Thursday, March 8, 2018
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Opportunity to Pray
Stations of the Cross in the chapel at 7:15pm - every Friday in Lent through March 23
FROM THE DESK OF MS. BRESLER...                                 
Dear Parents,         
     We are in our third full week of Lent and the students have worked on fasting from self-concern, gossip and discontent and feasted on compassion, purposeful silence, and gratitude.  At yesterday's school Mass Fr. David reminded all the students and parents who were present about the parish/pastoral region Reconciliation service that is happening at St. Veronica tonight at 7:00PM.  I encourage you to talk with your children about reconciliation and give them the experience of coming tonight.  I know sometimes reconciliation can be scary, especially for adults who have not gone in a while, but this is a very teachable moment for your children.  Young and old can receive God's mercy and forgiveness if we are just willing to trust in God and take the first step.


     Our kindergarten and first grade students introduced the idea of being inclusive after Mass this week. Here is the introduction to their message:
When we hear the word "inclusive", most of us probably just think about including others, making sure everyone has someone to sit by, inviting others to join in what you are doing, and not leaving anyone out.  But being inclusive goes beyond these simple things.  Being inclusive means reaching out to those who need someone, even if they are different from you.  This could mean someone who can't see, hear, or walk, speaks a different language than you, or simply comes from a different background.  Those who are inclusive recognize that we are all God's children, and even though we may appear to be different, we are all the same on the inside.  St. Veronica was inclusive when she met Jesus on his way to die for us on the cross.  She didn't leave Jesus alone, and was there for him when he needed someone.  She didn't turn away even though he was dirty, dressed differently, and suffering.  Whether it's shown in a big way, like when St. Veronica helped Jesus, or a very small one, like inviting someone who is alone to join in, being inclusive can have a true lasting impact on someone.  The next time you are given the choice between turning away or inviting in, remember the words we say today.  Make it your goal to be the lasting impact in someone else's life.

     2nd trimester report cards for 1st - 8th grades are now available on Option C.  Please log in and make sure you review your student's report card online.  Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the school office.   Kindergarten report cards went home with those students yesterday. 
WALK-A-THON:      We have one more week to make this year's Walk-A-Thon success. Please do your part to support your PTO and make this happen.

OPEN GYM:      
     There has been a huge response to Open Gym mornings on Tuesday (grades 3-5) and Wednesday (middle school).  We are so pleased that the students are feeling welcome to come in the mornings and be active before classes begin.  Unfortunately, we find that students are coming to the gym all the way up to 7:55, even as they get off the buses.  On Tuesday of this week we had almost 70 students in the gym, which stopped students from being active.  We do not want to stop this experiment just yet, but we do need to tweak the rules.  Students will only be admitted to the gym from 7:30 to 7:40; after that the gym will be closed to newcomers.  We know this eliminates all bus students. However, by the time students get off the bus and get into the gym, we are talking, at most, 10 minutes left of open gym time.

     Students are welcome between 7:30 and 7:40am.  At that time, the only door open into the building is the cafeteria door used for latchkey.  All students should be dropped off in front, enter through the cafeteria door, walk through the cafeteria and go directly to the gym. 
     This week and next week we explore the guidelines that help parents decide if they are leaning toward being controlling or autonomy-supportive.  This week we focus on the traits, or guidelines of controlling parents.
     Now, for this week's excerpt from   The Gift of Failure . 

A Note of Gratitude. . ... 

Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, and All Members of our 
St. Veronica Community,

            In the name of Mrs. Lisa Menges, Art's wife, our sister, Darlene Kaeff, and the entire family of Art Menges, I want to thank each of you for the amazing outpouring of compassion and support which you provided for us at the time of Art's sudden death. Our loss is great, but your generosity and kindness have helped to ease the burden. While we are grappling with the mystery of his death, we are filled with gratitude for your presence in so many ways. The beautiful cards, prayers and Masses offered, stories shared, and participation at Art's visitation and funeral have been so heart-warming and encouraging. Just to experience the love this community has for our brother has been so life-giving to us. Be assured of this: Art loved the St. Veronica community and his work here. No doubt, he would be truly humbled by all the attention paid to him these past weeks and by our words of praise and yet, I know these words come from generous hearts who appreciated Art's contributions to our daily lives here. In God's plan, we now have a heavenly friend who will continue to help us in even more powerful ways! May God bless each of you for your abundant love and goodness!

Sr. Delouise 

Don't miss this colorful show, performed by our talented St. Veronica students!
Friday, March 16 - 7:00 PM
Saturday, March 17 - 7:00 PM
Sunday, March 18 - 2:30 PM

Adult $7.00
Child $5.00 ( 8th grade and younger)

SVTM football registration is open now through April 15th on the football website .
Cost is $125 per player with a $15 discount if you sign up by March 18th.  SVTM will hold its annual Parent and Player Informational Meeting for those with any questions in the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel room located in the St. Veronica Parish Ministry Center, on Thursday March 8th, from 7:00-8:00pm.  Please contact Kevin Childress at with any questions.


Volunteers Needed: 
This raffle is held during lunch....and help is needed to sell raffle tickets, collect/count money and to distribute the prizes to the winners from 11:00-2:00.  Please call the school office if you are able to help in anyway, even if for an hour.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
St. Veronica Cafeteria 
The Parish Soup Supper, sponsored by St. Veronica Stewardship Commission, will be held on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 from 6pm-8pm with the schedule as follows.
Soup in a crockpot can be dropped off as early as 5:30 (cafeteria)

6:00pm - 6:20pm - Taize Prayer in Church

Soup will be served directly after the Prayer Service

7:15pm - Lenten Service Project - Assembly of the Easter bags for the children of Hope Emergency in Brown County

No registration is required to attend - just bring any type of soup to share, along with bread or crackers, if desired.
Plan on attending for an evening of Prayer, Almsgiving and Fellowship!