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FROM THE DESK OF MS. BRESLER...                                 
Dear Parents,
     Happy New Year!  The beginning of a new year is a great time to make changes and set goals. Many of us have made resolutions to help us be better, stronger, more prayerful, healthier, thinner, the list could go on and on.  Good luck to all of us as we begin 2020.
     St. Veronica has been approved as an EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarship provider starting in the 2020-2021 school year. This may provide some exciting changes in the coming year(s), but it may also prove challenging in others.  Below are some of the questions I have asked and received answers to.  If you have an additional question about this new possibility, please contact the school office. If we cannot answer it, we will find the answer and publish it for all to see.
If I have a student that already attends St. Veronica in grades K to 7, and we are in a failing school district, can I apply for the scholarship?
As I understand it, no. A child would need to be at a public school, leave that school and come to St. Veronica to qualify for an EdChoice Scholarship. The exception to this answer, would be if you are applying for EdChoice Expansion which deals with low income. If you receive this scholarship, you can already be a student at St. Veronica.
If my child currently attends St. Veronica preschool, and plans to attend St. Veronica kindergarten, can he/she apply for the scholarship if we live in a failing school district?
Yes! Since preschool is not mandated by the state, it doesn't matter where a child attends preschool. As you enter kindergarten, which is mandated, you can make the choice between public or private. If you choose private, you can apply for the scholarship if you are assigned to a failing public school.
If I have other students in the school but I also have a child entering kindergarten, and I live in a failing district, can I apply for the scholarship for my kindergartener, even though my other students are not eligible?
What is the process for application to receive an EdChoice Scholarship?
Families can start applying for an EdChoice Scholarship beginning February 1. You must be accepted into an EdChoice provider school before applying. The final deadline to apply is in April. The school will work to have packets available to help with this process, but we are just learning the process, too.
What public school do I need to be assigned to, to be eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship?
A list of schools can be found on the ODE website. Here are the schools in our area that are eligible, but it is not an exhaustive list:
In Clermont County:
Batavia Elementary, Batavia High School
Bethel-Tate - Hill Intermediate Elementary School
Clermont Northeastern - Clermont Northeastern Elementary and High School
Goshen Middle School
Milford Exempted Junior High school
New Richmond Middle School
West Clermont - Brantner, Middle School, High School, WT Elementary, Williamsburg Elementary
In Hamilton County near us:
Cincinnati Public - Mt. Washington Elementary
Forest Hills - Ayer Elementary
Loveland City - Loveland Primary
     This week, registration packets went home for the 2020-2021 school year.  As always, we give current families, the first chance to register and secure a spot for your child(ren) for next year.  We are all unsure of how the EdChoice Scholarships may affect the registration process once we begin open registration at the Open House on January 26 th.   We encourage ALL current families to get their registrations in sooner rather than later to make sure their child's spot is secure.
     The parish has committed to having two classes per grade level.  Class numbers will not go above 25/26 for the lower grades and not above 28/30 for grades five through eight.  As noted earlier, once our classes reach those numbers registration will be closed for that grade. Do not be left without a spot for next year.
     Don't forget that by registering and paying in full before February 14th, you are eligible for our Early Tuition Payment Incentive!!
     On the last out-of-uniform day, there were some questions about the dress code.  I hope these clarifications help, but if you continue to have questions please contact the school office.
Policy on Hoodies
     It is stated in both the girls' and boys' section of the dress code that no hooded sweatshirts will be worn in the building. This holds true whether it is an in or out-of-uniform day. While hooded sweatshirts may be worn to and from school for protection against the weather, inside the building the hooded sweatshirts must come off.
Policy on Winter Boots
     After discussion among the faculty, it was decided last year that boots would no longer be permitted during the school day. I may have even talked with some groups about this upcoming change. While the notation for this was changed in the boys' section of the dress code, it was inadvertently left unchanged in the girls' section. Because of this, boots will be permitted for girls this year. However, please be aware this will change next year.   So, for girls, the dress code reads:
"Boots are permitted December 1st through March 1st. Boots must be plain brown, gray, black or navy (no excessive ornaments, sequins, flashing lights), and flat soled (no heel). Boots must be deemed appropriate by teacher/administration. NOTE: If boots prove to be a distraction to the student or to others, the student may wear them to and from school for protection against the weather but must then change into normal school shoes while in the school building."
Policy on Girls Uniform Lengths
     The dress code currently states that jumpers and skirts need to be of modest length. The handbook also states that "Modest length will be deemed by principal and staff and will be checked regularly."
     There was some confusion/disagreement on what "modest" means. In the dictionary, modest means "conformity to a recognized standard of propriety and good taste, as in speech, manner, dress, or attitude." Modesty is defined as "regard for decency, of behavior, speech and dress". We tried to be more precise and give a standard length, two inches above the knee, but that was met with mixed results.
     If a parent is not sure if the length of their daughter's skirt meets the dress code, he/she can:
  • Have the student discretely ask one of her female teachers for her opinion about her skirt length
  • Contact the school office with questions

