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Waybridge counseling in offering free counseling sessions to school families this summer.  Request an application HERE 
FROM THE DESK OF MS. BRESLER...                                 
Dear Parents,
     Happy Memorial Day!  Wow, it seems so early this year!
     This day is special to me, like Veterans' Day, because I had many family members in the military.  Between grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, nieces, and nephews; I can name at least fifteen members of my family who have served and three who made it a career.
     Many thanks to those who have served and returned and many prayers to those who served that were unable to return. Please take time this weekend to remember, honor, and thank those who served to keep us free.  Let's pray for our country, that she can continue to be a shining example of freedom to the world.
     Since our Annual Art Show was cancelled for this year, Mrs. Keuffer wanted to make sure families were still able to view all the creative artwork our students completed this year.  Below you may view the Virtual Art Show and also purchase frames for the artwork.   
     The end of the year is fast approaching, and it is CRUNCH TIME!  All completed work needs to be into teachers by May 29th.  Teachers will then have time to grade and post scores. Report cards will be sent via the mail by June 10th at the latest.  If you are struggling to complete work, please reach out to your teachers for help.
     With public Masses starting up, we anticipate First Holy Communion will not be too far behind.  Currently dates and times are being discussed.  When everything is finalized, all second-grade parents will receive a Constant Contact invitation to sign up for a date and time.  For now, parents, please help your child finish the First Communion Banner and return it by May 31; pray with and for your child and practice the proper way to receive the Eucharist.  Remember, we will only receive the Blessed Sacrament, and not the Precious Blood of our Lord.

     Mrs. Brink is busy closing out the cafeteria books for the 2019-2020 school year.  If you have an outstanding balance, please get that balance to zero before the end of the year.  You can drop off a check at the school office (we are usually open in the morning) or drop it off in the Narthex where completed work is left. Please put it in an envelope marked "Cafeteria".  You may also pay online, Click Here .  If you have a positive balance, Mrs. Brink will roll it over to next year unless she hears from you.  If you have an 8th grader with a sibling, she can roll all money in the 8th grade account over to the sibling.  If you have an 8th grader without a sibling, you can roll your balance to another student or receive a rebate check.  You need to communicate your wishes to Mrs. Brink ( sooner rather than later.
     After more communication with the Clermont County Health Department, we needed to change something about the Honk and Wave to keep it in compliance with the Governor's orders.  It will still be on Friday, May 29th from 6 to 7 pm, but instead of our 8th grade students sitting in a chair in the middle of their parking space, the Health Department needs the students to be more contained.  The 8th grade students will also be in a car in their designated parking spaces.  This will help to ensure that social distancing is kept.  No one will be outside of cars, except for the teachers who will be keeping traffic moving.  
     Those of you who will be coming to say good-bye to the 8th graders please do not come before 5:50. The first ones here will be funneled behind the school and asked to wait until 6:00 pm.  Once the line begins to move it cannot stop. We ask that you go between 5 and 15 miles per hour, keeping with the traffic and do not stop to talk to any student, just HONK, WAVE, and shout out good wishes.  There will be a police presence to help with traffic (unless an emergency occurs).
PICK-UP and DROP-OFF, June 1, 2, 3:
     If you have not yet received a list of items to be returned to the school, you should have it by the end of this weekend.  We ask that you gather all items listed and put them in a bag (see through if possible), and label it with the student's name.  If you have more than one student, please make an individual bag for each student.  Include in each bag, the requested list of items from your teacher, with the items checked as returned. Your signature at the bottom of the page will be your promise that all checked items are in the bag.   If you need a printed-out list of items, there will be copies in the Nartex this weekend.  Below is a quick overview of the process:
  • Pre-Planning: Please have your family name visible in the front passenger window of your vehicle. (NOTE: if you are a family with two names, please pick which day you will come and let the school office know so we can be prepared) We are asking that you have the bag(s) you are returning to us placed in the hatch or trunk of your car.
  • The Day of: On your family's designated day, you will enter the school campus via the driveway by the church. At that point you will be directed to go either to the front of the building, or the rear of the building based on the beginning letter of your last name.  For instance: On Monday, June 1st Letters A thru E will be at the school between 5:30 and 7 pm.  A and B will be routed to the front of the building while C, D, and E will be routed to the back of the building.  Hopefully, this will cut down on traffic and the amount of time families will spend in line.
  1. As you pull to the front of the line, you will release the hatch or trunk, allowing the teacher on duty the ability to open it.  The teacher will retrieve what you are returning and place in your hatch or trunk any items the student(s) have left at school.  This procedure will allow the line to move quickly and there will be no cross contamination caused by having to hand something directly to another person.
  2.  After dropping-off and picking-up items, the driver will pull forward and continue through the parking lot, or around the school building, and exit the school campus by the driveway closest to Kaldy.
  Below is the day each family is assigned:
  • Monday, June 1: Families from A to E:  A and B to the front, C, D, E to the back
  • Tuesday, June 2: Families from F to MC:  F, G, H, to the front and I, J, K, L & MC to the back
  • Wednesday, June 3: Families from Me to Z:  Me, N, O, P, Q, R to the front and the rest to the back
If you have any question or concerns, please contact the school office (513)528-0442.

All overdue Latchkey payments are due by June 3rd.  If payment is not received report cards and records will be withheld.  
Contact Penny Bratton with  questions or concerns.

Information Release for Archdiocese High Schools
St. Veronica School has designated the following information as directory information and will release this information for students in Grades Five through Eight to the Archdiocesan School Office for distribution to Catholic high schools in the archdiocese, unless the parent/guardian has submitted a Request to Restrict Directory Information form to the school office prior to June 1, 2020 or at the time of registration, if registered after June 1, 2020.

If you agree to share the following information with local Catholic High Schools, you do not need to do anything.
  • Student name
  • Student address
  • Home phone number
  • Grade level
  • Gender
  • Parent e-mail
Parents who wish to restrict directory information should realize that their students will not receive information regarding high school enrollment, information events and testing. This information is available from the individual high schools.

If you do not agree your child/children's information to be included in the database for local Catholic High Schools, please complete the attached form below and return to the school office by June 1, 2020.
(Only use this form if you DO NOT want your child's information released)  




The Summer Music Class are back!  However, this time they're going to be VIRTUAL!  Summer Music Classes are designed to be a fun way for your creative child to explore and advance in the areas of music and theater while having a GREAT time.  This summer, all classes will take place on Zoom with options for pre-recorded and virtual live performances.  Students will have a great time learning how they can enhance their musical skills over the internet.  All classes will be taught by Mr. Gardner. 
CLICK HERE for more information on each class.
Please email Mr. G if you have any questions

While we don't know every detail yet of how our fall sports seasons will take place, we are planning to move forward with registrations at this time. Fall Sports registrations are open now and extended to June 28th for the following:
· Girls Volleyball (Grades 3-8) - $75 Registration fee
· Boys & Girls Golf (Grades 6-8) - $130 Registration fee (includes hat/shirt to keep)
· Boys & Girls Cross Country (Grades 6-8) - $75 Registration fee
A $75 Booster fee is also required to be paid once per family per calendar year.
Fall sports practices generally begin in early August with games/matches/meets beginning in late August.
Additional information will be provided at a later date regarding volleyball evaluations (3rd-5th) and tryouts (6th-8th) and the fall schedule.