News - Nov/Dec 2022
Happy New Year and thanks to all donors and volunteers!
Volunteer Highlight: Alice Bennett

Alice Bennett is a native Houstonian selflessly committed to helping others through multiple charities. She actually found the Living Legacy Center through her work with another charity.

How did you discover the Living Legacy Center?
My other charity is the Cy-Fair Women's Club []. In February 2022 they assigned me the task of performing due diligence on the Living Legacy Center. After I interviewed Elizabeth Hilbun and Teresa Trull, the Cy-Fair Women's Club awarded the Living Legacy Center a one thousand dollar donation. Afterward I asked Elizabeth and Teresa if they needed a volunteer, and the next month I began volunteering two days a week with them.

What do you do for the Living Legacy Center?
I get clients connected to helpful resources, drive clients to appointments, serve at events, and craft items for raffles. Elizabeth, Teresa, and Birgit have been helpful in sharing valuable information about other charities in our areas. I also help with the community garden and collecting items for donation to other charities.

What have you learned during your time as a volunteer?
By serving the needs of others I find myself continuing to learn the of different challenges that individuals face. We can continue to help more individuals if we keep reaching out. In turn I have learned to appreciate my life and how to care for my family as senior citizens.
Event Report: Shield Bearer Family FallFest
November 5, 2022 - The Living Legacy Center kicked off a busy month by promoting its services at the first annual fall festival for the Shield Bearer [] organization. Shield Bearer's mission is to provide counseling and education to address distress in all family matters such as marriage, childhood trauma, depression, and anxiety.
Donations abound!
November and December included several donation efforts:
  • Golf clubs were donated to Coach Forrest Reddick for students that could not afford their own.
  • The LLC also sent clothing and supply donations to substance rehabilitation organizations including
  • Santa Maria []
  • Way Out Women's Center []
  • Northside 24 Hour club
  • There were also gifts given to the counselors at the Shield Bearer [] counseling center.
  • Supplies and clothing for the homeless went to:
  • Harmony House []
  • Cy-Fair Helping Hands [].
  • Household items went to a family in need at Community of Hope [] church.
Event Report: S'mores with Santa
December 10, 2022 - The Living Legacy Center hosted Santa, s'mores, a market, and more to close out the year's events at the facility. Visitors met and took pictures with Santa, roasted marshmallows over a fire for s'mores, toured the garden, and enjoyed fellowship.
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Recurring events
  • Knitting Circle (Mon, noon - 1:30pm)
  • Saturdays are volunteer days in the Oasis Garden
Volunteers Welcome!

“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.” 
— Helen Keller

Garden volunteer times are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 8 am to 1 pm, or by appointment. Contact: Nashley Banister (919) 793-8443

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