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               The Power of Lightning 
                                                    By Computer Perfect

            Newsletter - September 2020
Are you on top of your Lightning E-Commerce transactions?

E-Commerce online ordering is here to stay. Thanks to the pandemic, it is now the safest and most preferred way of placing orders. 
Lightning E-Commerce users can use the power of 'My Dashboard' to stay on top of their web orders. 

The Dashboard has three main features
1.     Open Orders
2.     Contact Us Archive
3.     Job Posting Applications

Open Orders - provides details on your open orders.

Contact Us Archive - enables you to review inquiries from customers who have contacted you through your website. 
NOTE:  Also, automatically emails the System Administrator users inquiry.  

Job Posting Application Center - empowers you to accept resumes with the ability for your applicants to upload their resumes.

TIP - Did you now the 'Sales Journal' report allows you to filter your sales, if needed:

* In-Store & Online
* In-Store Only
* Online Only

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