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School News
Friday, October 9th is an Organizational Day and
Monday, October 12th is Thanksgiving so there is NO SCHOOL either days.

School Photo Day!
Ken Stewart will be at New Heights on October 15th to take our school photos.
We will offer a re-take day later in the month if needed.

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A message from the Parent Advisory Council
Join us for our next virtual PAC meeting and see what we're all about.
Who: You! PAC meetings are open for any parent/guardian to attend
When: 6:30pm on Thursday October 22nd

How: Send an email to letting us know you're interested and we'll send you the virtual meeting link.
Have you met Anna and Colton?
At New Heights we have a Music Instructor on staff. Anna Spencer has been the music instructor at New Heights for many years. Each week she provides music classes for students in Turtle Mountain, Mount Kidd, Skoki Mountain, Copper Mountain, Mount Rundle, Cascade Mountain, Tower Mountain, and Pyramid Mountain classrooms.
Anna is also joined on Wednesdays by our Music Assistant Colton. Colton is a New Heights alumni and valued member of our music team at New Heights.

Extra Masks
Due to the generosity of our Parent Advisory Council (PAC), New Heights was able to boost the Alberta Education supply of student masks to ensure we had enough masks, enough sizes, and a greater variety of color/design choices for our students from ECS through high school. Thank you again to our PAC!
Because of the additional masks provided by PAC, we do have a limited number of reusable masks in the small size and regular size still available.
If your student needs an additional mask, please send a note to and let us know.
The masks will be given on a first asked, first served basis until they are gone
Tech Spot
READ ALOUD is a text to speech voice reader. It will read aloud the content of any webpage. It is a free Chrome extension that is easy to download and easy to use.

1. Download Read Aloud onto your Chrome browser
2. Once downloaded, the icon below will appear on your chrome menu
3. Click on Read Aloud icon.

4. A small window as shown below will open up.
5. Select 

if you are ready to have the text on your screen read out loud


and a window like the one below will open and allow you to adjust settings for Voice; Speed; Pitch; Volume; Text highlighting 
Once you have this Chrome extension installed on your Chrome Browser it’s as easy as positioning your cursor where you want the reading to begin and clicking the “Read Aloud” icon!