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Client Highlight: Leo King

As we remember 9/11, we wanted to highlight one of our veteran clients.

Leo King becomes animated when talking about his entry to the armed forces. "They drafted me twice!"

The first time the army drafted King he didn't join due to an administrative issue, but in 1970 he answered a second call and served as a driver for an M577 armored mobile command center (similar to the type pictured) with the 1st Cavalry. "We did training wargames in the mountains. I drove for a sergeant and really enjoyed that."

King spent more than two years in the army and he recalled a special consideration he'd received. Due to a skin condition the army granted him a permit to wear a short beard.

The service was less accommodating after he left. The Veterans Affairs (VA) organization proved difficult to work with at times and in 2010 King struggled to get assistance when he suffered circulatory health issues. He eventually was able to get specialists to review his condition.

He spoke with us about his relationship with the Living Legacy Center.

How did you find out about the Living Legacy Center?
Around 2017 I had asked for some support when I was dealing with a number of issues. One of the veterans resources I was working with knew of the Living Legacy Center. I called and Elizabeth's mother [Carol Burgeson] responded and she was very nice.

How did the LLC help you?
They weren't involved so much with the VA issues I had, but when I needed to get things from my apartment and was unable to, they had someone help me. They also raised vehicle money that I used to get a truck. They also helped me get a mattress, a couch, and a television.

Elizabeth also got a lawyer to help me with the truck and getting the tags when the dealership gave me troubles. I told them I wanted to pay cash and not have a payment. But when I got the truck they were telling me I had a note. We found out that the people that sold me the truck were already fired when we went back. The LLC really helped. When the the dealership saw I had a lawyer with me they treated me very differently.

I couldn't thank them enough, it's been appreciated. I still use the truck today, it's important to be able to get from A to B.

Would you recommend the LLC to other veterans?
Yes. If anyone came up to me I'd give them the LLC's number because they will help you. I wish the VA could be as helpful. I know there are other veterans that are hurting too. But I think the VA could do better for me. They drafted me twice!

Our former director, Carol Burgeson, continues to support charitable efforts serving as the Mineral Wells arm of the Living Legacy Center. At left are pictures of her giving time to the Mineral Wells Center of Life.

We had fun at our August Funky Fest. Pictured at right is the crafts segment where visiting youths made glitter cones.

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