1st Place: Emily Cherry (7th Grade)
Runner-Up: Gracie Branam (5th Grade) 


The next PTO Information Sharing Session will be held TONIGHT, January 9, 2020! Please make plans to attend! 
Beginning at 6:30 PM, we will have an Art Show in the Ministry Center showcasing the creations of St. Veronica students for everyone to view and enjoy. Enjoy some snacks while checking it out!
At 7:00 PM, during the sharing session, Sarah Farmer will join us as a guest speaker, and present an overview of the Education Commission at St. Veronica.  
Babysitting will be provided during the session, so if you need a sitter, we've got you covered! 
There will be a random gift card drawing that will include the names of everyone who attends - including teachers! In this session, to entice you out of the house on a Thursday in January, we will have a DOUBLE gift card drawing. Two teachers' names and two parent names will be drawn.  
We hope to see you this evening!

JANUARY 26, 2020
Come join us in showing off our school to new prospective parents and students.  This is a great way to get involved!  Many volunteers are needed, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER! 
As part of our hospitality to visitors viewing our school, we offer snacks and refreshments.  If you are interested in donating a baked good, snack or water, CLICK HERE TO DONATE REFRESHMENTS. 

The annual GeoBee will be held on January 24, 2020 at 1:00 in the cafeteria.  Parents are welcome to attend the Bee.  All contestants are invited to GeoBee study sessions on January 13, 14 and 21th from 3:00 to 4:00 in Mrs. Dumford's room.  In addition to these study sessions, each student received a study kit.  C ontact Mrs. Dumford with any questions.

"Speech is the voice of the heart"
The St. Veronica School Speech Ambassadors will be astounding themselves and others!  Thirty-nine 7th and 8th graders make up this year's Speech Team and they will be dedicating themselves to hours of practice and rehearsal in order to perfect their speeches.  They will be proving that outstanding oratory skills are possible with hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment.
The team will entertain all classes here at school on February 6 & 7; they will travel to five area Catholic grade schools to present their speeches on February 11, 12, & 13.   At the annual Parents Night on February 11 (6:30pm in STV Church), each team member will receive a commemorative plaque plus a team shirt.  These amazing students will be part of the proud tradition of the St. Veronica School Speech Ambassadors which began in 1984 by Sister Teresa Mitchell and Sister Delouise Menges.  We are proud to carry on this outstanding program in their honor!
STV Speech Team 2020:

( Eighth Grade) Matthew Barnard, Samantha Bell*, Audrey Beverly, Tyler Buchanan, Emma Buehner*, Caroline Cole*, Paige Davidson*,
Luke Dietrich, Avery Dunn*, Jack Durand, Aidan Garvin,
Isa Frigon*, Lucas Hannah, Henry Harmon*, Carly Heilmann*,
Julia Koch*, Evelyn Krumm, Heidi Limbacher, Sean McManus,
Alex Smith*
(* indicates two year member)

( Seventh Grade) Sarah Bell, Julia Cheek, Stefan Crist,
Kennedy Dehner,Kenzie Dehner, Adeline Durgin, Ethan Feeney,
Ryley Heilmann, Bryson Heller, Sophie Humphries, Matthew Irvine, Tyler Lorenzen, Megan McConnell,Sierra Rahe, Brandon Sizemore, Justin Smith, Keira Smith, MacKenzie Specht

7th Grade  
Service Learning retreat
  • Please  print the archdiocese medical release form and return that to the rep office with your $10.00 retreat fee
  • Please choose your date to attend and the items you will be bringing so we can plan ahead
  • Choice of dates: January 16, (FULL) or February 6, or February 20
  • located in the parish ministry center 5:15-8:00pm
  • any questions please don't hesitate to contact the rep office BARB.FARWICK@STVERONICA.ORG


*Parents, Volunteers are needed ~ Please let us know if you can help!!

Mass Plus - Come to Mass, stay for more!
The most important thing we do as a parish, Fr. Del always reminds us, is Sunday Mass. You know how Mass goes, what to do or say. But what is happening on a deeper level? How can you more deeply pray the Mass, and not just attend it?
This year the Faith Formation Commission is offering a monthly event called Mass Plus - an addition to 9:30 or 11:30 Mass. Stay after 9:30 or come early for 11:30, or come back if you've been to 4:00 or 8:00! Adults and kids 4th grade & up start together, then adults stay with Emily Besl and children go with Bill Frantz to explore the meaning of the Mass and why we do the things we do.
Each month, we'll look at different parts of the Mass. Come to all or come when you can.
· for adults and older children (4th grade & up)
· once a month
· between 9:30 & 11:30 Masses on Sundays
· in the school cafeteria 10:35 to 11:20 a.m.
· short, informal, 45 minutes  
This weeks topic: Liturgy of the Word 
Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 8, Apr 19, May 17, June 14