Thursday, October 3, 2019


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FROM THE DESK OF MS. BRESLER...                                 
Dear Parents,

     This week has certainly been unusual!  I appreciate the patience and understanding of parents, teachers, and students as we hopefully see the last of the summer heat.  Since we took three days off for heat, and we are uncertain about what winter will bring I have been busy thinking how we can make up some of the time lost.  While we do have some extra time built into the schedule, we do not know what winter will bring.  I was hoping to use an upcoming free day for students (Teacher Spiritual Day). However, after some discussion, I have decided the timeline is too short to allow parents and teachers a chance to change their calendar.
    We will continue to look at the school calendar, pray for a not too wintery winter, and work on figuring out if, or when, we need to make up days.
     I received the following information about vaping from the Ohio Department of Health and wanted to share it with you. As more information comes my way, I will make it known to you.
As of now, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has reported 10 confirmed cases of severe pulmonary illness that's likely due to vaping, while we are investigating 14 other reports of illness. Nationally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is aware of 450 possible cases in 33 states and is reporting that there have been at least two deaths, while the media has reported five deaths. The unprecedented increase in vaping by youth and young adults, in particular -- 78 percent increase in reported use between 2017 and 2018 for high school students and 48 percent increase for middle school students -- has prompted the U.S. Surgeon General to issue a public health advisory - which is an action taken only four times in the last 20 years.
     This is a serious public health concern, especially among our children and young adults, and the current investigation into vaping-related severe respiratory illnesses and deaths is an additional warning that we must be vigilant in protecting our youth. Because vaping products contain nicotine, the ODH and many other state and federal agencies, including the CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), consider e-cigarettes to be non-combustible tobacco products. They are particularly harmful to youth and young adults who may more easily develop a nicotine addiction because their brains are still developing.
Additionally, there is substantial evidence to suggest that when youth are introduced to electronic vapor products, they are more likely to try traditional tobacco products than if they never tried electronic vapor products.
     This increase in youth use is halting the progress made over the past decade to prevent new life-long addictions to tobacco. The Ohio Department of Health has been following the use of electronic vapor products, including JUUL and JUUL-related products, by youth and has received many requests for information about these products. JUUL products are relatively new but have already captured nearly 70 percent of the e-cigarette market and have surpassed traditional cigarettes as the most used tobacco product by youth.
     We are noticing students may not consider JUUL or other e-cigarettes to be tobacco products. JUULs, in particular, closely resemble USB drives and emit little to no detectable vapor or odor so use may go undetected even in classrooms. Even though JUUL may be the most popular, it is not the only kind of vaping device.
     Ohio's new law prohibiting sale of tobacco products to people under the age of 21 (T21), which will take effect October 17, 2019, will also assist communities in preventing youth from accessing and using tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and other vaping products. We are developing additional resources related to the implementation of T21 and vaping, so please stay alert, as we will be sharing additional information and resources with you as we work to solve this difficult problem together.
     Would you like an email from MSP if your student gets a low grade?  It's easy to set up. Just go into MSP and into your student's records. The left column is labeled "preferences".  For each class you can request notifications for grades under a certain percentage. Click on the star and switch the notifications to "yes" then choose a percentage and click update.
      If you have any questions, call Kathy Bryll in the office 528-0442.
     Please come and join us as 7th grade leads our school rosary tomorrow, Friday, October 4th at 2:20 PM.  

Join the Fine Arts Boosters on Tuesday, October 8th at 6:30pm for a General Meeting. Are you curious about what we do?  Come learn more and find out how you can get involved!  The meeting will be held in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel room in the Parish Ministry Center.   
All are welcome!

Just a reminder that registration forms are due TOMORROW (Friday, October 4) for any student in grades 3-8 who would like to participate in our spring music, Honk Jr. 
For more information and to register for the production, please click here.   
If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Gardner (
Save the Date!
Our annual Christmas Program for all students in grades 1-4 will take place on Monday, December 9 at 7PM in the gym. More details to come as we get a little closer to the event.




This weekend (Aug. 31 and Sept. 1) and next (Sept 7 & 8) after all Masses we will be handing out the book "Letter to a Suffering Church" by Bishop Robert Barron. Fr. Del will be facilitating listening sessions on:
September 16:  10:00 am/Parish Ministry Center
September 18:  7:00 pm/School Cafeteria
September 19:  1:00 pm/ Parish Ministry Center
September 21:  5:00 pm/ Church/Chapel
September 29:  12:45 pm/Church/Chapel
Come to one, all or some of these open discussions on the Church's sexual abuse crisis.