, November 16th!
There is still time to help us reach our goal!