How to offer your customers access to your ecommerce site … without lifting a finger?
Imagine how cool it would be, if you could offer your customers the luxury of accessing your eCommerce website from any place, at any time.

Now its easy-peasy with Lightning E-Commerce.

Our Lightning E-Commerce package includes your very own custom-branded mobile App. At no extra cost to you.

And, we have both options, the Android and IOS versions, ready to be be downloaded from the App Store or Google.
With your custom branded App in the palm of their hands, your customers will be able to review and manage
  • Orders for delivery
  • Pickup at the store
  • Purchase histories
  • Quick re-orders
  • Rewards, and much more.  
Q: Why did the computer show up at work late?
A: It had a hard drive.

What do you call it when you have your mom’s mom on speed dial?
A. Instagram.

Q. How does a computer get drunk?
A. It takes screenshots.