November, 2013
President's Message


Sharon Mitchell

Thanksgiving - and "Each One Bring One"


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday season, I am reminded of the many aspects of Impact 100 for which we are thankful. 


First - our wonderful Impact 100 members.  We are fortunate to have ~ 300 women who are committed to improving and transforming our community.  Our members give generously of their financial resources to help make the Greater Cincinnati area a better place to live, work and play.  Many of our members additionally share their valuable time and talents serving on Grant Review Committees, Operational Committees and on the Board.  Impact 100 is an amazing organization of passionate, committed, hard-working women!!


We are also thankful for the many strong non-profit agencies that serve our community. Not only are they working every day to provide services and inspiration to people in Greater Cincinnati, but they also continue to generate strong new projects and programs to do even more.  We are fortunate to have these agencies as our partners - bringing Impact 100 members programs that inspire us and are candidates for funding.


It is currently the time of year where one cycle of giving is ending, and another cycle is beginning.  Impact 100 members are heavily involved in the work of recruiting members for 2014 - so the strong tradition of giving transformational grants to the community can continue.  Many current members have already renewed their memberships for next year, and a number of new members have joined our ranks.  In fact, memberships amounting to $200,000 have been committed.  For the first time in Impact 100's history - we have a very good chance of funding a third grant.  In order to make this happen, we need your help!


We need our members to share their passion for Impact 100 and invite a friend to join.  In order to help you recruit a friend, a special event has been scheduled:

Let the Impact 100 Magic Continue


At this event, the 2013 Grant Recipients, Crayons to Computers and Building Value, will be presented with their awards (first checks).  Additionally, several former Grant Recipients will attend and provide an update regarding the impact they have had on the community as a result of their Impact 100 grant.


We hope that if you are considering membership - you will join us for this event.  If you are already a member, please bring a friend who is a prospective member.

Remember - Passion is contagious!  Please register on our Web-Site and join us on Giving

Tuesday, December 3rd at 6:00 at the United Way Building (2400 Reading Road).


If "Each One Brings One" - we'll definitely be giving out more than two grants next year!


I look forward to seeing you on Giving Tuesday - and at future Impact 100 events.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



Warm Regards,

Sharon Mitchell

President, Impact 100

 Making a Difference

Saturday, October 5th a small but strong group of Impact 100 members, future members and spouses volunteered at the Freestore Foodbank Warehouse on Tennessee Avenue.


The event was an opportunity to connect with one of the 2008 Impact 100 grant recipients.  The Freestore Foodbank used the transformational grant to expand the Power Pak program to more schools and therefore more students.  The Power Pak program provides food to students over the weekend to ensure they have something to eat.  A typical Power Pak contains: canned fruit, 2% milk, cereal, red beans and rice and applesauce.


On Saturday, the more immediate need was 15 pallets of donations that needed to be unloaded and prepared for distribution.  As a group, we reviewed packaging, expiration dates, sorted by type of product, and packed boxes for distribution to Freestore Foodbank's partners.


In just over 2 hours, our group made it through 10 pallets and prepared the items for distribution!  Many thanks to those members, family and friends who volunteered - Jenny Budde (husband Frank), Shari Dagenback, Annemarie Henkel, Lisa Kaminski, Mary Massa (husband Doug) and Angie Otis (husband Greg).

The IMPACT of Impact 100


2009 Beneficiary - Lighthouse Youth Services

The impact of Impact 100 was immediately felt when the Lighthouse Street Outreach program received its grant in 2009.  The Street Outreach program, serving young adults experiencing homelessness, was operating in a facility, which had a staffing level grossly inadequate to meet the growing numbers and needs of these vulnerable youth.  The agency had developed plans for immediate program expansion and had embarked on a planning process for the future, but lacked the funding to move forward. 


Within days of being awarded an Impact 100 grant, the program was able to expand the numbers of days and hours the "Resource Center," a day time drop-in facility, could remain open, giving these homeless youth a safe place to receive nursing care, use a computer, take a shower, do laundry and get a hot meal -the only meal of the day for many.  Case managers were available on a full time basis to assist participants with developing and working a plan geared toward living a safer and more stable life.  Every day, 25 or more young people would come in the doors for services. 


In October of 2011, Lighthouse was able to move the program to a new facility at 2522 Highland Avenue, now named the Lighthouse Sheakley Center for Youth.  This modern and much larger facility offers additional staffing and resources to meet the needs of participants and has included a 28 bed shelter, which officially opened in January of 2012, thus creating a true continuum of care for hundreds of young adults each year.  A fully staffed street outreach team now spends 15-20 hours per week on the streets looking for and engaging youth without a place to call home.  In 2012, over 500 young adults visited the Resource Center and over 250 found shelter-all due to a dedicated group of women who believed in the mission of Lighthouse Youth Services and provided assistance and inspiration to support and grow a vital community resource.  

 I'm IN for 2014!

Drumroll please! Because of you, we are closer than we've ever been at this time to achieving our one more grant goal! As of October 31, we have $219,500 committed to fund OVER TWO GRANTS IN 2014! Now is the time for each of us to reach out to one person and invite them to learn more about Impact 100 and the transformational effect we collectively have on our community!

Invite them to come with you to Giving Tuesday on Tuesday, December 3 from 6:00 - 7:30 PM at the United Way building to hear from past recipients about the impact of the Impact 100 grant.  The 2013 grant recipients will be presented with checks (real ones that fit through the teller window at the bank).

Additionally, you can help spread the word by wearing your Impact 100 shirt outside your home once a week, commenting/liking/sharing our status on social media or sharing this newsletter with friends, family and coworkers.

If each of us does one thing each week to spread the word of Impact 100, we'll achieve our goal of ONE MORE GRANT!

PS - want to help recruit during 2013 and 2014? email us at recruiting@impact100.org 

Member Spotlight

Denise Bartick

Impact 100 Member 
Who I am. 
I am Denise Bartick, "the best Mom in the world" to my 18 year old son, a senior at Walnut Hills High School. I'm also the CEO and Entrepreneur of 3 companies: 
  • MAX Technical Training, providing educational services worldwide for IT professionals, Developers, IT management and desktop workers.
  • MAE Consulting, providing data base development and management.
  • TrueNorth, providing career services and Finding your Strengths Seminars.
I am passionate about educating the unemployed and underemployed to get jobs in IT! Especially Software Developers.


What got you involved in Impact 100?   

Lisa Kaminski invited me to the 2012 Annual Awards Celebration and I joined immediately!


What keeps you a member?  

Easy - This is an amazing organization; I learn about amazing organizations and what they are doing in Cincinnati and I get to aggregate my money with others to really make an impact.

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