October, 2013
President's Message


Sharon Mitchell

There is no better place to experience the MAGIC of Impact 100 than our Annual Awards Celebration (AAC).


This year's Awards Celebration was inspirational and exciting as we had the opportunity to award two grants worth $108,000 each to Crayons to Computers and Easter Seals TriState - Building Value.  The breakthrough projects brought to us by these two agencies will have a huge impact on our community.


The 320+ members, guests and sponsors who attended the AAC were amazed and impressed by the five finalists, and most members commented that it was an extraordinarily difficult decision to select the two grant recipients.  We all wished that we could have given five grants - the projects were so outstanding and the finalists so deserving. 


On behalf of the Impact 100 Board, I'd like to express thanks to the 100+ agencies who submitted grant requests, to the five finalists, to our event sponsors - and most of all to our members who make the grant awards possible.


The AAC is the highlight of our annual giving cycle - and there is no doubt why.  It is exhilarating, rewarding and magical to experience the power of our collective giving. 


It is now time to begin a new cycle of giving - to recruit new members for the 2014 Impact 100 year.


As we are inundated with national and local news stories, I can't help but observe the remarkable contrast that exists between Impact 100's positive energy and the news stories that are filled with negative messages and energy.  How refreshing it is to spend time with Impact 100 members and prospects - with women who are making a difference each and every day via grants that help uplift and transform our community.


If you are currently a member of Impact 100 - I encourage you to renew your membership for 2104.  If you are considering joining as a new member, I encourage you to learn more about our wonderful organization - and to join.  We have several opportunities for you to experience Impact 100 (Wine, Women & Wishes events held on October 8th and October 15th, Beers with Elaine on October 30th and Giving Tuesday on December 3rd).


For the 200+ women who have already committed to join Impact 100 in 2014 - THANK YOU!!!  I promise you it will be a rewarding experience - with the opportunity to award grants to more deserving agencies!  Please encourage a friend or colleague to join - so we can award 3 grants in 2014! 


Warm Regards,

Sharon Mitchell

President, Impact 100

 I'm IN for 2014!


Hard to believe - it's time to start planning for 2014!  We're excited to see that members are committing to 2014 and we ask each of you to update your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram status as you commit to Impact 100 for 2014.  Send an email saying "I'm IN!" to administration@impact100.org and we'll get you set up with this great photo and allow you to share your excitement!  

Thanks to you, we have commitments that funded our first grant immediately before the AAC and we are very close to doing the same for our second grant!  Think of the transformative effective we will have on our community when we give out 3 grants of $100,000 each (or more)!

Impact 100 is Spreading the Word!

"The danger...is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low

and we reach it."                


Wow!  What a powerful (may I say impactful) evening September 24th was?  A phrase heard often was "I wish we could give each of them a grant.." and "They all deserve it - they are so good".  2014 is the year we can give out more money in grants than we ever have before... if each one of us reaches one person and invites her to learn more about Impact 100.  Members that are excited and passionate about Impact 100 are the most effective tool we have for sharing the word. 


Please consider inviting a friend, neighbor, coworker, sister or mother to one of the upcoming Impact 100 events.  Each event will have a past grant recipient who'll highlight the 'impact of Impact 100' and there'll be a mix of Impact 100 members to answer any questions that they might have.  As you know together we have given over $2.5 MILLION Dollars to 20+ non-profits in our community - transforming lives. Additional benefits include: 
  • Being part of a group of like-minded women,
  • The opportunity to learn about the needs of our community,
  • Together, we make a bigger difference than we can on our own,
  • 100% of your contribution is given to the grant recipients,
  • It's guilt free!  You can be involved as much, or as little, as you'd like!
Bring a friend (or more) to learn about Impact 100 and together, 

we can give out more grants than we ever have before! 


If you're interested in volunteering with the fun, impactful recruiting team, we welcome you!  Email recruiting@impact100.org or call Lisa Kaminski at 807-5472!

The IMPACT of Impact 100


2012 Beneficiary - CancerFree Kids ($107,500 Grant)


On Wednesday 9/11/13, the ribbon was cut on the first Family Pet Center in the country! This is a special place where the children who are at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for an extended time can have their OWN pet visit them in this special space.


The event was well attended by Impact 100 members, Cincinnati Children's teammates, and the media. Three service animals were also there to show their love to the patients that were able to join the festivities. It was truly a special day, and a wonderful way to see the impact of our work come together so quickly (It took less than a year, from grant award, to project completion)! 


Link to the video: http://vimeo.com/user12245057/pfcpresentation   


Member Spotlight

Sarah Buckley

Impact 100 Member 

Who I am. 
2014 will be my second year as an Impact member!  I graduated from the University of Dayton and currently work for Dress for Success Cincinnati as the Mobile Career Center Coordinator.  I am married and have a three year old son and a three month old daughter. 


What got you involved in Impact 100?  

I heard about Impact 100 through my job at Dress for Success Cincinnati, a 2010 grant recipient.  I was invited to an Impact event and then had coffee with Clare Blankemeyer the next week.  She is a fellow Flyer and I felt like Impact 100 would be a great opportunity to meet other women interested in service and to learn about organizations working to improve our community.  


What keeps you a member?  

I have really enjoyed meeting the other members of Impact 100 and I especially enjoyed being a part of the Education Grant Committee this past year.  It was very rewarding to work with such a diverse and intelligent group of women. 

Impact 100 is social!




Please share one of our social media posts on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram this week - we appreciate you spreading the word! 


Help Impact 100

Technology Talent Needed


Love Impact 100? Love the web? LinkedIn? YouTube? Instagram? Want to help Impact 100 move forward in the tech world? Email socialmedia@impact100.org and start the conversation. We'll take as much or as little of your time as you're willing to share...

One and Done
If you're willing to volunteer for up to two hours this month, please email volunteer@impact100.org. We will have some small projects that we could use your help with. We promise to say THANK  YOU!

Upcoming Events
October 8 & 15 -
Wine, Women and Wishes
Bring a friend for a fun night out! Come learn about decorating trends, tour a model home, enjoy a glass of wine & appetizers and hear from a past Impact 100 recipient! Thank you to Fischer Homes for providing the homes, speaker and food & drinks!

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October 30 - 
Beers with Elaine and Impact 100 
December 3 - 
Giving Tuesday
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