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Our hearts are with those affected by the wildfires in Maui and the devastation left by Hurricane Idalia in Florida. World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a team of first responders who provide meals to those affected by natural disasters, man-made crisis, and humanitarian emergencies around the world. Ripley-Grier Studios supports this organization by providing donation boxes at all 4 of our locations. We also sell small items and merchandise to raise funds. You can also contribute directly to WCK using the link below.

Additional organizations working to help victims of these disasters include: Maui Strong, American Red Cross, Maui Humane Society and the Florida Disaster Fund. Visit their websites or click directly on the links to donate.

Click the link below to DONATE DIRECTLY to WCK.

Donate Here!

Thanks to our generous clients, staff, landlord and all those who have donated, we've raised more than $6,500 this year for WCK.

See you at the studios!

Graham McCarty - RG Creative Director

RG Artists' Oasis

An exclusive collection of spaces for focused creative work.

Located on the 10th Floor @ RG 520 8th Ave.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of our other studios. This area will include spaces for play readings and private lessons, a professional voice-over suite, a conference room, and a multi-media studio (with a "green screen", backdrops and professional lighting) for video shoots and self-tape auditions.


Call (212)799-5433 Ext. 207 for more info.

With two major entertainment unions on strike, the Episcopal Actor's Guild (EAG) is hard at work supporting qualified NYC performers in need with emergency financial grants addressing critical issues like rental arrears and eviction, utility shut-offs, emergency medical and dental bills, and sustenance needs (including food and transportation).

In a position to aid their efforts?

Please give to EAG's Strike Fund!

Donate Here!

Learn more about EAG at

Well, well, Summer continues until 9/21, so take advantage of our exceptional weather. Much of the country has had to endure extreme heat and discomfort. We're fortunate to live where we do environmentally. My home town is in itself a paradise. Good restaurants, beautiful beaches, temperate climate, easy train commute to the city, and as fine a diverse group of citizens and guests as any major metropolitan area could want. We love our sports, pro and amateur. Our fine schools offer a variety of physical activities. The restaurants are amazing: superb seafood and varied and fresh produce. We all often lament our luck; the ups and downs in our lives, but take time to stop in awareness of our great geographical location during these climatic times.

We are using our RG studio locations to raise money for the horror in Maui and for the folks who endured hurricane Idalia in Florida. Please follow and support our efforts to generate funds to send to World Central Kitchen (WCK) who provide meals for folks immediately impacted by natural disasters. A percentage of sales of RG merchandise go to WCK as does profits from small desk items. In addition we have desk donation boxes at all 4 locations.

This Spring/Summer has been very challenging for our Long Beach family. We lost a beautiful doggie in Penelope, but were blessed with Princess Bubbles to help keep the "pet love" going. Our dog, Johnny went through an autoimmune struggle but is coming out strong. This year we have had some personal health issues and some financial challenges professionally. There has been a lot of effort at recovery. Sometimes it takes crises to jump start progression.

Exciting news: Our daughter and two grandsons are attending college - Jackson is attending Stony Brook University (out island) and Ethan just moved into his dorm at Adelphi University. Jeannie is finishing up her Masters Degree at Hofstra University, graduating in December.

Butch and I are enrolled in physical therapy/fitness programs to help improve our general fitness and recovery. I have the benefit of teaching two classes a week in Manhattan which keeps me working on my fitness level so I can continue to boogie board, through October.

At RG we are looking forward to opening our Artists' Oasis on the 10th Floor at our 520 location, which will offer various multimedia services to our clients. Stay informed about this unique complex, we will be sending out opening notices this month.

As we travel through our busy lives, keep the ones you love close and value them. Listen to their hearts when they express themselves and remember that they are unique and like you have the same fears and successes as we all do in our journey through this blessed life.

Peace and Love, Patricia Ripley


Hi everyone!

During the last full month of summer I went to 4 more concerts. The first two were Jpegmafia and Danny Brown at Pier 17 and Terminal 5. I've been to Pier 17 once before and it's one of the best venues I've been to, but I had even more fun at the show at Terminal 5. I'm so happy I got to see them both together! Next I went to see the Jonas Brothers at Yankee Stadium. It took my friend hours to get there thanks to traffic, but once we got there we had so much fun (except for when it started down pouring in the middle of the concert). The last one I went to in August was The Strokes at Forest Hills Stadium. They're one of my favorite bands so I knew I had to see them again when this show was announced. It was incredible and the energy of the crowd was amazing! The venue is near a ton of restaurants/bars so we all had a place to hangout afterwards and talk about the show. So excited for the next few concerts I have coming up in September. Until next month, Jeannie

Jeannie is the daughter of RG owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier.

RG Outreach Program
RG is proud to support many wonderful organizations.
Broadway Cares - Make-A-Wish - Plan USA
Timothy Hill Ranch - The Actor's Fund - Smile Train
Wounded Warrior - North Shore Animal League
World Central Kitchen - Braking AIDS
Please join us in supporting these and other helpful organizations. Contact our PR/Marketing Department at (212) 799-5433 (Ext. 214) for more info.


25% OFF


(while supplies last).


T-Shirts, Baseball Shirts, Totes, Rehearsal Towels, Drawstring Backpacks, Keychains & more.

Available at all RG locations.



RG's Black-Box Theatre @ 305 W. 38th Street

Perfect for your staged reading, small performance, recital, rehearsal, and more.

Retractable audience seating and professional lighting & sound available upon request. 

Comfortably seats 75 people.

Call (212)799-5433

for rates & availability

"The Painters Three!"

Thanks to Jackson, Ethan and Tyler for working so hard this summer & giving the studios some fresh coats of paint.



or $15 with a Credit Card.

(Subject to availability of specific studios)







CALL (212)799-5433 FOR INFO


Collect 5 stamps and receive $5 OFF your next studio rental. Download the "STAMP ME" APP and get a FREE stamp for signing up.

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear...

Claire Leon (9/9)

Nia Moran (9/10)

Ibraima Camara (9/12)

Jose Alcantara (9/16)

Jeannie Ripley-Grier (9/18)

Ilyan Cappello (9/23)

Happy Birthday to you.

Celebrate September!!

Hispanic Heritage Month

Civil Service Month

Classical Music Month

Yoga Awareness Month

Self Improvement Month

National Doodle Day (9/2)

National Wildlife Day (9/4)

Labor Day (9/4)

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Actor's Day (9/8)

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Working Parents Day (9/16)

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International Day of Peace (9/21)

Native American Day (9/23)

Rosh Hashanah (9/25)

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