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April 4th, 2017
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Spring Transition

April is a transition month in the world of produce. Winter crops are ending and we're waiting for the new Spring season to begin. We will see more local items return each week as we also move up the east coast moving away from Florida crops to GA, NC, MD, PA and eventually to all local produce (within a 50 mile radius) when our locavore baskets return in May.    

Red Fire Farm in Montague, MA is now offering Spring-dug parsnips which are usually the first vegetable coming out of the ground in early spring. Parsnips planted in the previous spring are left in the ground to "Winter" and experience a deep freeze. As this happens, the starches are converted to sugar, the flavor matures, and the flesh becomes a bit more tender. The parsnips become incredible sweet. Spring Parsnips will only be available for a couple weeks.

Parsnips may not be something you cook with too often but why not challenge yourself and try something new this week? Or perhaps you do not eat many radishes? The watermelon radish (featured below) is a great radish to experiment with in recipes. Not only it it beautiful on the inside but it's a milder radish and quite versatile in that it can be consumed raw, pickled, roasted etc.

Featured Local & Organic Produce
Local & organic
from Red Fire Farm in Montague, MA

Carrots and parsnips
Super Sweet, Spring Dug
Local & organic
from Red Fire Farm in Montague, MA

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Cheese, Cider, Wine & Beer of the Week
Available to delivery & market customers
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Brie & Camembert
from Blythedale Farm, VT

About the Brie:

A classic, creamy and mild brie wheel made in Corinth Vermont Blythedale Farm makes a truly amazing local brie, it is soft and creamy, with a deep and smooth flavor. Blythedale's brie is handmade with milk from their beloved herd of Jersey cows in Vermont. Enjoy this delicious brie with a slice of apple and a glass of red wine. Vegetarian.

About the Camembert:

A Vermont take on a French classic. The soft, mushroomy, earthy paste of this pasteurized cow's milk cheese is enveloped in a traditional, edible bloomy rind. A delightful breakfast or dessert cheese serve with warmed slices of baguette.Vegetarian.

10% OFF
Green River
Ambrosia Valley

from Greenfield, MA
SALE Price $13.44
Regular Price $14.99 

Mead/Cyzer, 14% ABV 

Our Apple Cyzer is a company favorite! We make this mead using fresh pressed apple cider from Pioneer Valley orchards coupled with local, late season, wildflower honey. This mead showcases the qualities of the region's best apples and honey and we are very proud to make this delicious mead every apple season. 

500mL bottle

10% OFF

2014 Bench Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

from Sonoma, California

SALE Price $17.99

Regular Price $19.99

Grape Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon 

Designation:  Highly sustainable and practicing Biodynamic 

Notes: In the glass, the Bench Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark, deep purple. The nose is vibrant with violets, huckleberry and a touch of vanilla spice. The palate is elegantly wound with dusty tannins and a supple, velvety texture. The long, seamless finish, ebbs and flows with flavors of black currant, dark cocoa and forest floor. 

Drink if you enjoy: Exciting domestic full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon!

10% OFF

2015 Bench Russian River Valley Chardonnay

from California

SALE Price $17.09

Regular Price $18.99

Grape Varietal: 100% Chardonnay 

Designation: Highly Sustainable and practicing Biodynamic

Notes: A pale straw yellow, the nose is full of honeydew melon, red apple with notes of tangerine. The palate is crisp and rich with flavors of Asian pear, honeycomb and fresh baked bread. A clean and refreshing finish. 

Drink if you enjoy:  A lean Chardonnay with an elegant structure and well made domestic wines with an emphasis on a healthy environment.

10% OFF
Jack's Abby Saxony Lager

Framingham, MA
SALE Price $9.98
Regular Price $11.09 

Lager, 5% ABV, 20 IBUs 

Vienna Style Lager. Decoction mash and majority Vienna malt creates a traditional malty character. Lightly hopped with Bavarian hops and left unfiltered, yielding a lightly fruity aroma. 

6-pack, 16oz cans

Watermelon Radishes are one of my favorite root vegetables. As soon as you slice into one you’ll see why.  The pink inside is gorgeous and there’s not much that needs to be done to make these a memorable side dish.

Parsnips will see you through from breakfast to dinner and even dessert. We’ve picked our best recipes to show you how to make the most of this versatile root.

This looks mightly fine for dinner or leftovers can be turned into a frittata later in the week!

Makes a delicious salad, warm side to almost anything, or even breakfast - just add fried egg.

We wish the Vermont Creamery company well now that they are a part of the Land O'Lakes corporation, however, it is a brand we will discontinue because we want to stock our shelves with items made by smaller food businesses and artisans. When larger companies purchase a smaller company, we sometimes find the quality of the product is not the same because it has to be produced on a much larger scale for the big box stores nationwide. We also like to see our dollars spent with a smaller company in or close to our community.

The good news is there is a new, local goat cheese being made in Sunderland, MA that will debut in our market later this week and we will feature on special in next weeks newsletter.
Green Bin Reminder
Please Return Our Green Bins
Many of you may have noticed we are using more cardboard boxes lately because we are missing many of our green bins.

If you regularly receive an order, please remember to leave your green bin out for our drivers to pick up.

If you are not planning to order for a while and can not return the bin to our market, we are happy to stop by and pick it up. Please email us at info@berkshireorganics.com

Cardboard boxes can also be returned to us. Thank you!
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