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Lightning Online Point of Sale
                                                        B y Computer Perfect

Newsletter - September 2018

Computer Perfect is pleased to inform you that its  Emergency Mode 3.X is receiving the final touches and tests in preparation for a launch. 

We are also progressing the development of our Mobile apps for both Android and iPhone for our E-Commerce platform. Separate announcements will follow soon, as each of these developments are ready to go to market.

 Cheers!  Salud!  Prost!  Kanpai!

Close the Day Options:

When the clerk is ready to finish the work day, he/she has to 'Close the Day.' When the closeout report is generated it is based on the report options you see below.  (These options can be found in Setup/Station Setup/Closeout tab).

Voiding a Payment on Account:

Did you know you can void a payment on account if there was an error made by a staff member.  Plus you will have access full reporting within Reports/Voids/Payments on Account.
Q. How does a computer get drunk?
A. It takes screenshots.

Q: W hy did the PowerPoint Presentation             cross the road?
A.  To get to the other slide.

Q:  Why did the computer show up at work         late?
A: It had a hard drive.

Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
(914) 633-8959