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FROM THE DESK OF MS. BRESLER...                                 
Dear Parents,
     First, I want to say that you are doing a wonderful job!  This is all a new normal and you parents have really stepped up. Please know that your teachers and your administration are here to help, to solve problems and to make this as easy as possible for you and your students.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, please contact your teachers first, they will talk you down off the ledge and work with you to find a way to make the work doable.
     Based on the new orders from the state, the school office will still be open, but only on Wednesdays from 9AM-12PM to answer questions (NOTE: this is a change). You can also call and leave a voicemail for us to access from home or on the days we are not in the office.
     During this same time Mr. Clark will also be available to help students with tablet issues (Wed. from 9-12).  We want to be there to help keep the technology working for students as they do their work electronically, so we have developed a system. Students can enter the school building by the office - staying in the foyer.  They will place their tablet and their explanation of what is wrong on a cart.  Someone in the office (behind glass) will call Mr. Clark who will come and get the tablet and let the student know when he/she can come back to pick it up (from the doorway).  No one should come in close contact to anyone else.
     We are also available via email. Most of the time we will be working from home, but due to the miracle of technology (when it works) we can still connect with you.
Don't forget that we know that YOU ARE DOING A FANTASTIC JOB!  We hope you believe that, too!
     Second, I hope and pray that you and your families are healthy and continue to be healthy.
     Third, I have really been thinking about what to do about getting more information/work to students and parents as this time apart continues.  Currently, all students should have enough work for up to April 3 as we were originally scheduled to come back on the 6th, which is Holy Week.  I have thought and thought of the best way to handle this situation but, because of the changing situation, each day brings more information and revelations with this pandemic.  So, this is what we are going to do:

     We are going to keep doing what we are doing until April 3.  I am going to extend our spring break to two weeks starting April 6 and going through April 19th.  I think we all deserve a two- week spring break just to be able to catch our breath, spend time with our families that does not include books or work or a computer and get some rest!  Plus, we have the calamity hours in our calendar, just in case we are asked to make these days up. Before and during our regular spring break, I will keep watching to see where we are as a country and community and work to develop a plan for after April 20th.

     In the meantime, I have asked all specialist teachers to not send anymore assignments from their subjects to be turned in. You are to do the items that were given at the beginning of this journey, but you have the rest of the time we are apart to complete them.  However, the specialist teachers may reach out to you to send you links or fun ideas to do during the day when you are all at home together.  These are just that - fun ideas and suggestions to help keep, especially younger students, excited about learning and trying new things with, Music, Art, PE and Spanish.
     Currently, 4th and 5th grade are working with Mr. Keithley on how best to use Teams, a communication tool in Microsoft 365, to help with electronic communication.   I know the fifth grade has already started to use this new electronic tool.  
Hopefully, by April 20 this will be the best way to communicate with their students. We may be able to also expand this use of Teams to third grade. We are still checking out the viability of this option.  
      Please note that Spectrum is offering free internet for the next two months if you do not already have it in your home. Please let the school office know by telephone if you do not have access to technology that your student can use to communicate with his/her teacher.
     Honestly, how we go forward depends on where we find ourselves on April 20.  I am trying to make decisions that will keep people safe but also working.
Again, stay safe! God bless you all for the work you are doing.
  • Audible is now offering the free use of selected books from their book lists for students of any age.  If you are looking for a book for a project, or just looking for a good read, check out Audible Here.
  • Click Here for an attachment that you can use for religious links for your family during this time.  Some have color sheets on saints, some for praying novenas, and some just for fun.
  • Scholastic is offering a free "Learn at Home" website. It consists of day-by-day projects to keep kids, from PreK to 9th grade, reading, thinking, and growing.  Click Here to check it out!
The deadline for "Pay in Full" tuition and registration into FACTS, for the 2020 -  2021 school year, has been extended from May 22 to August 10, 2020.
     Everything we have heard from the State of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Education is that Ed Choice will be open to accept scholarships on April 1.  I just received news this morning that the legislature limited the number of Ed Choice designated school buildings for the 2020-2021 school year to those buildings previously eligible in the 2019-2020 school year.  We will check the applications we have already received to see if those students are still eligible based on this new information from the state.  If your eligibility has changed, we will contact you.
     It is not too late to apply. Incoming kindergarteners are eligible, if they are from a school system that is rated "failure" (as of 2019-2020) whether they attended preschool at St. Veronica or not.  If you are not sure of your eligibility, we will be glad to help.  Just call the school office during the times mentioned above.

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