Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

We are so thankful for those who nurture and support artists; teachers, partners, family, friends, organizations, advocacy groups, and all who recognize the importance of the Arts.

We are committed to doing our part too, as we continue to provide comfortable & inspirational spaces, and discover new exciting ways to foster creativity in our community.

See you at the studios. 

Graham McCarty - RG Creative Director

***Grand Opening***

RG Artists' Oasis

Located on the 10th Floor @ RG 520 8th Avenue

An exclusive collection of spaces and amenities for focused creative work ~ including a professional Voice-Over / Podcast Suite, On-Camera / Self-Tape Studio, Conference Room, and "quiet" spaces for private lessons, play readings, meetings, seminars, yoga classes and more.

On-Camera / Self-Tape Studio

Everything you need for professional Self-Tape Auditions and basic video shoots.

2 Adjustable Fill Lights, Ring Light w/ Phone Mount, Adjustable Front Lights w/ Phone Mount, Backdrops (White, Black, Blue & Green), Yamaha Upright Piano, Acoustical Curtain & Audio Clouds

Voice-Over / Podcast Suite

Perfect for Voice-Overs, Podcasts, Classes, Audio Editing ~ Includes a Soundproof Acoustic Isolation Booth and spacious Control Room / Lounge. 

AT2020 Mics (2 in Booth), Alesis Multi-Mix 8 (Audio Interface), iMac Terminal (Internet Connected), Audacity (Audio Software)

Alternative Podcast Setup can use four (4) individual mics in Control Room / Lounge.

Call John at (212)799-5433 Ext. 207 for more info.

...and Flexible Spaces

Large and Small spaces for focused "quiet" work, including: Private Lessons, Play Readings, Photography, Yoga Classes, Conferences, Meetings and more.

Call (212)799-5433 to reserve your space.

With SAG / AFTRA still on strike, the Episcopal Actor's Guild (EAG) is hard at work supporting qualified NYC performers in need with emergency financial grants addressing critical issues like rental arrears and eviction, utility shut-offs, emergency medical and dental bills, and sustenance needs (including food and transportation).

In a position to aid their efforts?

Donate Here.

Are you a Performing Artist in NYC affected by the strikes?

Get Help Here.

Learn more about EAG at ActorsGuild.org

Share the love ~ Help support WCK!

World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a team of first responders who provide meals to those affected by natural & man-made disasters, and humanitarian emergencies around the world.

Ripley-Grier Studios supports this organization by providing donation boxes at all 4 of our locations. We also sell small items and merchandise to raise funds.

Thanks to the generosity of our clients, staff, landlord and all those who have donated, this year we have raised more than $7,000 for this wonderful organization.

Check out "We Feed People" on Disney+ and "José Andrés and Family in Spain" on Discovery+ to learn more about WCK.

Click the link below to DONATE DIRECTLY to WCK.

Donate Here!

Well it was a spooky (and cold) Halloween! We definitely had a cooler Summer than most of the country, but Fall has begun in earnest. However, on October 28th, Saturday, we got a gift of a day with 80 degrees in NYC and 76 in Long Beach, NY. It was a sunny, calm, glorious day. Folks were at the beach, the boardwalk, biking, walking and sitting on benches facing the sea. I went boogie boarding and it was magical. Later, I took our dog, Johnny, for a walk on the beach at Sunset, a beautiful Sunset and an amazing Moonrise. Sometimes you experience Nirvana when immersed in the beauty of a day like that.

We have opened the Artists' Oasis floor at our 520 location, a true labor of love. We are so excited. Please check out this "quiet space." (There's even talk of an RG podcast). We are working on updating our tech and booking systems. So more of an online experience for particular types of bookings. Our operational recovery and growth is slow but moving forward. We have been painting, sanding, cleaning, surfacing, decorating, etc. Note: We have been hosting more "shows" at our 305 Black-Box Theatre, which is so cool! Check it out!

I've been more consistent with my morning meditation sessions and now am able to fit in 9 to 12 minute sessions before I start my day. I am in the amazing process of changing my perspective on my mornings in regards to "getting up", practicing not waking up to "go to work" (which always was rushed and hectic) but now starting to get up to "start the day"; of which work may be part of the day or not. It makes a big difference. Speaking of changes to work/life balance, Butch has been spending a lot of time in Key West at our new cottage there and he is really enjoying the break. He's set up an office and does his work in a relaxing atmosphere. He is feeling healthier as well. I'll be heading down there to join him. After that I'll have some time alone before Thanksgiving. What a blessing to have a place to go when you tire of your hectic pace and the cold weather. Since we stopped snow skiing a few years ago, the winter is hard.

This is a good time of year to do in-house projects, especially cleaning and clutter clearing. Get financial planning projects on track. Look for new/old interests that can be done indoors. If you have difficulty with the extra hours of darkness, like I do, start projects that require concentration. Eliminate excess storage. I love puzzles, but when complete you don't want to dismantle them so we have several large ones taking up space (Need to stop that). Do indoor activities like jewelry making, sculpting, painting, reading, cataloging music. Watch streaming shows. We're watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" old and new episodes. Hilarious!! Plan out of house activities like visiting museums (even local ones can be fun). Go to art galleries, take in a Broadway show or local entertainment.. A good movie at a theater is fun, followed by a trip to Olive Garden for the angel hair Alfredo and the great salad and breadsticks and the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, 9 oz. please, (oops just revealed my favorite family outing). Re-organizing essential files and eliminating non-essential ones is liberating.

Since Butch left for Key West, I have not seen one episode of CNN. (I do have an online subscription to the New York Times so I am not totally out of the loop) Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, that's my jam... But more about me.. No not in this newsletter, maybe the next.

Thank you for your support... and to my family... I love and admire you all so much if I could only express it more often.



Hello Everyone,

This past month I've been focusing mainly on school and work and haven't had much time to go to concerts or see shows. But this month I've got some lined up! I saw The Voidz on 11/1 and 11/2 at the Murmur Theatre in Brooklyn during their 4 night residency. I've never seen a venue set up the way they had it, with an arcade room full of retro games with "The Voidz" written on them, and a piano player in another room with some tarot card readers. There was an after party and the band members joined! I'll also be going to see Ritt Momney on 11/4 at Irving Plaza. Then I'll be seeing Hadestown for the first time and hopefully Danny DeVito's new play soon after.

Until next month, Jeannie

Jeannie is the daughter of RG owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier.

RG Outreach Program

RG is proud to support many wonderful organizations.

Broadway Cares - Make-A-Wish - Plan USA

Timothy Hill Ranch - The Actor's Fund - Smile Train - Wounded Warrior - North Shore Animal League - World Central Kitchen - Braking AIDS

Please join us in supporting these and other helpful organizations. Contact our PR/Marketing Department at (212) 799-5433 (Ext. 214) for more info.

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- November 11th -

THANK YOU to the brave people who have served our country - and a special THANKS to our fearless leader, Butch Grier, who in 1968 joined the Marines (at 19 years old) and fought in Vietnam.

RG's Black-Box Theatre @ 305 W. 38th Street

Perfect for your staged reading, small performance, recital, rehearsal, and more.

Retractable audience seating and professional lighting & sound available upon request. 

Comfortably seats 75 people.

Call (212)799-5433

for rates & availability



or $15 with a Credit Card.

(Subject to availability of specific studios)







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Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear...

Erlinda Alcantara (11/6)

Noe Rojas (11/10)

Millie Montgomary (11/13)

Mac Meachem (11/16)

Shakira Moran (11/18)

Isabel Ramon (11/24)

Alejandro La Rosa (11/24)

Happy Birthday to you.

Congratulations to our NEW RG Location Managers:

Venus Suarez

RG 305 W. 38th St.

Nia Moran

RG 131 W. 72nd St.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Shift your perspective!

Reflect on who and what is worthy of your time, energy, resources, and talents.

Purging, surrendering, and releasing are all necessary for clearing out space for new opportunities and connections.

Celebrate November!

National Adoption Month 

National Children's Month

National Entrepreneurship Month

National Gratitude Month

Native American Heritage Month

Library Month

No-shave November

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Military Family Month

Alzheimer's Awareness Month

All Saints Day (11/1)

National Author's Day (11/1)

World Ballet Day (11/2)

All Souls Day (11/2)

Day of the Dead (11/2)

Daylight Savings Day (11/5)

Election Day (11/7)

World Pianist Day (11/8)

Veteran's Day (11/11)

Thanksgiving (11/23)

Black Friday (11/24)

Small Business Saturday (11/25)

Cyber Monday (11/27)

Giving Tuesday (11/28)

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